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Hey John Crestani here coming to you from salt lake city Utah, so I just wanted to uh a question and answer session for you guys happy memorial day. One note about this session is: I will unfortunately not be giving away any money this time.

Uh it’s, been really difficult, giving away money through PayPal, PayPal’s been restricting my account difficult to get it back, and also amazon has been restricting my account because I’ve, been buying dozens of gift cards trying To give away money to you guys so um feel free, ask me anything, and I’ll, be on for a little bit.

I’m out here in salt lake city, so uh as you can see, I’m in my hotel room and we are let’s. Go look! Let’s, go check it out, hey everybody. Let me know where you’re coming from in the world. Let me know where you’re coming from in the world, so we’re in salt lake city.

I got this little, this little dinky deck and all this stuff, hey, hey Vietnam! What’s up uh tl lose weight, go paul, adam Wilson. What’s going on? I spent uh Utah. Let’s. Go let’s, go um! Also. You’ll notice that I am supporting.

Jeff Bezos’s. Space company blue origin, not Elon Musk’s Company SpaceX because going to mars is not the smartest idea. It’s about mining, asteroids, and making earth better uh, so we could go into that.

If you’d like um, let me bring up. I have my computer here, so I’m going to be reading. Some of the comments here, too uh folks, everyone, quick update as people are joining us. I’m, not giving away money this time, because PayPal has been restricting my account each time amazon’s been restricting my account as I’ve been trying to buy gift cards.

So just this is just a question and answers session um I’m gonna try to buy some physical gift cards and give them away st vincent and grenadines what up Italy? What up Canada? What up? Uk Seattle? Okay, any questions! Let me know bris what up Australia, Panama, beach without expertise? Can you do affiliate marketing? Yes, but you probably should focus on building skills too, because it’s free.

Anything you want to learn is on the internet right, so you have no reason to have no skills like seriously. You have no reason to have zero skills like what have you been doing with your life seriously, just learn, graphic design or video, editing or coding, or something you know it’s, not that difficult.

What bid strategy do? I prefer maximum CPC or target cpi. I actually prefer maximum CPC because I like to be more in control of my uh spending on all the ad networks. Um, CPA works better on Facebook, hey, sorry, okay, so the internet sucks at Sheraton, um yeah, hotels, it! I! I’m.

I don’t even know what is going on, but I don’t know what’s going on with this crap hotel internet, but uh Sheraton is royally sucky in terms of their internet. So I don’t know I’m. I’m. I’m on every upgrade.

I’m, a platinum member. I’m. I’m, literally hey what’s up? Let me interview with you what how big is your audience mike c? How big is your audience, um yeah? This is one thing I hate about. Hotels are like you never know what you’re gonna get in terms of the internet.

It’s, just it’s, just a freaking roll of the dice and uh. I’m a power internet user. As you guys can tell yeah on your 210 key 210k keywords, why not choosing a keyword with more than 20k searches uh? You can sometimes it’s.

It’s. It’s, just a general rule. Um generally, two to ten thousand searches are specific enough and it’ll. Get you enough volume for you to optimize it. If you get something with ton way more searches than that it just it can eat up more spend, it can be harder to optimize it’s just uh again, you want data.

If it’s less than 2k, then you’re. Getting you’re, not getting enough data for it to be a meaningful group over 10k generally is speaking, is uh. You know you’re getting too much volume, but 20k isn’t that bad um.

Mike c, I asked what that’s, not an answer to my question. Bro. Did I ask how big is your audience? I didn’t ask: did you interview my mentors? I just want to straightforward answer. Dude come on um you’re talking now.

Clearly, thanks for your videos, SEO is dead or not that’s like asking. Do people use Google or not no SEO is definitely not dead? Um, it’s, one of the best ways to get started in marketing. I mean there’s, always new things.

People are searching. I mean look at coronavirus right like who knew about the term coronavirus a year ago, and suddenly people are all you know, whoever got ranked for coronavirus or masks, or all these sorts of things are making millions of dollars good.

What’s up Philadelphia p.s? I’m following your videos, but I don’t understand what you’re saying. Why are you following my videos, um uh john? It’s been a while? Yes, it has been a while uh. I was traveling um, so I’m on a two-week business trip.

Uh, traveling between you know around Utah. So I’m meeting with new sales floors. I’m, doing some negotiations and stuff for my business, shout out to my able maze key sir hope you’re. Fine there, yes, don & # 39.

T call me, sir: have I nothing works because lack of funds, so you don’t need any money to do affiliate marketing love live. Do am I spending any money to do this live stream? No, I have a phone right look.

This is if you’re. If you’re chatting right now, you have a phone or something – and this is look see it’s a phone. So all you know, all you need is some sort of device. If you’re on this stream, you can produce videos, you can write blogs and all of this is free.

So and if you would have seen one of my last videos, I say you should. I advocate for one free traffic source and one paid traffic source. You don’t need money to do affiliate marketing it doesn’t, cost any money to put up videos on youtube.

What it costs is time right, so you need to either need the time or you need money. Okay, if you have more money than time, then spend your money. If you have more time than money, then spend your time. Okay, you can write, you can add value, you can post on social media.

You can build an audience that’s. What everybody else has done, how do you balance your family and your marketing life um this week? It’s kind of weird, but generally speaking this week, I’m traveling right, so my wife wanted me to drive, but I work five days a week Monday through Friday, and then on the weekends I shut off all electronics and I just spend it with my family john.

I notice a lot of references to electronic music in my videos. What are my favorite artists um, my favorite artist is Nora and pure okay? So let me see if I can write it in the chat um. I’ll type in uh, Nora, and pure.

I like dead mice. Here I’ll, throw some of them out Nora and pure. I like dead mice. I uh I like poof, I like Dayton, um, I like a lot of music. I actually have a playlist on my home page, which you can check out, which is, I call music to make money to, and I’m actually just going to link it here, real quick! So you guys don & # 39.

T have to go searching for it, so here is a playlist of some music. I like what are you doing for boosting immunity? Uh, I don’t, know just eating healthy. Just working out I don’t know. You know I got a personal trainer and I just try to be healthy.

Generally speaking, I try to get outside. I try. I try to expose myself to a lot of the world because I think you build up more immunities. The more stuff you expose yourself to right, I don’t, really know um.

Okay, I’ve 137 subs on youtube, page of 2500 peeps cool mike c. That’s great um, hi john. Can you discuss how tv advertising has changed?



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