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I’m Back! Useful Live Q&A Session

What is up YouTube, so I am back. I am back. So today is a live Q&A day I just got my YouTube account back. I haven’t, been able to post anything for seven days yeah. My account was down for like about 48 hours, and now I am able to live stream again, so uh very happy to be back just wanted to.

Let everyone know that um, even though my we do, I do have information on why my channel was suspended. Um and everything was taken down recently uh by the way there’s, a live question and answer session.

This is kind of filling in for what my normal Monday session is um uh I’m, just letting you know we have really cool things so feel free to ask your questions. I’m, just letting you know. We also have really cool things in the works so check out.

So the next Monday live stream is going. We’re, going to have a big giveaway, so you know. Usually I figured I’d. Do this announcement, because you know we’re back but uh on Monday. In a couple days, we’re gonna be giving away money like normal.

We’re gonna be giving away a lot of money. Five hundred dollars – and you can see this right here – we’ll – be giving away five. Fifty dollar cards, 275 100 gift cards and the 50 it’s. Gonna be a free for all okay, so it’s.

Gonna be anybody, anybody will be able to win the fifty dollars literally the code. It just appears up here. This is not today by the way this is next Monday. This is this. Coming up Monday, we’re gonna be giving away more money.

I’ve, been having a hard time, giving away money through PayPal because they keep like uh, giving me fraud warnings because whenever I send money to like Ghana or Cameroon or like weird countries, sorry, but those are weird countries to me.

Um PayPal like blocks my account or something they like. I don’t know they do some weird, like you know like asking for verification and all this other stuff they have like representatives called me.

So what I’m doing is I’m just going to get gift cards from now on and send them to y’all, but I’ve actually been having issues even buying gift cards, because Amazon thinks I’m, having issues hey, what’s up everyone? Let me know where you’re from um John Crestani uh, Joel don’t.

I shouldn’t, be your hero. Just go out there make money. Okay, where have you been so my account got suspect so here’s. What happened is my account got suspended um because there is no freedom of speech in this country anymore, um.

Basically, I’m. Not I’m, still, not exactly sure what caused the issue, but I have an idea and I believe, um. It was a video that I have made on pull on adult affiliate marketing, which is basically being an affiliate for bad websites, and I had a link to the affiliate network.

Now there was no badography or naked women on that site. Um, it was just. It was just the affiliate programs for webcam girls or, for you know, junk enhancement or whatever stuff like that and like legal alternatives, but I don’t think they liked it.

So I’m. I’m, not going to be talking about a lot of stuff moving forward. Um I’ve realized that you know I’ve, been treating YouTube like a platform where I could talk about anything um, but I can’t talk about everything anymore.

That includes some of the best methods for doing affiliate. Marketing all those met, all those videos have been deleted. Um I’m, sorry guys uh, but it’s not allowed it’s, not a lot on YouTube, and this is also a reason why I have a course.

I just literally I can’t talk about everything here, um for those of you that watch all my videos and take action. Congratulations! You guys get some stuff that other people don’t um and I won’t. Be posting those videos anymore, I’m, going to keep my content away from again any gray hat, any black hat methods.

No, I’m, not going to be talking about not you know, promoting bad products anymore. I’m, not going to be talking much about crypto or dark web related activities. As you guys know, I’m, pretty good with the dark web and all that stuff um, I will be uh.

I will be starting to encrypt um uh some messages and be doing giveaways, because I’m, a huge fan of crypto and cryptography and uh. You know I suggest you guys all learn how to use PGP. I will be doing some of my gift card gives giveaways, where you will have to decode a crypto cryptographic message again.

I’m, going to try to make this not you know I’m going to try to make this part. As I said, I will uh. PGP is pretty good privacy, so I will be releasing my PGP code and you will have to use that to decrypt the method now.

The way the giveaway is going to work is, I will you know I’ll either put a link or I will uh. I’ll, put some information for how to decode. You know the message that will have the gift card codes in it.

So again, this is also part to incentivize you to learn about stuff. So let me answer some questions uh. It is sad that I can’t give back away watching from the Philippines. This man is something whatever I wanted.

I don’t know what you mean: um John, the only drug I do. Is it’s, not even a drug? It’s marijuana but um. Where have you been John? So my channel got suspended um and I couldn’t access it for two days.

It was down, and also we, I couldn’t post anything for a week, so that’s. How YouTube works now, if I get another strike, what will happen? Am I won’t, be able to post anything for a month, uh, so YouTube’s really severe.

