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Super Affiliate Network Review (Can You Make Money Here?)

Hey, John Crestani here and I’m gonna give you my honest Super Affiliate Network Review. How do you can make money working from home online with a super affiliate network in this video? I’m gonna show you how you can get high ticket commissions.

I’m, talking thousand or thousands of dollars from a single click online, a single sale online, and also how you can get free training on how to do affiliate marketing I’ll, also be going over some terminology which will help.

You understand this entire industry. I’ll, be doing a walkthrough of everything on the computer to show you this affiliate network, and how to use the interface, how to get your links, how to get paid? How to promote this and at the end of the video I’ll, be giving you a free link, posting software, so you can get your affiliate links out there automatically without really doing a thing.

Also, give you free access to our community so that you can be part of my affiliate community to interact with others. If you need any help and also be giving you some bonus resources that I’ll, be showing you exactly where you can access them.

If you want to get started making money online, so let’s. Get to my computer. I’m, going to go through the pros and cons of this affiliate network compared to other ways that you can earn money online.

Let’s, get it okay. So here we are on the Super Affiliate Network website. By the way for those of you wondering yes, I am a little bit tanner. Yes, I did get a haircut. I have a big film shoot or infomercial shoot this next week, so I actually got a spray tan.

It was recommended by my barber. He’s. He’s really weird. I said I don’t look good. So let’s get into this. If you want to follow along make sure you go to this website John crostini comm, backslash networks, that will bring you up on this sheet, where you can see all of the affiliate networks I’ve.

Currently reviewed, including the Super Affiliate Network right here, which I’ve, put in bold and I’ll, go over all of the pros and cons, and I’ll, explain how I looked at all the criteria in just a little bit, but let’s, get right into the walkthrough of this interesting affiliate network.

So, first off as you can see it’s built by affiliates for affiliates. The founder of this is this guy Mischa Barton lives in a true lifestyle. Entrepreneur lives in Hawaii, fairly young guy, very smart guy, and, as you see Hawai right here, and they have a pretty good program, I’m.

Actually, an affiliate of this nowhere is the dashboard once you log in, and what you must know is that this is free to join. Ok, this whole thing is free to join it. You can be accepted from any country anywhere in the world.

So again, anybody anywhere over the world. Please let’s, see if I can go a video where some ignoramus does not ask me, does this work in my country, or can I do this on a mobile phone? Yes, you can do this, no matter what age you are any country, mobile phone tablet, PC whatever you can do it there and just explain this.

This is actually me. I don’t know why this was the only picture I had, but this is an older picture of me before I had a beard now. As you see I’ve been an affiliate of this program. I’ve earned a little but not very much.

I don’t really actively promote this program. Now let’s, explain how this works. So what’s interesting here? We can see there’s. Leaderboards, which I’ll, explain in a little bit. I send a lot of leads, but I don’t get a lot of sales, they have a sales leaderboard, so it’s, a very competitive program, and what’s really cool here? Are they have a lot of events to wear? You know it’s.

This is what’s called a like a multi-level marketing company or very similar to a multi-level marketing company, meaning you can get in for free. You can get free training when you sign up, and then there are multiple upsells.

Probably like I don’t know a hundred starting with you know, anywhere from a couple of dollars to twenty dollars to thousands of dollars. Now, as you can see here, I just clicked under the referrals area and I’m.

Looking at the people, I’ve referred to in the program and you see that customers pay. You know they pay anywhere from a few bucks. So you can make a few bucks from somebody to a few hundred dollars. As you see right here, I’ve, made three hundred dollars with this one referral to one here’s, one thousand one hundred and ninety-eight dollars from a single click, and what people do is they go going through the training going through The program going through the events you get paid on the lifetime value of the affiliates.

So if somebody signs up for the free training from your affiliate link and they end up buying the starter program, they end up going to an event. Then they end up buying a twenty thousand dollar training or you get something like fifty percent of that.

So you’ll get ten thousand dollars. It could be two years later. It could be three years later. So what’s, nice about these sort of MLM, ish type, affiliate programs with kind of ascension models? Are you send customers and you can be making money for years to come? Even if you’ve stopped promoting because people are in the community.

People are still actively doing stuff. Now, where you would get your links to promote this program is right over here in the menu bar. So you can see my links and you can see them right here. We can generate links here.

You know let’s say we want to promote the standard Super Affiliate Network ad okay. So what we would do is we would copy our affiliate link again. You can do this on ammo. If you can copy a link on a mobile phone or a tablet, you can do this.

