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3 Free Sales Prospecting Tools Techniques And Growth Methods

Hey John Crestani here online marketer and tech entrepreneur, and I’m gonna be going over sales prospecting tools. What is sales prospecting tools and how do you do it? Now I’ve done a lot of sales in my time.

My first job ever was actually doing sales, and I’m gonna be talking about sales prospecting tools, which is the very basic thing it’s getting leads and what the definition of sales prospecting tools is if you actually just want to look it up, Is when you make outbound calls or send emails to basically find leads to find people who are interested to create opportunities for yourself sales prospecting tools is the first step generally, it goes the way things go.

Are you do you prospect for a lead? You find you, you find somebody who’s interested, which is called a lead, and then that lead is pitched or sent to a closer to close a deal right. So we have three stages of sales here, and everything starts with getting finding people that are interested.

Everything starts with finding people that are interested in talking to you and eventually buying the product or service, and what I’m gonna be going over in this video is what sales prospecting tools is, how to do it, how I would go about it? How I’ve gone about it to be much more effective than what they traditionally teach you in sales organizations.

So let’s, get into it. Now generally, how sales prospecting tools is done? Is sales reps will send out a bunch of emails or a bunch of calls to find people who are interested in their product or service? So let’s say I was selling nut butter.

You know I would just call up a bunch of people and say: hey, you know you interested in getting more fats in your diet. You know, and I get no, no, no, no, no and I get a couple of people on the keto diet like I am that are like yeah, that’s sales prospecting tools call a hundred people find the few people who are interested in nut butter right now That’s.

I think that’s, a highly ineffective way to go about sales prospecting tools that’s. What’s taught in most sales organizations the way to go about sales prospecting tools? Let me know by the way if you work in sales-type and I work in sales, and but I’d – also love to hear if you type also, how do you be sales prospecting tools? How do you get leads? Does the company just give them to you, or do you do your own sales prospecting tools now? The way I would go about it to do sales prospecting tools is first off.

I would talk to the other salespeople and I’d figure out what everybody else is doing for sales prospecting tools. Are they using the leads that the company is giving them? Are they doing their own sales prospecting tools? How do they go about? I talk to a lot of salespeople and it also talked about the salespeople, the other people in the organization you’re working with or that are out outside sales, people that are selling on their own.

I talked to them and then asked them for information about the customer. The people who end up buying – I asked him to tell me about some of your deals. Tell me about the people. What are they interested in? Are they interested? Is she I’d, get into everything what sort of car do they drive? What do they watch? What you talk about, I get whatever information.

I could glean from other salespeople about how they prospect and also who buys – and I talked to preferably the top salespeople and I try to get a dip. I try to understand what the top salespeople are doing, that’s working so well.

Are they doing something different with sales prospecting tools or are they not? It also talked to the weaker salespeople and asked how their sales prospecting tools. Now I’m sure I’d, be surprised by the results. I’m sure some salespeople don’t prosper, they just use the company’s leaves and they’re.

Just better at sales than the next guy other people, you know, they might have a really interesting system for finding out interesting in people that will become leads. Doesn’t matter. Talk to the salespeople talk to other people, selling the same product.

You are, and for those of you that follow me, an affiliate marketing that sales prospecting tools is very similar to targeting talk to other affiliates. If you can do competitive research figure out your customer now.

The next step I would do is I’d, get really creepy super creepy I get unbelievably creepy, but, and I’d, go direct to the source. I’d. Look at I’d figure out the people who have bought whatever you’re selling.

I don’t care. If you’re selling Salesforce or if you’re selling kitchen appliances or if you’re selling interior decorating, you know, consultations get creepy the people who are actually buyers, people who are actually using the product or service.

I’d. Look at their Facebook profile. I’d. Look at their Instagram profile. I’d. Look at them! You know. I’d. Look them up on Google! I’d. Look them up on everything that I possibly could I’d look up where they live.

I’d, google. Their address I’d: google, their phone number, I’d, see if their phone number correlates to the place they live or if maybe their phone number is from another state and they move. I’d. Go on Facebook.

I’d. Look at their interests. I’d, look at what they’ve liked and looked at what they watch look at what videos they’ve watched recently, I’d. Look at everything about the person I’d. I’d reverse-engineer.

What age they were. I try to find where they went to high school. I want to know everything about the customer. Okay, everything about the customer – and I do this for many customers. If you work for a sales company or if you do marketing get creepy on your customers, okay get creepy folks seriously, because the creepier you get the more information you’ll.

Learn about your customer, you’ll start learning things that other salespeople don’t know you’ll, start learning about what events they attend. You’ll start learning. What things do your customers have in common and what don’t they have in common? Maybe all of your customers have some weird interest.

Maybe they’re all survivalists right, maybe all of the people who buy the products you have are randomly, but just complete coincidence, gun owners or business owners, or you know they’re all from a certain background or they’re all immigrants, whatever it is, get creepy on your customers, know the customers more than anybody else in your organization, because once you start connecting the dots, you can do a lot of things you can.

You can work on certain things in your sales pitch, let’s say all most. Your customers were born in the 50s. Talk about disco right talk because all of if your customers were born in the 50s, they probably like disco too, reminds them of their younger days.

So now you know talk about disco. Talk about Led Zeppelin, talk about stuff like that right or you could. You know you have so you have conversation topics. You also have targeting topics. You also have a better feel.

If somebody is going to eventually be a buyer, so get super-creepy. Number three is, I would buy, lists okay, so I am not afraid to buy lists, to buy data, to get more information to get leads that are better than other people’s leads.

For instance, know that all of my customers, all the people that buy products from the company I work for, are you know six 70-year-old Republican seniors living in noncoastal states. Then I have a much better idea of who I should be talking to than the next guy and I’m able to do a lot better business so get creepy by lists and as always.

The way I would go about sales prospecting tools is just try Out new things always be trying out new things: okay, because you never know if you don’t just go next, I would say always test new messaging and also measure everything you do.

So if you talk to a hundred people from that or let’s, say Republican seniors and a hundred people that are democratic, seniors, you’ll, get a good sense and feel of what market works better. Okay and that’ll help you get more sales, it’ll help you get better leads it’ll help.

You work better areas instead of just going with the leads or the lists that your company gives. You know the customer better than anybody else and you will succeed if you’d, like to learn more about how to do marketing how to make money.

How to do sales check out my you know to make sure you subscribe to my channel. I talk about this every single day, literally five days a week, give it a subscribe hit the notification bells. So you’re. Aware of my question.

Wrapping Up: Sales Prospecting Tools

The answer sessions I’m always doing are sometimes doing a question and answer sessions live, but you can only learn about them if you if you’re notified and leave a comment below if you have any questions if this helped out, let Me know what helped out the most was.

The advice on just talking to your fellow salespeople. Was it advice I’m getting creepy, or was it advice on buying lists? So let me know in the comments below looking forward to speaking to you soon. If you want to interact with others, feel free to the links in the description, you could check out my training course, and also join one of our communities.

We have a Reddit subforum, we have a Facebook group and we also have a discord chat channel. If you want to talk about sales and marketing talk to you soon, bye.



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