So I’m. A lot of the stuff I used to talk about. I’m, not gonna be talking about anymore um. How to make money online now watch my videos. I have a lot of good methods on their uh. But again, if you don’t take action on my stuff.

You don’t, you know you won’t have what I talked about. What do I think of drop shipping drop? Shipping’s? Uh drop shipping is fantastic right. It’s, it’s. Pretty easy to uh start a business. Now I think, oh well, I’ll talk about space in a little bit.

Um drop, I mean dropshipping drop, they all work right. Dropshipping is selling products on the internet. It’s. Just really easy: uh Alibaba Facebook ads. You know you find popular products on Kickstarter that are trending um.

Again all these business models work it just matters. If you work right because a lot of people a lot of entrepreneurs, they just you know they give up. Ganja is a medicine. How many videos you deleted uh I deleted about like two dozen about two dozen videos.

Um again, I’m, not going to be talking about a lot of dark web, a lot of krypton stuff, a lot of gray hat or black hat marketing methods. Um Facebook and I’m. Not gonna be talking about bad networks. Uh Facebook doesn’t like that John.

I want a scholarship for your course. Don’t, be a beggar, no beggars what kind of what dude? What? What kind of ridiculous proposition is that you got to like make me a deal. You got to give me something that’s, retarded bro like come on.

Do you think this is communism or cap? Do I look like a freaking communist here? You think I’m. Just gonna give something to a beggar no way. Okay, I do these gift card. Give. I do the money giveaways for views.

Not I’m, not gonna just give somebody begging, um thinking about purchasing your course. It’s. The ten thousand dollar challenge real uh. It’s, not ten thousand dollars. It’s, a thousand dollars yeah it’s.

It’s, all real it’s called affiliate. Just google affiliate marketing you’ll, see it’s like a real business model and stuff um. How would it be pop? I’m, not giving freaking scholarships. I don’t work with beggars all my all.

The information in my course is on YouTube. Okay, like basically all of it’s on YouTube. You don’t need my course to be successful. If you have more time than money watch stuff on YouTube, if you have more money than time and you want something that’s structured and step by step – and we have support people to hold you accountable – go through my course, you know buy my Course so, but it’s all on YouTube right all this information.

Is it’s not like there’s more much more content on very happy. You’re back. Thank you, bj yeah! It was pretty depressing. I think they were trying to make an example of me um. It is pretty ridiculous that I was chosen uh, you know i.

I really do think they were trying to make an example of me um. So we’ll uh. We’ll, see where everything goes, but I’ve. I’ve, gotten a lot of blows back because so many people are, I don’t know against me just talking about marketing, and I know what I’m doing.

We’re killing it right here. In my business, by the way, as you guys know, my business is not relying on YouTube or even the internet at all um uh. How long do you work as affiliate marketer 10 years? Can I re-upload your video and make money sure yeah I mean it’s, YouTube pays people, money, um, no need information, no one need and it’s time of transformation.

Why don’t? I open private coaching because I’m, not broke, I make money. Well, I beca the problem with coaching okay, this is great actually so the problem. Now I’m. I don’t know where you guys are looking best.

Online business is whatever don’t you’re. If you’re asking what’s, the best online business uh there’s, a number of them, but the best online business for you depends on uh the prop. Let me stop jumping around so what field made me so rich and a millionaire affiliate marketing? What are the best products to promote on Amazon, probably stuff, that’s, not popular on Kickstarter um, is video important for SEO super important.

Shout out the Philippines. What up waguan Philippines ad blocker is an issue. No ad blockers have not been an issue. I’m, doing print on demand business best online business. So the thing is with asking the best online business there’s.

A bunch of businesses, you can start they all work. Okay, people get too hung up on like the best. If you haven’t made anything successful. Yet you’re, probably not gonna be successful. You’re, probably lazy.

Do you get promotions every six months at your job? If you don’t get promotions every six months at your job, you’re, not working hard enough. You’re, not going to be a good entrepreneur and people looking for when they ask the best online business.

Usually what that signals to me is the fear of failure means you’re scared. You’re scared of doing anything until you know. You know that there’s like as little chance of failure as possible. You’re gonna fail.

You’re gonna fail suck it up. If you can’t deal with failure, if you can’t deal with with you know, potentially living a life of regret and losing lots of money. You shouldn’t, be an entrepreneur plain and simple: it’s.