Then you’ll get your landing page, and if people go here, this free discover the controversial plan to generate a full time: income part-time hours from home. Again, you guys can sign up for this. You know make sure to sign up for the twenty fifty thousand dollar program and we can enter in.

You know an email address here and then we are what’s called a lead and also we are in the funnel meaning. You know if we sign up, we can now we’ve signed up for the free training, but we can also sign up for the $ 1 product, and you know then whoever referred me or indicate in this case it’s.

Myself gets adopt, you know, half of that, so they get like 50 Cent’s and up so on and so on. If people buy into other stuff now, one of the keys to promoting these sorts of programs is making sure that you promote an MLM type program that has a strong community, because again what you want something where once people get in, they get a quality product.

They get. You know, of course, you always want to promote a quality product, but you want there to be a strong community because otherwise people will not buy into the other products and they won’t stay involved now in regards to the Super Affiliate Network, a few Important terms to understand is first off.

If you don’t understand what an affiliate link is basically it’s. It’s a link that shows when somebody clicks on it and buys a product. It means you get credit okay, it shows that you referred that customer just as if your friend owned a coffee shop or something and you sent them a customer, and they said, if you send me, customers, I’ll, give you half of whatever They buy or I’ll.

Give you a couple of bucks if you send me a new customer that’s, how affiliate marketing works, but we use what are called affiliate links. Okay now leads are interesting. Now, if you heard me mention just a second ago, what somebody puts their email address in they haven’t bought any, but what they are is what’s called a lead.

So, even though that customer has spent $0 if they end up spending money, you know let’s say they spend $20. You will start getting money. Okay, that’s a lead. Now, if you send a lot of leads again, you may not make money initially, but over time those leads can turn into money.

So if you get 10 people to sign up for this program, even if you get one person to sign up for free training and you’re saying: Oh woe is me: they didn’t, buy anything I’m, not Making any commissions hold up and wait because that lead over time Super Affiliate Network will send them.

Emails will send text messages they’ll invite them to webinars. They’ll invite them to other events, and they’ll. Involve them in their community and overtime if they end up buying anything that leads turns in to money for you, okay and if also, let me know at this point if this is just going over your head and it’s, so confusing You’re, like what I just want somebody to give me money.

You know I saw this like free PayPal, money from big mark before you, John, or something like that. Let me know if this is going over your head. Let me know if I should slow down and explain more stuff or if I should speed up and just not even talk.

You know that all this is, you already know all of this stuff, so slow down in the comments or speed up okay. That will really help me help you cuz. Ultimately I mean I don’t know what skill sets you guys are all I know this stuff from laughs like this is like all simple stuff to be cool.

So let’s. Go to the next stuff, leaderboard, okay, leaderboards are interesting. Usually, they’re used in business opportunity programs. They’re used to motivate people. They’re used to help create affiliates more aggressive.

I really like this because I’m. I’m aggressive. I’m competitive leaderboards also oftentimes come with bonuses or prizes. Okay. So if you hit the leaderboards and if you’re, sending lots of customers for you will be recognized, you’ll get community recognition, you’ll get invited to the events and Super Affiliate Network for free you.

They’ll invite you onstage, I’m. I don’t know I probably could go to the events for free and they, as you know, be like yo here’s, the lead of John Crestani, but I mean I I don’t know I just that.

Doesn’t really interests me. So bonuses prizes it’s, fun. Okay, my ticket means that you can make it. Usually, it’s more than you know, usually five hundred dollars and above in an affiliate program from one click.

Okay, so affiliate programs, where you can make just tons of money from the one-click positive side of high ticket programs is, I mean for some of you. You know if you’re in India right now or Pakistan or like Algeria like five hundred dollars, is like what you earn in like a year.

You know so in a month or whatever it is. You know, maybe in like Algeria or something five hundred dollars, is like a year wage, but like that’s, pretty big, so all you need to do is be able to get one sale and you’ve got all the money you need for like ten years.

Okay, you know if you get a couple of thousand dollar commission. However, the downside of high ticket programs is usually they’re more complex and to get if it’s.

Just a high ticket it’s, usually hard to get a sale. In this case, the Super Affiliate Network is easy to promote because they start off with a free program, and then they take people all the way up to you know twenty thousand dollars – and you know the really high ticket stuff, so it’s a little bit easier with Super Affiliate System.

But again, if you want those high ticket commissions, you’re gonna have to you know, might be a much more targeted affiliate, be much more involved in exactly how the system works.

Okay and really figure it out. For yourself now, if you & # 39, re wondering how you can get traffic to this program, I’m gonna give you traffic, I’m. Getting I’m, going to show you how you can find those videos that are, a separate video.

