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Super Affiliate System Pro Review 2021 (Special Insider Demo!)


What Is Super Affiliate System Pro?

Hey, John Crestani here. Super excited to bring you a great video today, I’m gonna be going over the Super Affiliate System Pro Review course now. If you don’t know we just released a complete update to my flagship training program, called the Super Affiliate System, where I teach folks how to do affiliate marketing and also show folks how to do paid advertising to get traffic, so you can scale your business very fast.


For Who Super Affiliate System Pro Is For?

Now, this course isn’t for everyone. I know the majority of my people on this channel you know don’t even have a computer, and you know don’t have any money to spend on traffic. This course is for folks who want to grow their business very fast and learn about affiliate marketing and get traffic immediately.


What Training is Covered Inside Of Super Affiliate System Pro?

I show folks how to register a website. I show folks how to build landing pages and I give them landing pages and also we give ads and show you how to post ads on Google Facebook and YouTube as well as email silhouettes.

I’m, going to be doing a complete walkthrough of the course on my computer, so stay tuned. I’m, going to show you all the aspects of what we’ve changed around it’s, really exciting. A lot of new things and let’s, get into it.


Super Affiliate System pro Demo

Hey John Crestani here, and we’re going through my new course that I just released this month called Super Affiliate System Pro Review, which is the new version of my super affiliate system course, which has been around since 2016 and has had tens of thousands of students that have gone through it and many hundreds and hundreds And hundreds of success stories of people who have gotten their start from their first commissions and been able to scale their businesses in affiliate marketing. The above video is a special insider demo of what you will get access to after you purchase the membership of super affiliate system pro.


Bonus And Freebies Included Inside Super Affiliate System Pro

So, as you can see that this is the new site, we have. You know a lot of raving fans, you know it shows all the different connections, but let’s really jump into the course which, if you want to get access to you, can view more details.

It’s, a thousand dollars or my audience here, but let’s dive right into what is on the inside. So there are a few things on the inside of the course. The first is. You have the course itself, but we’ve gone way beyond the course itself.

We also include website hosting, so you get a free website and all that stuff. You also get a landing page tool, which is our version of click funnels and you get an add hosting tool. Ok, these are the main components.

Let me dive into each of these components to explain to them a little bit better. So, first of all, the course itself includes video lessons. It includes worksheets. It includes a certification program. You know there’s, just a lot of additional resources.

There’s, a free phone call, business set up phone call with a member of my team, and a number of other goodies, but we’re gonna focus on some of the main things here. So, as you see here, we have a bunch of different modules.


Super Affiliate System Pro Course Duration

You see each module. We used to do this through a six-week program. Now every module will open up on demand. As long as you finish, the previous module you’ll see. We talked about everything from affiliate networks to setting up your funnel getting started with solo ads, which is email advertising, Google ads YouTube ads, Facebook ads, and other Social Media, and then I go into starting at module number seven.

I go into the skills that are required to be successful at affiliate marketing, which, in my opinion, are research, copywriting and data analysis being able to find effective, ads, creating great ads, analytics and split testing planning your strategy, how to accelerate your success outcome and then I Have a few modules on troubleshooting obstacles that may come up and scaling your business.

I wrap things up and then there’s, a final exam to test your knowledge and make sure that you’ve, actually learned and gone through the content. You can see all the lessons down here as well. Let’s, get into the actual course.

So everything is explained step by step. I’ve really taken great pains to make sure that there’s, never any step missed. So that you aren’t left guessing on how to start this business now. One of the things is a lot of the stuff in any course is gonna be available for free somewhere on YouTube on Google.

On the internet I mean this is the same for colleges, colleges charge a hundred thousand dollars to learn information that is freely available. One of the main benefits is that it’s, step by step by step.

You could watch through my youtube videos and you can learn basically everything that’s in my head, because I’ve been doing daily YouTube videos for the past three years now, but you will not get everything in a step-by-step format that Just doesn’t really work on YouTube, but it works when you can have your own course.

So we have two different types of videos within my course. We have what we call Welcome videos I’ll, get into two different types in a second. We have assignment submission, so you can see there are worksheets.

Let’s. Look at the first worksheet! We have right here. So here is the first worksheet, for instance, this is printable. We made it so that these can also be submitted and edited right from your computer, even though they’re PDFs and in the first module really it’s about defining your goals. Defining your outcome.