Not for you. Entrepreneurship is not for weak people. Okay, entrepreneurship is not the normal. If you are scared, if you don’t like risk, then you should not be an entrepreneur. You should be an employee work for an entrepreneur work for an early stage, company right, an early stage company, where you can get stock options.

Otherwise, don’t, be an entrepreneur, stop asking what the best online business is and do something. So here I’m, going to give you guys a little proof um. This is what, if you really want to be part of the next big wave of business, if you want to be a billionaire, a trillionaire do this: okay, this is where it’s all at so where, where everything goes in life, if, if we’re if, if we’re gonna be talking about real wealth here is resources are monstrously abundant.

Okay resources are monstrously abundant. We’re running out of them here on earth. They’re up there. Okay, the most obvious solution is okay: the population grows people like having families right, people like having kids people like having stuff that’s, not gonna change, but the resources over here are finite.

The resources up there are infinite so, where, where do we go? We go to frickin space? Okay, where’s, Elon musk going elon musk? What is his main company doing the only company he is actually running it’s going to space? Okay, what is j Amazon richest man in the world? Jeff Bezos, anybody in the name of Jeff Bezos his company is his the company’s, most passionate about it’s called blue origin and guess what guess? What that company does goes to space? You know what the goal is to mine asterisks right, because there’s, infinite amount of now.

You can think I’m crazy or not, but how do we? How do we get? How do we mine asteroids right? How do we get up there? Well, the thing is, and the wrist space you need to make the price to entry is a couple billion dollars to start a space company to mine asteroids, okay.

So if you want to become ridiculously rich, you got to mine, asteroids um and you’Ve got to make a lot of money. Okay, last month earning uh, my company did a 400 some thousand last month 400, some thousand yeah uh.

I didn’t make any I actually didn’t take any, so I my personal salary, just let you know how my I work out. I take 20 000 a month. I never take any more money. Okay, twenty thousand, that’s. How much I pay myself! Every month now my business did seven million last year.

It also did one point: two million dollars profit. So technically I earn an extra 1.2 million dollars. Last year. Um I put that money in retirement accounts. I don’t touch it. I don’t touch it because again the goal is not.

You know. The goal is for me to just live a little bit of a nice life. While I create bigger and bigger and bigger things right, money is best used to make more money, launch your own merchandise, John, no buy blue origin.

How to have a perfect mindset? Have a big goal have a big goal: three most important things in affiliate marketing. I would say: uh testing, split testing, um, tracking and uh copying other uh. You know copying other people in your niche um.

Why? What exactly did YouTube? Suspend me for uh? They didn’t say they said it was an error, so I had I hired a lawyer and contacted them, and they said it was an errand, but I don’t think they they were after me.

I believe it was a video I did on bad adult affiliate marketing, basically um yeah, but I also think it was my crypto videos. I had a video where I showed people how to access a kind of data breach site um.

I had a number of like kind of like methods that probably were crossing that gray line in terms of like aggressive marketing and people, and it’s funny because people think, like you know, people say I’m, like uh.

Some people post videos about me being like a faker. I’m, like I know, affiliate marketing better than anybody else on YouTube. Uh I mean I do it and I think that’s, where I make all my money. 95, no buying affiliate product.

What’s? The problem I mean there’s either. Two things one! Are you’re targeting people that don’t have any money right. So if you advertise money, you know products to people in like India, for instance, you know like a lot of people in India are like don’t have money, or they don’t like to spend money on the internet right.

They like to do cash and delivery, and then the other thing is uh. The other reason is they’re, just not sold enough. Okay print on demand, yeah print on demand works great. All the businesses work great.

It’s. Just you know you’re, you’re, you’re being a pussy, you’re, a total pussy because you’re scared to do it. Without somebody’s, approval just go and do stuff. CPA marketing is fantastic. It’s, it’s a little.

The difficult thing is like you have to know how to uh get accounts. You know you’re, probably gonna go through a lot of Facebook accounts, or you know a lot of ad networks. Don’t like CPA, so you’re gonna have to maybe learn about cloaking, or you know.

Just different stuff, like that, you know more than wesley billion dollar virgin. I don’t know. Who knows i? How would I know more than somebody I don’t? I have no idea. He’s, a different person. Can you start with 1 000? You can start with no money, and you, don’t need any money to start affiliate marketing you don’t need anything um you just need to post.

Like look. You’re. Just posting a lin, you know you can post stuff there how to find targeted people um, I mean lets. Say you’re selling weight loss product. You find fat people in rich countries right us.