I’m, going to give you some link posting software, some free community access, and some resources. Let’s. Get into it now some pros and cons. I already went over some pros and cons of Super Affiliate Network and, if you want to sign up, make sure to just click the link over here that says super of network or go all the way over to the right.

Where my link is over here and clicked my affiliate link and you’ll, go over to Super Affiliate Network and be able to sign up there. Aren’t a lot of downsides to this program. It’s very targeted. I guess the downsides if I were to go over them, is that it’s.

Just one specific offer. It’s, not exactly a large affiliate network. It only got a couple of different offers. All for you know their program, the average Commission. You know it’s. Fine. I really like how they structured the program.

How you can get people in for free and then make very large amounts of money for them they don’t, have many tools to help you promote again. This is you know, I believe, more of a lifestyle company from Missha.

You know not like a software company, but they do their job. You know they’re good at sales and marketing and events that are very different from software tools. Company and you know, the cash-out limit is very low.

All you need to do is make five dollars to start making money. With this affiliate program, I’ve already made about 7,000 and I haven’t cashed out yet just whatever. So there really aren’t many downsides to this program.

I actually think it’s well done and they have daily calls within their Facebook group, which you’ll get access to when you join now. If you want to get access to some of my resources and my free link, posting software, when you are in my network sheet right here, you’ll want to go down to this tab right there.

That says resources! Okay again, if you are using a phone, first of all, shame on you. If you’re using it in portrait mode, switch it to landscape mode. So you can see this stuff more easily. I see you, fifteen-year-old kids, trying to scroll through the comments mean like use.

This rule brew loses good skin. Okay, I see you and if I called you out, I call the typing I got called out. Okay, then we’re gonna go over to resources and you’ll see. I have a number of things, so all of your free traffic methods are gonna be right.

Here they’re, going to be in two places. You’re, going to have the resource link right here, which goes over all of my free traffic methods. You also have this area right here, which says get traffic for free, and it says John crostini start here once again.

If I see any comments in this video that say how do I get traffic, though bro you are being banned from my channel forever? I’m tired of going over this. Just you know, come on so here’s. Let’s, go through my resource and you’ll see these are free traffic methods for all of the major ways you might want to promote.

Quora Reddit Craigslist, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, DeviantArt, Eventbrite, meetup, Facebook, Google, organic YouTube, live streaming, email list, Brokering in-person flyering promotion, Facebook marketplace, Pinterest, ads profession, based marketing, local events, Facebook, job posts, classmate, Google, ads Snapchat, ads Twitter ads or ads an email list.

So all of these free traffic methods you can find right there. Also, you can go to the start here, link, and find more free traffic methods in this playlist again, these are all the free traffic methods.

If you want to get free traffic from Instagram there, this video from Facebook from Google, you know how to copy and paste ads for free Twitter texting people answering all of these are free traffic, different free traffic methods in about 10 to 20 minutes long.

They show you how you can do this step-by-step, my favorite one, and the one I actually got started within marketing earned a hundred dollars a day, taping paper to polls. This is how I actually started making money before I even knew about affiliate marketing, and I thought this was pretty fired so funny stuff there, but make sure you describe to my channel put a like if you liked this video.

Let me know if you have any questions and what affiliate networks you would like to see me talk about next last thing: sorry, the software is right here and if you’d like to join our community, make sure to check out this link, which is Our affiliate community on discord, really cool place to chat with fellow affiliates.

Ask questions interact with each other. Again I can’t talk to everybody, everybody’s, asking me for my email. What’s, your email? What’s? Your WhatsApp John? I’m, not gonna give you my email or my WhatsApp.

I have a million people that view this channel each month. I don’t know why people ask me so please stop asking me so there you go looking forward to helping you guys promote. I suggest you actually sign up for all affiliate networks here: okay, to give yourself the best chances of getting approved by anyone.

You have a bunch of affiliate networks here, all the links you have all the information right here about what the offers are, how to join, who can join what countries are excluded. Most of these don’t have any exclusions.

Wrapping Up: Super Affiliate Network Review

So I look forward to helping you make money online seriously. I want you to make money online more money, you make the more money I make because I have second-tier referral commissions and all you so get started.

Make money online, change your life, and send my support. People or me, or whatever, a testimonial video once you do, because we have so many success stories at this point. It’s. It’s. It’s, really exciting.

Hearing about everybody’s, success people who have gone through my training program or just people who’ve been watching my youtube channel for the last couple of years. We’ve, been getting more and more and more recently really exciting.

Seeing the influence that this knowledge and this learning is having on everybody’s life, so look forward to talking to you soon hit that subscribe. Button hit the like button and talk to you soon, bye.



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