Some people don’t, like the kind of woo-woo from what I’ve seen from teaching tens of thousands of students. Is that being able to find what your outcome is and your goals and what sort of time commitment you can put into a learning course from the beginning is incredibly important.

If you can’t define your goals, your outcome, that your time, commitment, etc. You generally won’t, be successful in really anything, so we really help people do that in the beginning, and all this can be submitted for our team to look over and comment on.

Future worksheets are more important for the submission process and then you upload your worksheet right here, as you see to for our team to check and view now. The two different types of videos are. First, we have theoretical videos that are kind of the standard videos where in this case I am teaching about you know the informational video on Christine here.

So none of the information in a video like this, for instance, is going to show you how to do a particular thing step by step. It’s about theoretical it’s about learning it’s about understanding the business model of affiliate marketing of taking the online course so that you understand where you can go for help.


Super Affiliate System Pro Support

Even you know that’s very important. We have a lot of support involved in my course and understanding where you can go if you come across an obstacle or you need that additional one-on-one help is very important and is one of the main reasons for taking a course as opposed to just watching Somebody’s youtube channel now.

Next, we have, as you see here, we have what are called show me how videos and show me how videos are step by step generally on the computer, showing you how you can get help, for instance, showing you how you can use boomer support to submit feedback.

This is our director of customer experience. He manages our whole support operation to help our students out his name’s Ilya, and he does some of these videos where he shows you how to use the support.

For instance, we have a lot of help desk articles, helping people out with common questions or common obstacles that come up against in affiliate marketing and understanding where those resources are can just help.

Speed up your process in terms of getting your campaigns up, launching your ads, and starting to make sales. Here’s another example of a show me how video, which is showing students of mine, how to use our community now, as you see from this link way up here, we have an entire community associated with my training course, where you can basically interact with other folks and ask Questions form partnerships and engage in our community on our forum.

Now our forums pretty robust, as you see there’s thousands and thousands of posts within the community and thousands and thousands of answers on all sorts of topics from YouTube ads. Google Ads Facebook Ads non-super affiliate system offers even suggestions for ourselves on how we can improve.

We’re constantly requesting feedback from our students, and we have been for the past years that I’ve, been running this training program in order to make ourselves better now one difference between people like me and Ty Lopez is I don’t follow the trends in regards to launching courses.

You know if cryptocurrency is trending. I don’t launch a course on cryptocurrency. If real estate investment is a trending topic, I don’t launch a course on that. If you know becoming a YouTuber is a trending topic, I don’t, launch a course on that.

I just focus on training people on how to do affiliate marketing and continually improving my training program every single six months every single year. So that way, we’ve become the number one training program in affiliate marketing, because we’re constantly improving the same material in order to address possible obstacles that folks come across and also to address the reasons that I see that some students, don’t succeed or don’t make it through the training course.

Having that constant, rinse and repeat optimization of feedback loop of hearing and talking to my students and improving the course listening to my students and improving the course has allowed us to really create something that, I believe is really fantastic.

I believe this is actually the best training course on the Internet right now, and I encourage others to check it out if you don’t. Believe me now here’s, another example of a module, in this case, it’s, module number 8, which goes over creating great ads and how to do copywriting.

As you see, we have some more theoretical video where I go over different aspects of copywriting. We even have handouts associated with each of these lessons. Once again, you can go through the handout and the handouts are a great resource that we recently added to the course.

It’s just new to this version because there was a great demand for folks that wanted up something they could print out, something they could reference something they could learn from and put up somewhere to learn how to do their ad and to remind them of what a good ad is and how to go about some of our training and you’ll, also see we have quizzes here.

So we have, you know, show me how which is about how to create a swipe file, which is a very important asset in marketing. And then with each of the modules. We have a quiz involved which is required.


Super Affiliate System Pro Certification

If you want to get the certification and the certification is similar to the digital marketer certification, if you are familiar with that program, where you can put it on your Linkedin, you could put it on your profile.

You could put it on your resume and just help bolster everything I believe. Certifications are the future of learning. I believe they’re gonna be highly important to job placement in the future, and you’ll.

See here is in this case, this is one of our test accounts. You’ll see what the certification looks like in this case. This is our certification. This is somebody from our support. Desk Lissette and you see it comes complete with you know, signature.

It’s and it’s, something that can be easily posted on your LinkedIn profile over time. If you’re looking for a career in affiliate marketing and you want to apply to some jobs, this can help another bonus.