You caught the united kingdom, Germany um just find people that look overweight, look at their profile picture. Maybe they’re part of a group in on Facebook. Um yeah arkoosh. Ask your question. Okay, I’m gonna I’m gonna rattle off how to find targeted people Alina.

I already answered you. I’m 11 and I’m successful with affiliate marketing awesome stuff, Akbar awesome have ever tried, drop shipping, uh kind of um yeah. I mean it works, they all work baby. You said we don’t you don’t need any money to do.

Affiliate marketing just apply for an affiliate network online search, affiliate networks, um time required for 1 million in real estate. First affiliate, I don’t know, but if you keep asking yourself stupid questions like that, you’re, never going to make any money, you just got to start doing stuff again.

You just got to be single-minded. You got to flip a coin pick something and just go it. It business is all about the tenacity. Uh Jeff Bezos’s. Company says um, uh god. I forget. I forget the actual name of the uh, their motto, but it’s.

It translates to step by step ferociously, so it’s, not again, step by step, ferociously it doesn’t matter where you start it matters that you just go. What’s, my goal for the next 10 years? To start an asteroid mining company and get into space um, so I mean the goal.

Am I I’ve? I’ve kind of I’ve kind of modeled out that I’Ll need a billion dollars for that um, and I will need to get an asteroid mining company. I basically need to grow my company 10 times, okay, which is not that ridiculously unachievable right.

So I need to grow my company 10 times to have a 10 billion dollar asteroid company. I know that sounds weird, but the math on it all works out. Basically, once I get up to a hundred million dollars a year in revenues, then – and I have software – then I will have a billion dollar valuation company.

We’ll, take that billion dollar valuation and sell it or something, and I will take that money and start an asteroid mining company with it um thanks ahmed. Do I outsource my digital marketing uh? No! No! No! I actually still run my google ads.

My best friend wants a shout out: hey nick happy birthday, shout out. How do we deal with non-compliance issues I don’t know, you know, look my YouTube channel got banned. You know compliance issues are always an issue on the internet and a lot of these compliance issues are really just a way to limit your freedom of speech.

Again people don’t like it. If you say that, but it is what about 1 million subs will I reach in I don’t know I mean this isn’t really, by again, this uh YouTube isn’t. Really my focus um. I will probably you know, as actually I’ll – put a little extra effort into it, but we just you know: we’ve, been hiring on the development side.

Kevin David is your friend. Yes, yes, he is give me tips to leave. My job immediately work harder at your job work as hard as possible. Okay, so here’s here’s, you, you should be the best employee you ever could be.

Okay, if you’re looking to quit your job seriously, work harder get in early, get in before your boss, leave after your boss show up every day with a smile on your face. Don’t, give any customers or co-workers attitude.

Leave your ego out the door go home and spend an hour or two learning how you can be better at your job. Talk speak with people in different departments and learn about their job, learn about what they need learn about, what issues they’re facing, and the shawl I’m, giving you I’m, giving you the tips, stop posting! It’s, really annoying um, but be the best.

You can be at your job and make yourself invaluable to your company, okay and then leave but leave on a high note. Okay, because if you can’t, if you can’t be the best possible employee, you could be if you can’t leave on a high note.

If you can’t be invaluable resource at a job, jobs are easy, then you won’t ever be able to make it on your own, and you don’T deserve to be working on your own because you’re, not working hard enough in your own.

In the job you’ve been given. Jobs are easy if you suck at your job. This is a wake-up call. You’re, never going to make it as an entrepreneur. I know there’s. Other people who say differently. This is ain’t that channel okay, real estate, uh click funnels versus WordPress website for affiliate marketing.

If you have money, I’d, say just do click funnels, um real estate, I don’t, know much about real estate. I just buy real estate. I mean how Carlos Cruz is making a mil because he’s. He’s ju, he’s, just doing it right, you just keep doing it and you look what you market, multiple products, so then you choose which product is making you the most money and you market more of it right.

Then you create deals and upsells. The trifecta for affiliate marketing is three things: it’s. One is having a low ticket front end product right. So if I’m, if I’m promoting within a niche, I want to promote something that’s, easy to get people to buy right.

Then I’m going to take those people. If I’m building, an email list or re marketing or whatever, and I’m gonna sell them something that allows me to get recurring revenue. Okay, you want recurring revenue.

Number one is an easy entry point: number two is recurring revenue and number three is a high ticket. You want to always have something in your repertoire. Investment investments are great right. You can be an affiliate for investment companies um, and that gives you huge amounts of money uh that you can tap into affiliate marketing.

