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John Crestani’s success story is an inspiration and, with that goal in mind, John has made it his mission to spread the word of freedom and to tell you that there are many ways to achieve your biggest dreams in life without having to walk Into the modern problems of our society. During his journey, John has not only done a handful of TV interviews on CBS, Fox, and NBC, but he has also been featured by Forbes entrepreneur.

John Crestani is an internet entrepreneur, a YouTuber, and he has an internet business. He doesn’t have any employees or any technical skills, but he does about seven million dollars per year and he likes traveling. He is really big into traveling the world, kite surfing, and flying helicopters.

This obviously didn’t happen overnight, and there is obviously a lot of things that happen in John Crestani’s life to build up. You know from the very beginning to where he is now. John was partway through college. I was kind of getting bored of going to college frankly, and I didn’t feel like I was learning anything and

I just felt like I was kind of being useless and I decided to uh. You know take some time off from college and read a lot of books to kind of figure out what I wanted in life, and I read this one book which talked about you know this guy was talking about how he was you know, traveling the world and He had an internet business.

I read the book and I was like that’s what I want to do is I want to you know I was basically like I want to travel the world. I want to work for myself. I don’t want to work for a boss or anything. You know everybody working in the corporate world is so depressed.

You’re living the dream man, but that that’s exactly you know what and, and it’s very inspirational that you’re doing that cuz. You know I totally get. That III worked seven jobs once upon a time, awful awful working for other people who just and you don’t feel respected, and you were.

You got her and a lot of people don’t remember to realize they’re, not only giving like they’re, giving up their time that they could be bouncing to focus on themselves. Right, I worked ended. I worked ten different jobs before you know.

You know just side, jobs, and internships. Before I left college and I won’t say there’s. There’s, a single one of them, which you know what really really made me. You know excited to get up in the morning and go to work yeah.

I can relate with you 100% on that, and I think a lot of people can relate to that as well. So, John with all that in mind, tell us your story. What is the story of John crostini yeah? So I mean I could start with how a they I mean after I made this decision, which was like an epiphany at the time I was like wow I could be.

You know I could work for myself and I thought it was so cool, unfortunately, that that turned into me. You know trying to start my own businesses over years and I left college and you know none of them worked out and what I actually did because I was so dead set.

You know I told my family, I’m gonna be an entrepreneur. I told my friends, I’m. You know I’m, not getting a job. I’m gonna be an entrepreneur. I’m leaving college and I ended up, unfortunately, becoming a medical guinea pig, oh and at the time I thought it was really cool.

Basically, I was a human test subject and they paid it paid really. Well, I was making you know, maybe you know, after leaving college, you know I was making six to eight thousand dollars a month to just kind of sit around in hospital beds and there are a lot of cute nurses around.

You know they’d act, they had Xbox, and all you’d have to do is like taking a pill like once or twice a day and the rest of the time you’re just kind of sitting around and Having your blood measure and or whatnot, and for me I’ve.

You know at the time when I was 21 years old. I was like this is awesome. I’m making as you know, I’m, making pretty good money, and I can use all that money like spend on starting an internet business but unfortunately uh you know it.

I thought it was really cool, but the reality was it first off it. Wasn’t good for my health. You know I’d end up throwing up. Sometimes you know because, because you know these were experimental drugs, it was also really depressing because I really lost a lot of my friends during that process and my family, you know I I don’t know like nobody would like conversations got weird Because people, you know when people asked what I did, I felt too embarrassed to tell anybody that I was a medical guinea pig I and they’re.

Saying hey John, you left college or do you have a job and I’m. Just kind of like no and they’re, like what are you doing, and I’m, like I’m, trying to build a business and they’re like how’s, it going, and I’m like right, you know it’s.

I’m. I’m trying and everybody just kind of you knows so so family members stopped talking to me. I was seen as the black sheep and, where’s, everybody else that was leaving college, you know they’re talking about their jobs, they’re getting or they’re saying.

Oh, I just got this internship at this really good company and – and you know I even remember you know, but it was you know so weird because I was getting ostracized by everybody. I knew slowly but surely because I was just failing and failing and failing – and I remember one time when I was at some bars with some of my friends and a girl asked me what I did and I thought it was kind of funny That I was, you know that I made money as a medical, guinea pig, and I said you know I you know I’m a human test subject and you know I don’t know who work a job and she just looked at me and she said that’s, pathetic, oh and I was like Oh Tara, yeah, and if the people who’ve watched a lot of my content, know, I’ve been through some bad dating situations.

Oh, that’s, that’s rough though that was rough and that and there were a series of situations like that that happened with girls – I mean I I I was renting an apartment for $ 500 a month.

You know with you know my I was. I was subletting a room from somebody who was unfortunately addicted to drugs. I guess that’s, why the room was so cheap in Santa Monica and but for me you know I was in and out of the hospital, so I was like I just need a place to store my stuff.

I remember bringing a girl back there. One time you know because I once again you know, I’d met a pretty girl and I was like you know. I was kind of stoked.