That we include with super affiliate system pro review, is you’ll see right up here under the event category, every student of mine receives weekly training on how to do affiliate marketing live from in this case Illya, but sometimes we change up the instructors that teach these.

He has years of experience doing affiliate marketing. You know we have weekly training every single week. We have at least one training, but you’ll see just constant pieces of training are going out live. So if you really like that live interaction, and you want to stay up to date on the latest happenings that are going on in affiliate marketing as well as just other pieces of training, that can help take you deeper into whatever content you’re.

Looking to do whether that’s, Facebook, advertising or pre-cell page or making decisions with your ad results, we constantly are putting out new live pieces of training to help our students and also allow them to interact with us to do better marketing and to make more money and we found that the live trainings really helped out both with accountability and success and the folks that attend the most live pieces of training end up being the most successful.

So we’re really proud of this. We’re, really proud of all the live pieces of training that we have going on, and this has just helped our students exponentially and helped us make a really good training course.

I believe the future of Education is actually 80 percent online video lessons and then 20 percent is group, pieces of training, one-on-one mentorship, and even seminars.


Super Affiliate System Pro Upsell

We also have a separate live event, a section called the inner circle. Now, this is one of the few additional costs within the course.

The inner-circle gives you access to learn directly from me for an additional two hundred and fifty dollars a month. You will get access to two live pieces of training every single month from me.

Okay, so I do. These pieces of training group calls small group. Everyone has a chance to ask questions and get feedback from me. One of my favorite things as I go live on people’s, computers, I take control of their computer, their mouse, and their keyboard, and I will just rip apart their ads.

I’ll rewrite their ads. I’ll help people I’ll help students out with their pre-sell pages. This is one of my favorite things to do it’s really fun for me to take over your computer. You have to have a fast internet connection, or else it’s just gonna lag out.

I love doing this. You know I’ve had what is it like 12 years of experience, doing affiliate marketing at this point, so I’m. I’m super quick and I love these sessions. The people who are in the inner circle get a lot of value out of it and I would highly suggest if you have the means to join and you want that extra edge and getting started on your affiliate marketing career join our inner circle after you get Access to the super affiliate system, because that’ll, really help.

You accelerate your success. Now we’re about to get into some of the really exciting resources that really created the super affiliate system. When we began, people would just buy, get access to my training program just to get access to my resources and, in particular the targeting data it has been.

Just people have found this insanely valuable. Getting access to buyers lists in a number of different niches has helped folks out exponentially so that they can use the artificial intelligence targeting algorithms of Facebook and Google to figure out where to find buyers for them, and we offer you know.

Obviously the business opportunity niche, but we offer buyers lists in a lot of different niches. You’ll see right here we have bedbug buyers, we have blood pressure which is basically male weight, loss, brain-boosting credit card niche diet.

Many different countries – Forex air repair, hope, is kids’ safety, mortgage penny, auction sites, people searching Preppers skincare, and stop smoking in student death. There’s. A lot of different data.

Just upload this, I’ve, had a lot of students just launch campaigns in these various niches, uploaded lists, and have immediate success. Just using proven swipe files with buyers lists it’s, almost a surefire way to get success in affiliate marketing, and when I launched this, we had multiple students make over million dollars in their first year doing affiliate marketing.

Just by using this one resource. There’s, a lot more stuff in the course, but this resource is particularly powerful. If you want to get started, doing online advertising and affiliate marketing, we also have a number of top recommended affiliate networks that we work with here, Clickbank and Digi store.

I talk about a lot on my youtube channel, but one thing that I haven’t talked about. A lot is gold. Co. Gold co is a very valuable affiliate network where you can earn as much as ninety thousand dollars from a single sale from a single lead from a single click on the website.

You can earn monster amounts of money, and I detail this out in another YouTube video that I put on this channel Gold coefficient program. I’d. Highly recommend people sign up for more resources. I’m gonna go through the rest quicker, but you see we have presale pages built out, and these are available to you for free for a lot of different major affiliate offers manifestation magic, back pain, niche hip, flexors niche, easy battery, reconditioning lost Ways these are all top 50 Clickbank products that you can market for super affiliate system.

Obviously we have a lot more. This is just a shortlist, but we give you access to proven landing pages or presale pages that you can use to really succeed. You don’t need to create your own. I have a number of other resources here that I recommend people use not necessary for folks that get policy violations on their Facebook ads and Google Ads.