I don’t, know real estate, so I can’t, give the pros and cons there. What about? Graham, Stefan, graham Stefan’s, a great dude. We actually, I think we like graduated the same year of high school. We like grew.

We grew a couple miles from each other. I guess um. How can I make a good marketing funnel you don’t just copy somebody else’s, that’s already good uh? Have you ever fully shaved your beard? Yet I mean no hello.

It’s. Dakim. Can we use drop shipping and affiliation you I don’t, know, use one or the other. How hallucinating or frustrating was your journey before becoming a millionaire uh? I just didn’t think about it.

I just worked, I think, the pro I believe the problem with a lot of entrepreneurs. Are they just they root? They’re just sitting there thinking about things they’re, just they’re just like. Why am I not making money? What’s? The best way to make money is drop.

Shipping better than affiliate marketing is or better than real estate, or is it crypto or like penny stocks or like they’re just sitting there constantly thinking about things as opposed to just I mean my attitude is just flip a coin right flip, A coin and just go um: they all these business models work.

If I promote click funnels, how do I find targeted? People go to click funnels groups right just find people in the click funnels Facebook group they’re, not all members. How to promote products for free? I just gave an example right.

You join click, funnels affiliate program and you message people who might be interested in click funnels like on Facebook groups or digital marketing groups, or you know stuff like that. What do I think about creating YouTube just for selling digital fitness programs? I think you’re bad entrepreneur.

You don’t think about things. You do things uh, then you see what happens. I want to get money. How do I do it with no talents? You uh work. You know, work for somebody that’s, so I would say you know work for somebody who’s richer.

You know, whatever your job is and be the best employee. Ever let that guide you okay, go to work, go to work early each day before your boss, stay late. Ask him what skills that you need to make do to move up, learn programming in your free time.

I don’t have a one dollar book anymore. How many times have I moved in my life so many times it’s been ridiculous. Uh. Can we start selling in a funnel? That only has 10 people. I don’t know what that means.

Did you leave your house to be successful? I’m in my house. Right. Did I burn my house to be successful? I didn’t burn my house um. What product would you suggest for Amazon fba? I don’t know. Why would you ask me, I’m, not an Amazon, fba guy right.

What some of the people are doing? Are they’re doing stuff? That’s popular on on, like kickstart or that’s. The drop shippers I don’t know: man, like you know again. Why would you ask? Why would you ask me about real estate or Amazon fba, because I’m? You know if you’re.

Looking for specific tactics, I’m, not the person but uh. You know what I would suggest you do. Are you go out and take action? I get a lot of people just want to sit on the sidelines and ask questions, and I watch the USers from this channel and what you guys do on my videos and only about one percent of people.

Actually, you know do something beyond watching um, which tells me 99 of people. Don’t do anything from watching these videos. So all your questions are, probably you know you’re. Most of you were just scared.

You’re scared to do anything seriously. You’re, asking lots of questions, but you’re scared. Little sissies because you don’t want to take action. You don’t want to waste your time and then you’d rather watch ticktock videos um I don’t, think I just constantly take action right and what a lot of people do I is.

Are they just think, and they think about business and instead of just doing stuff mindlessly, I just would do stuff? I had no idea what I was doing when I first started. I put up Facebook ads. I put up google ads.

I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how Facebook ad worked there, wasn’t any tutorial online. There wasn’t any YouTube, video back in 2010 on how to post a Facebook ad, but I just did it right.

I just did it. I didn’t. I didn’t, look for the tutorial on YouTube. I just did things and that eventually led to over trial and error to having a successful business. Just free traffic give me a thousand dollars it can.

If you, if your message the right people again, you can message anybody around the world, their people right. You can message me, you know I’m, not going to respond because I’m popular, but there’s there’s.

What is it something like a million millionaires in america? You can message at you know. 99.99 of them have no influence, you know on the internet, you can message, everybody and you can sell people.

Products landing page is good for affiliate marketing. Alina’s watch, my other videos, that’s. All I’m gonna, say uh. What age did I become a millionaire? Oh, like 25, I think 26 26, but then I lost it all right.

I spent it all. I like treated my for. You know I just went crazy. I invested it in bad businesses. I didn’t have much wisdom at that time. Thanks for the response, this chan did you fit god I’m gonna who cares? Did you fit don’t? Make me ban you um visual, I already answered.