We kind of went on a day, but then we came back to my place and she sat down on the edge of the bed. And then she told me I’m feeling like I’m feeling sick or she had some excuse. Like, oh, I have a stomach ache, mm-hm and I was just like I was like this was going down and she thinks my situation is so pathetic that, like she’s, just bouncing mine, and that was you know that that that lack of you know that dealing with all of that you know losing friends losing uh, you know being kind of the black sheep of my family and you know girls, just not digging.

You know not digging anything and I’m. I’m a 22 or 21 or 22-year-old guy. It was just it really started. Taking a toll on me and you know I ended up getting. I ended up getting a job and it and it, and some after a few studies where I threw up because it was you know the drugs had a reaction on me right.

You know I kind of realized that this is. You know I got a. I got to be realistic and go. You know, go get a job because it wasn’t working out as an entrepreneur that’s insane, and you know I said this to you earlier, but I mean as I’ve never met anybody that’s been like.

I met a medical guinea pig. You know you always hear about it, but I mean you’ve lived that and I mean I think it’s such an interesting. I think that’s, so interesting that you know like you’ve been through that and being put in that situation where people just started like, like you said, ostracizing you, because you were, you know you were hustling, you were you’re doing it.

You were doing a side hustle just in an in away. I’m us, I guess is just frowned upon in the Ennis in some sense or that’s, how they treated it right, yeah, so yeah, sorry, but you know I’ll. Let you continue because there’s.

Obviously a lot more to this story. I mean what I ended up doing after this was like all during this time, like in between studies, because studies would be anywhere from like a few days. You know a day to a few weeks where I’d, be in the hospitals, but in between.

I would be going to all of these like motivation like business seminars around LA or like how to start an internet business or how to be an entrepreneur or how, to you know, invest in real estate.

All anything I could go to. You know there’s, guys on stage, saying hey you can make a Tona, you know you can make a ton of cash? You know like do this or do this and I just went because they were free and I was hoping to learn something, but through that, through going to all of those things.

I ended up meeting a few, a few people that were kind of regulars and – and you know I remember this one guy his name was, you know, Dovid Yaeger. You know he was a Jewish like you know, he had the curly, you know and you know I I you know – we kept in touch via email and I said, hey man, do you know anybody who was jobs? I’m.

Looking for you know, I’m looking for a job, and you know the entrepreneur thing. Isn’t fully working out just yet and he had a job in an Internet company which was great because I was trying to learn how to start an Internet company.

This was like. Oh, this is a great situation and you know I said yeah go to work for the internet company and I got hired there and I did. I did pretty uh. You know I started you know I really took like.

I was still kind of running my bit. I was trying to figure out how to run a business. You know start my own business on the side, but you know I kind of focused on doing really good in the job as well and learning everything I could about how to start.

You know the Internet, you know my own internet business and you know two years. Basically, two years went by, I moved up into you know I got a better job offer in another company. I’d, become the director of marketing.

I had you know employees working underneath me. I had an assistant, you know, and I started doing pretty well because I was learning very rapidly and I already had a base of knowledge. So you know I was managing.

What I was doing was, I was specifically was. I was managing people’s ads on Google, I was managing other businesses that wanted to advertise on Google. I was placing their ads riding their ads and editing images and creating websites, and I got really good at it, and I remember I had made you know the last.

You know the last six months before I quit my job I had I went to my boss and, I said: hey, I won’t use his name, but I said hey, you know, can I set up a meeting with you? You know I want to talk about my future here and we had a meeting, and I had made this guy about 800000 and him personally about 800000 dollars, profit in the six months that I had been working for him.

You know, and we both knew it was a lot of money and we both knew that. I had become an invaluable employee to the business by just how good you know. I was doing it at marketing his clients right and I went to him and I said: hey I’m.

I’m wondering if there’s a way that you know you know I really like working for this job. I feel like I’m doing well. I’m wondering if we can have some sort of like you know, incentive plan, or bonus or if I can get a raise because right now there isn’t anywhere for me to move up in the organization um I’m already, you know I I wanna.

I want to have a path to grow, because I’m, really liking this mm-hmm, and I remember he listened to my schpeel. You know I had a little kind of presentation and – and it was you know, it was very, very reasonable and I didn’t name, any specific numbers.

You know I was just looking for some sort of incentive plan or something – and I remember he kind of he’s. He’s sitting there and he’s sitting back in his chair and he’s. Very kind of big – and you know he’- s – got a lot of extra weight in him.

You know he’s got you, know the big guy, just scruffy, and he looks at me and he says, or else what wow really and I was I had prepared for like Oh two weeks for this meeting and I talked to different people.

You know I talked to my parents, I said you know what do I do? I’m gonna ask for a raise and you know they said, be prepared for any question he throws at you. You know he’s. Gonna make you justify, and you’re gonna have to like really be prepared, and I was prepared for every other question he could have said he could say.