We even have had my lawyers draft up a document that students can use to get around those policy violations, so those don’t really become a major concern and you get your ad account back. We also recommend a number of traffic networks.

As you can see here, I discuss a lot of different ways that you can do advertising on all these different ad networks, and we also have a lot of ad swipes so that you can come into the super affiliate system pro review with no marketing knowledge with no marketing experience And that’s been one of my goals with this training course and with the software that I’m about to show off in order to make marketing and starting an online business accessible for folks that don’t have marketing skills or experience and that don’t have technical skills or experience.

So all of these ads swipes they’re just ads that work. So you don’t have to be experienced and create your own ads. I’ve seen many other training programs. They want you to write your own ads. They want you to create your own pre-sell pages, but the difficulty with that is is, unless you have a lot of marketing experience.

It is going to be very difficult for you to create something that actually will produce money if you put ad dollars towards it, so we just take away that obstacle with these resources. Now the next part of the super affiliate system pro review training program, is the website hosting.

So every student of mine gets a free web site and free web hosting for one year now, in the past, my students were required to set up hosting through Bluehost, which is a just another web hosting company.

It came with a separate charge. Most web hosting companies charge about 1015 dollars per month, so Bluehost was an addon. You know one hundred and fifty dollars a year to actually use Bluehost, whereas we have made it free okay.

So we’ve. We got rid of that in the latest version of the super affiliate system pro review. So now there’s, just a lot more included here. You’ll see right now. This is the login for the web poster. You will get your own website to actually do all of this on so that your ad templates are just done for you.

We’re. We’re still working on some of the usability and the user features of a lot of this to make it sink in better, but check this out. I mean this is exciting. This link brings you back to the super affiliate system, dashboard, which is the main course where all the training is.

But what’s exciting here is that you, don’t have to actually copy and paste affiliate links anymore. You simply put in your Digi store ID or your ClickBank ID into our system and automatically your pre-cell pages will be generated for you.

So let’s check out some of these resale pages and they are all populated with your affiliate link already in them. So you can just go and start using them. As you see here is a pre-sell page all this stuff at the top will not show up it just shows up because we’re logged in and you can also edit the page.

You can customize things if you want. Watch this, we can click the edit page and we can change around stuff on this pre-sell page. If we want, we could change the text around, we could change links around.

We could change what the link says. We can do a number of different things here. We’d, have to launch the Builder, but, as you see, these pre-sell pages are built to get people to the affiliate offers.

They’re all made to be compliant with the ad networks. So, instead of having to figure out how to sell dog training products or how to build a landing page or a pre-sell page that will get people to a Clickbank dog training product, we’ve done all the work for your affiliate link is already in there, as a student of mine, you don’t have to mess around with any even copying and pasting code.

You already have your link up here for whatever website you registered it’s. Just we’ve made it so dead simple for all these different sorts of niches. For you to be successful on so we’ve really done a big focus on doing things with our webpage builder.

Now it’s. Also great, is you can build new pages using our webpage builder again, it doesn’t, look as neat as something like clickfunnels, but then again, clickfunnels is $97 a month. You know we used to encourage students to use click funnels, but now you don’t need to pay that additional fee to do build your web pages.

It’s, all included for you, so you have a lot of different options here and as well as the ad posting tool. I’ll talk about in a second, but we’re linking all of these programs together to make it even easier and make the user experience even better again.

We are crazy about getting user feedback and there’s just a lot more stuff that’s being built into here over time.


Super Affiliate system Pro Tools

We will have hundreds and hundreds of different pre-sell page templates, so that no matter what type of business or affiliate offer that you want to advertise, whether that’s, Weight loss or skincare, even local business, such as a local Mexican restaurant or auto dealership, you can advertise them with roughly ten clicks and less than five minutes you can have an entire ad campaign set up right now.

This is just the landing page tool, but let’s, go into the ad posting tool to see how easy we made it to post ads. So I showed you the landing page tool, the web site hosting once again. This is free, ok, the landing page tool is free.

You know it’s included with the super affiliate system pro review ad posting tool allows you post ads in minutes on Google, and on Facebook. We’re, adding functionality for YouTube and Instagram. As time goes on and we’re, adding hundreds and hundreds of different offers and businesses that you can advertise in minutes using this tool, so this is all in beta.


Super Affiliate System Pro Software

This is all kind of part of the bigger vision of where we’re going, which is really the super affiliate system pro review is going to end up being software. Okay, really, the training is gonna, take less of the roll as we start automating everything that’s in the training so that you don’t need training.