Would you ever give away your fortune and live like a hobo, no um from sri lanka, sri lanka, okay, um, Amazon, affiliator, most common mistake, uh, I’m, not sure I’d, say I mean I say uh one tactic.

I really I mean first off Amazon, you’ve got ta, do really good with seo, because the commissions are so low. I’d. Also say you probably want to be recommending other affiliate programs. You know uh. If you’re recommending diapers, for instance, you know all I’d, also recommend them on target or Walmart, because Amazon’s, affiliate commissions are going down.

Also, I would I mean, obviously, google seo YouTube seo, would be very helpful and lists recommending multiple products on Amazon is very good, so, for instance, uh a good, a good niche would be. You know talking about scuba diving gear and you recommend a bunch of scuba diving gear.

Um is free traffic all time good. Okay, I don’t understand your english. What’s? My opinion about legendary marketer um? I don’t know much about it. I know it’s very lucrative uh as an affiliate. So if you’re, an affiliate marketer, it’s very lucrative, a very lucrative program.

I think they have a great affiliate program and um yeah is by. Has my friend nobihez is not my friend I mean I don’t know him. I’m sure he’s cool. He’s. Kind of young hi uh work. 24. 7.. You’re. You’re.

You’re uh. Am I still giving away money? I’m, not gon. Na answer. I’m, not next week how many people from usa join my course we get about. We have about. Like 300 people join my course each month and then cristiano Ronald’s.

The man dude, I love christiana, and then we have about six 500 people 600 people per week that buy my books, um, which are fifty dollars, suggest to me two niches of yours that I have to promote uh, I would say crypto, crypto and work from home Right work from home is great crypto and work from home.

They’re, both related, but people. People don’t really know how to make money uh working from home, so it’s. A great niche. Do I have my own foundation? No um. Will I post my book on digi store in the future? No, how do I deal with a bad day handsome man uh? I drink.

I get coffee, so I don’t normally drink coffee, but I will uh power through it with some caffeine um again I try not to take it. I i believe too many people allow their emotions getting. You know in the way of them doing work what’s, my net worth it’s in the millions I’m, not going to go into exact figures here, um.

What about diamond business? I have no idea about the time. Does regal assets affiliate still work? I don’t. I suggest you work with gold, co, gold, co, gold, co. What advice would I give a Jamaican starting online screw you man, there’s, nothing special about Jamaicans or any other country.

You can do anything. Anybody else can do stop, feeling, sorry or whatever, for yourself. Jamaicans can go on any website that anybody else can. So you can do any affiliate program. I mean this isn’t about what country you’re from stop putting up walls.

Well, I guess that’s trump right, but I’m. Saying: stop trying to like label yourself saying I’m Indian. I’m sri Lankan. I’m. You can do anything on the internet. We’re, all equal okay, it doesn’t matter.

What how old you are! What country you’re from what? What age you are, whether you’re, a guy or a girl, whether you’re from a rich country or poor country. We all can talk to the same people on the internet, so it doesn’t matter.

Uh, I mean the solution to racism, and all this stuff is just everybody beyond the internet um how networked people in a that doesn’t english correct. How can I make good affiliate marketing funnel just copy one? Yes baze.

I already answered you just copy a working affiliate, funnel look for somebody else who actually is making money doing affiliate marketing the best. The best thing to do is just look for whose, doing something successfully and then copy their funnel.

I have a very complex funnel for my affiliate stuff. I haven’t ever revealed my affiliate stuff. Well, I kind of have, but I don’t, think you guys really pay attention to it. Okay, what is my net worth? I already answered how much money did I make yesterday? Well, let’s.

Look uh! Okay, so I’m going to select um okay, so I’m, bringing up how much money I made yesterday um yesterday, so I basically I have like four different places. I log in I actually have like five different places.

I log in so let’s. Let’s. Look at okay! So here we go. Also. This doesn’t even count. Some of my uh aren’t even going to be all my income sources. Let’s. Look at so one. This is Clickbank there’s, some other affiliate accounts.

So basically I made like 8 000 yesterday, um yeah. It’s, a couple million dollars it’s, not it’s, not 10. I don’t know. I saw some on the internet, it’s like 10 or over it’s. Not 10. Thoughts on biohaza.

I think he’s a hard worker, and he puts a lot of effort into his YouTube videos, uh, which I have a lot of respect for. He actually really goes through the income methods so um. I definitely am a fan of by I’m, definitely a fan of biaheza because he puts so much effort into his videos.