Oh, what justifies this or why you know. Why would this help? You know what? How would this help the company, or I was prepared for everything and accept him saying or else what so he just completely shuts you down? He just completely shut me down, and I was just like, and I mean personally I wanted to reach across the desk and strangle his fat neck like what I wanted to do.

But what was going through my brain was like everything that society had taught me. You know growing up, as you know it was, you know, go to school, you know, get good grades. Take AP courses to get into a good college.

You know, yeah, you know pick a mitt, you know pick a good major. You know, do internships, you know, get a job, you know come arrive, early, stay late, work, your way up the ladder I was doing and – and I had briefly you know I had given up on my entrepreneurial dreams and I went with the plan.

You know what I call option a and I’ve gone with the plan and I was there inside of me. I was like wow, I might actually. I might actually have a future in this. You know this kind of Normie.

I call it like at the normies system mm-hmm and, and that – and it was just like a shot back to reality – was like no. You know I was like yeah there’s, no opportunity for you here and I don’t know. If my experience was just bad, but it left me so confused and depressed because I had been getting so excited about it, like you know I was suddenly respected again in it.

You know I thought I was I was. I was having success after having so many years of failure. You know I was making. You know. I was making a little bit of money. You know, as I was the director of marketing I was.

I was making a reason. You know above average salary for my age definitely and I had an assistant and I had a little modicum of respect and people were you know it. You know thinking I’m a little bit important again and – and it was just, it was just sad hearing that there was no future there and then, but in hindsight, it led me back to what I believe my true north is, which is Really, you know I’m, you know being an entrepreneur and you know I’m.

You know it really brought me back to that, and I don’t regret a single thing. That’s happened so well. I think I really like it. I really respect that. You know I can’t say I ever got in a situation like that word.

You know you a boss, like shutting you down after so much work that you’ve put for them, but you know, I definitely know what it’s like to feel like oppressed and unappreciated in a way, and you know for people Just not to respect you, especially in the workplace, and I think there’s, so much opportunity for everybody.

But you know, like you, said society just teaches you how to live a certain way, that’s almost just like oppressive to your dreams, yeah, and I think you know there was a moment where you know you finally like something snapped in within you And you just kind of woke up and realize this reality is just kind of like not how it should be.

It’s, based on what was happening in the 50s, the 60s. You know it’s, it’s. You know the world is so different. Now you know it used to be. People have a job for 40 years.

So you know, I guess yeah, you know at that point. You know that when I went home that day I decided you know. I said I’m gonna quit within three months. With this, I’m gonna fight tooth and nail.

I’m gonna create an income. You know I’m gonna really get my business to make me enough money to quit my job. You know my side hustle and I rededicated to myself to that, and I did it. You know I quit my job three months later and the rest.

You know the rest is history. You know I’m and I’m. I’m living a good life now and I’m, but I really believe that there’s more than just one path. You know it’s, not just to go to college and get a job path.

I believe there are more paths open to people that people need to explore because I believe that that one path is being sold to. You know the rest of the world as the only path and that’s, not true, and that’s not and it’s not for everyone and it’s, not true, and there are other options available.

I guess is you know the big, the big, the big thing that I learned and maybe some others will pick from this as well. It’s, amazing man, you know what John you’ve said so much and your story is not only is it relatable and unique, but it’s.

I like challenging paradigms. Ok, I really like challenging the norm. I think I’ve traveled, so many places over the world that I know that this society that we live in and here and you know America or Canada or whatnot it’s, not the only way to live, and I personally Believe you know, as as a YouTuber as a teacher on YouTube and whatnot.

I’d, like for there to be a general consensus, understanding that when you turn 18 College is not like you know the ultimate thing to do there is more options than that. You know you, can you, can you know you can self educate you? Can you work? You can do trade schools, you can? You know, be somebody’s apprentice, you can do there’s.

You know there are, so many other options available. College is just one you know, so I want to let people know that the world is wide open. The world is wide open. Whatever you know, what you want to do, you can do there are options, but it does take hard work.

I’m, not gonna say you can be anything you want to be and you’ll never fail. I’m saying it takes hard work, but it is possible and there’s, multiple ways to get there. It’s. Not just you know it’s, not just to work.

Your way up. The ladder-type of situation, because I think that didn’t that that didn’t work for me and I don’t. I don’t think that’s. I don’t. Think it’s. I don’t, think it works for many people, amazing man, well, John.

Thank you so much for taking the time to have this interview and you know, share your wisdom. I mean I’m learning. I’m just sitting here in ah listening to your story and honestly, I have nothing but respect for you, man.

You know, I think you, you really walked a bumpy road and you finally came out the other side, not that I’m, saying that it’s over yet, but you know, I think you’ve. You’ve really climbed high up the mountain, and I really respect that and I think you, I think you’ve really.

I think. I definitely think that you’re gonna impact a lot of people in this world. With your message and with that being said, you know guys if you a few guys are loving. What John is saying, John, has incredible advice, knowledge, all sorts of things that you should definitely check out at 2500 Daily.

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