It’s, just all done for you, and here we are in the ad posting tool, keep in mind. This is all in serious beta right now we’re working on adding more and more stuff. So you see Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube so YouTube and Instagram are coming soon, but Google and Facebook are already linked up and you can already post ads.

So here’s an example of an ad template. So let’s say we wanted to advertise dog training on Facebook. Well, we can simply create an ad and it will ask to link to our Facebook and we will just continue and we will be able to post an ad right away and we can see only a few options of what needs to be created.

See the campaign name, a lot of the stuff is already done for you. The ad set the daily budget of what we command, which is 20 cents bid amounts. Everything is already set up for you. All you need to do is enter your URL.

In our case, we had, you know our URL. I’m, not gonna go back and click on that, but you already saw we had our pre-sell page already set up. Then you just click Next, please select a page. Well, I need to link my Facebook page to this, so that’s, a separate thing we have to do off-site, but then you would just set up a Facebook page which takes about a minute, and then you would click Next and post the ad Again folks, all of this stuff is in beta right now, but we are improving everything.

Week by week, we’re, adding more and more site templates, ad templates, and everything needed to succeed as an affiliate marketer to take a process that used to take 8 hours, which is setting up doing all of this setup and going through the module.

Number 6 used to take students of mine 8 hours to go through now and roughly 300 clicks to go through the entire process of launching some of their first campaigns on YouTube, Facebook, and Google. We are working super hard to take that process down to taking only 5 minutes and less than 10 clicks.

Most of the super affiliate system pro review, over half of the entire course now will be automated and take five minutes to do that. Time should come within the next two or three months and any student of mine who joins, gets instant lifetime access to everything we’re doing you know, I really suggest you guys check it out.

We’re gonna be making huge waves with this as we go along. Everything just keeps improving. We released constantly release on a weekly schedule. All the new features we’re adding and I believe we’re over-delivering because, whereas most other training courses, actually they teach you how to do advertising and they show you where to fish they don’t actually offer you software.

That does a lot of the work for you and that’s been our goal. Our long-term goal is actually to move into the small and medium-size, business market, and start helping. Our students also create a secondary source of income by selling into the small sighs business market because they have a really hard time getting customers for various reasons.

They don’t have a lot of money, but they do have money and you can make a lot of that if you just know a little bit about marketing. Last but not least, is we have a ton of cool bonuses. I love all these bonuses special interviews really long.

Copywriting videos such as my 17 step work every time, copywriting formula. We include the book Think and Grow Rich. The Carlos Cruz case study is particularly awesome because he takes about three hours in one continuous video works and gets flashlights on Facebook ads to making twelve hundred dollars profit in a day and he walks through the entire process.

He used to do this now I and Carlos are close friends. We do a lot of marketing together. Carlos is a monster affiliate. He’s, doing over a million dollars a month as an affiliate or something somewhere close to that.

I’m, not sure where he is at right now, but the point being that this is somebody who doesn’t release to any training, but he’s a huge affiliate. So if you want to learn, you know from some of my friends who are kind of those underground non guru, guys because right you can’t trust to trust him.

If he’s, you know if he has his own course. You can learn from those guys who are friends of mine as well, that’s. It folks, thanks for watching, if you are a YouTuber or a blogger somebody with a large audience, feel free to contact me for a review copy of the super affiliate system pro review.

If you don’t know my personal information and you don’t know anybody who can give it to you. Then you probably aren’t in the market to get a review copy of our new training course.


Super Affiliate System Pro Review

We’re, very excited about where things are going and once again, if you’re interested in going through our training course, I believe it’s the best on the internet, certainly the best in all affiliate marketing.

I’m willing to put that on the line. If anybody wants to debate me on that, if anybody wants to argue that I’m totally willing to go apples for apples and figure out who’s got the best course, but we’ve seen plenty of success from our students.

Here we continue to improve the training course, and I look forward to you. If you’re interested in going through super affiliate system pro review and learning from my training course, just grab a copy. There should be a link in the description that will give you a webinar or a way to purchase the training course if that’s, something you’re interested in.

So thanks again for watching. If you have any questions about the super affiliate system pro review or what’s in the training course how it works etc, make sure to let me know in the comments I’ll, try to respond to comments on this particular video.

I usually don’t, have enough time for the other ones, but put in your comments, questions, etc, and I’ll talk to you. There see ya, have a good day.






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