What is the best high ticket affiliate program right now? Uh legendary marketer is pretty good. It’s pretty up there. Um, which affiliate is best uh just depends on what you’re, promoting generally speaking, though um weight loss and make money online, or you know anything talking about how to make money.

You know whether it’s through real estate stock trading online and how to lose weight. Those are just two great niches. Will I need more money in hand after buying your course to affiliate marketing yeah, you need an extra thousand dollars.

You shouldn’t buy my course. If you, don’t, have an extra thousand dollars to buy, spend on traffic um. You can just watch my videos here on YouTube. What do I promote on click bank? I promote a lot of other training products because I sell a training product, so oftentimes people who want education like mine.

They want more education, so I sell more education um. How much you make your course. It’s, a thousand bucks. Why affiliate marketing is one of the best things right now uh, because everybody’s, people don’t buy stuff in person.

Everybody’s, buying stuff online. Everybody’s; locked up uh! You can’t really buy stuff at like stores as much anymore as you used to some more people are just shopping online um. How to make millionaire friends in affiliate marketing uh go to conferences, go to conferences, join stack that money um join stm forum; okay, it’s 99, a month, okay, um and by the way anything that costs money.

Anybody can get for free. If you, just, if you negotiate, what is the best app to make money online in the world, I don’t think you can make a lot of money with apps. I think it’s. All like task-based work trying to be done by Indians that, for like a penny, you know like a couple pennies, an hour um.

Where do I see the future of affiliate marketing uh? You know, I think just building I am building personal brands. Building personal audiences is really important, so I’d, say um, you know if you want to be really aggressive, I would say just build a huge audience on YouTube on twitch on um.

You know on TikTok, on whatever, oh, by the way everyone here so go to twitch go down below in the links in the description I’m, going to start streaming uh. I’m, going to start playing video games and streaming some of the video games I play on twitch, so uh.

Let me know when, once you followed me just type in followed on underneath in the chat um, I mean I play weird games, so I play card games, which is one thing uh you and we could even play together on twitch um.

I also play like weird n64 kind of Japanese games. I play a lot of stuff. I play dead by daylight. I play zombie games so follow me on twitch I’m trying to get up to uh a certain number of like follows, or something like that.

I just started, so I’d, really appreciate it. If you could follow me on twitch be happy to be there. What affiliate programs do I join in Clickbank you, don’t need to join any affiliate programs in Clickbank.

Once you’ve joined click bank, you have access to thousands of affiliate offers that you can promote. But that being said, it’s. Mainly high ticket uh make money. Online type programs play fall, guys how to target high ticket audience um.

You, you old, old white people, okay, generally speaking old white people uh, but you know it’s. You people who are interested in politics. Uh I mean you can just pick the targeting in google or Facebook.

They allow you to target, buy how much money somebody makes, but also what are rich people interested in you get to know people, and this is one of the reasons why I’m, a big advocate of um of actually learning and talking to people Outside of your normal social circles, because the more you talk to people, the more you talk to people, the more you realize, the more you learn about them.

So if you want to learn what are rich people interested in right, just read a book about rich people right, read: read: read about billionaires, watch interviews with billionaires. So what are canned? Can anybody name for me some things that people are rich people are interested in? Let me see it’s not hard to target to go targeting online.

I’ll, throw out a couple yachting rowing lawn bowling, um lawn bowling, uh asteroid mining right space, supporting the space program; um virtual reality, art Southey’s right, but you, if you don’t know these things.

You haven’t, been researching rich people here’s. The current book I’m reading. I suggest you all read a book great book and I read a lot as you see. These are all these are some of my books. The book I read last night, I read a story in this book by h.

P lovecraft, so I’m reading a lot here’s. Three big books reading teaches me about people and the more I know about people, the better. I can sell things to them, the better I can create products that they want to buy.

So I’m, always trying to learn about people most others. I see, though they just hang out with their own kind. They only want to hang out with people who are their own religion, their own race, their own nationality, their own family, their own friends, their own co-workers.

So I’m. Just I try to learn about people that are not my own nationality that are not my own race that are not my own religion that are not my own whatever right, because I want to learn about other people right.

I already know about people like me: pawan harry what’s, the app? What’s, the limit for your earnings? Uh, I mean, as I said, I’ve, been earning over about a million dollars a year. The last two years I’ve earned over a million dollars per uh in profit per year is immunity.

The best net immunity is a great niche. Immunity is a great niche yeah. Anything health related people are freaked out right now, yeah any oh yeah. Any anything you can do to take advantage of fear. You’re gonna sell.

What is the future of affiliate marketing is always changing because people’s. Habits are changing right. People, people get used to something right. They and they change. They say.

Oh, this is a sales pitch. Okay. I like this. Instead right, they say: oh Facebook is all ads. Now I’m, going to go, use, TikTok, then TikTok will be all ads someday in all sales, and then they’ll move somewhere else and affiliates.

You know and marketers will move with every platform, and they’ll, just that’s, how it works. Where am I now? I am in uh I’m in southern California. In my rental house, my uh. We’re still building, I mean it’s taking forever my main house over in Malibu.

I don’t, have any horses right now, not disrespecting Indian don’t don’t disrespect yourself. You’re, taking so serious. Don’t, take stuff so seriously um how to set mindset to be affiliated. Marketer uh, just don’t, think just do stuff, just pick something and go how to do first: sales on Clickbank.

I just pick one of the top gravity products and uh. Go crazy, apply my free traffic methods who’s followed me on twitch. Let me see type in follow if you followed twitch immunity is a great niche. Yes, it there is no best niche.

There is no best niche that’s like asking who is the best who which family member do you love the best? You can’t answer that or if you have two daughters, if you have multiple kids, which kid do you like the best, there is no best it’s, all subjective.

You just go out and do stuff, and if you’re looking for a the best in a subjective area, what that means is you are scared and you don’t. You shouldn’t, be an entrepreneur. In fact, I don’t. Think most of the people here should be entrepreneurs, because I think most of you are scared.

You’re scared of actually doing stuff. You’re, trying to conserve your time right. So just work and you’ll, make money. What are the benefits of legendary market affiliate? It’s, just they have a ton of upsells, so legendary marketer has like a lot of upsells and big upsells.

So I hear they’re good for affiliates um, no giveaway, bro yeah, not today. Look at this check this out replaced authorizing payment. Look at that! Thank you for your order, so I bought these all for you guys.

I bought 500 worth of gift cards for you guys, but Amazon is like they have some like fraud prevention, so they’re. They’re worried. I’m doing fraud, so they blocked my account twice already, or they shut down.

Sorry they, like logged me out and made me change my password twice, because they think I’m committing fraud by getting gift cards. To give to you guys, um, I’m scared, but doing it good job admitting things self-awareness is the first thing.

The goal is to get to space people, and you need billions of dollars to play in that game. So just get you need to make billions of dollars, you need to make a billion dollars um we. This is the biggest opportunity of our generation, our goal as human beings.

Our goal as humans is to go up there. Okay, this is our goal and also you can learn for free to go up there and make lots of money doing so again. The if you’re in united states, the united states just joined the military and in many countries you just joined the military.

I’m, a big fan of the military in any country. You know not just the US join the military, get training for free in a special in a specialized profession, make yourself valuable go to space, and if you are involved in space, you’re, going to be surrounding yourself with unbelievably rich people, because all the richest people in the world are attracted to space okay, again broke.

People are attracted to doing as little work as possible, and you know trying to make quick bucks right get. I would encourage you to get some hobbies. What is my richest friend my richest friend? As I don’t know.

I have a couple friends who have hundreds, you know who have uh over 100 million dollars, multiple friends in their 20s, who have hundreds of millions of dollars. What’s? My goal? In 2021, Alina I’m gonna block you, okay, stop asking so many questions.

I don’t know what I you, you’re asking questions for attention. You’re, not I don’t. You’re, not asking questions because they help you uh serve any purpose. You’re asking questions for attention at this point.

It’s not becoming of you. Okay, I have a podcast uh. Am I a predator? I don’t know I don’t know I don’t, know anymore um thoughts on ted’s, work working great product to promote. How long was it when I first started out to having punch through and start having study success four years, so I started 2009 um.

2009. 2010. 2011. Yeah. So I started having steady success in 2012, so it took me four years um, which is actually quite a long time. In retrospect, it’s, a lot of work. He isn’t disrespect. What was I disrespecting Indians for? I maybe I used India’s as an example of like I’m, like you, should be hanging out with people outside this is what I was talking about.

This applies to anybody. Okay, anybody! If you’re trying to market or sell products to people, you should be hanging out with people that are not your own race that are not your own nationality, that are not your own family.

That are not your own religion, because that’s. How you learn to sell things to new people, you learn about their lives. What are they interested in right? I know what rich people are interested in. They’re interested in high-end art.



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