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JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace Review – How To Unlock Free Unlimited Money

Hey, John Crestani here, and today I am going to do a JVZoo affiliate marketplace review. If you’re looking to make money online without having to spend anything literally anywhere in the world, no matter what age you are and you don’t even want to have to go through the process of Applying to an Affiliate Network and hoping to get approved well, this is the affiliate network for you.

You literally get accepted automatically anywhere in the world, including Nigeria. You can start with this affiliate network, which I’m about to go through a walkthrough of, and I’m gonna go in-depth into this affiliate network.

I’m gonna explain the pros. The cons of this affiliate network and I’ll, be going over exactly how you can find products to sell, how to get your links, and how you can promote those products. So you can start earning money anywhere in the world without vesting really money into anything.

So let’s. Get into this. I’ve done affiliate marketing for almost 11 years now I’ve made almost 20 million dollars in this industry, and I’m gonna show you, from A to Z, exactly how to get started with JVZoo.

Let’s, get it. Hey, John Crestani here, and today we’re gonna be discussing the affiliate Network JVZoo, which is really great because they don’t even have an application process. You can get accepted there anywhere in the world and you can start making money with it.

And if you want to follow along with me and hear about the pros and the cons and just skip to where you can apply to the network, go to John Crestani’s 2500 Daily network, so you can pause the screen right now, go there and check it out, and I’ll, be going through this affiliate Network.

Also, if you want to join our community, make sure you look in the description and there is a link to our discord chat channel where we have. You know different chat channels. I guess you know affiliate marketing e-commerce, Amazon, FBA money-making act swipes.

I really want to create a community. All of this is free for you to talk about because I can’t respond to all your comments, anymore for you to discuss different methods to make money online. I know many of you are, you know: furloughed laid off don’t have work right now, so this is a great place to start to talk with other people and not just hear it from me, but hear it from other folks.

So go to the comments below and you can learn about that now without further ado, let’s. Go into JVZoo now in order to sign up for this network. Once again, you can’t go to the network sheet that I gave you and you can sign up.

There should be a link right here for JVZoo and I list out all of the different information about it. So you can click this link to get started with, creating your account again. There is no approval necessary for JVZoo, which makes it pretty cool.

They accept all countries all over the world and they have 57,000 different products that you can sell. Now, when you join, you will need to get approved for individual offers, but there are high ticket products available.

So if you want to go through the website itself, you would just go a JVZoo and then you’d. Click start for free up. Here. You can see right up there in the top right corner like any web site. It’s there.

Now there are a lot of affiliates with JVZoo over 800,000 different affiliate marketers with this program, and you know some of these and tie gurus guys. I mean how many of you folks also follow coffee, Zilla, Spencer, Cornelia Tom Nash or Mike Wynn.

It. Let me know in the comments below which of the anti-guru YouTubers you follow, but you know basically, they would like me to say that you know a very small percentage of affiliates actually make money so keep in mind.

This is competitive and this is a competitive industry. Not everybody will make money because it takes time and effort, and many people are in my opinion. They’re, just lazy or oftentimes. They’re watching these videos on their camera phones with it in portrait mode, so they can get through the comments that’s, bad, no okay, and so let’s.

Look at the network itself, so here we are in the JVZoo interface and you’ll see that they have a breakdown of both the amount of money you make as a seller, which means, if you put a product on JVZoo and they also list The amount of money you made today and yesterday as an affiliate, so you know that’s.

One thing I like that their dashboard shows you the money right away now in order to get started as an affiliate selling product you’ll need to go over to this area, which is affiliates right thereafter you sign up now.

Once again, I get 60,000 questions a month asking me if you can do this in whatever country or if you could do it on a mobile phone. If you can do it, if you’re underage yes, yes, and yes, okay, set it please don’t.

Ask again: I’m. Tired of those comments. Just try it out too. If you have questions be resourceful is one of the first things to know as an entrepreneur. Now here we are, and if you want to find products, it’s, pretty simple: you go over here to find products, then now they also have some information.

If you are looking for more information on how to be an affiliate, you can find there, but let’s find products. Now here you’ll see all of the listings of products. Now we can make this longer. We can at you know so we can see more products and how this is sorted right now, as you can see, is this is all sorted by how many of the products sold okay.

So this is a pretty good indicator. If somebody sold a lot of products a lot of there, it means it’s, probably a good product to sell and in marketing and in business. You always want to go with the winner, so video maker affects is you know, I would say, you know, sell that product, you see.

Thirty, seven plus thousand of these products were sold and the average price was $ 49.50. So if we pull out our calculator here and see how many of this product were sold, we could go thirty-seven five hundred times forty nine dollars times fifty percent commission.

So this product has paid out about nine hundred and eighteen thousand dollars to affiliates, and you could do this for all of the other products here. But once again, if this product has paid out about a million dollars to affiliates, I’d.

Want to promote that. Just to give you a comparison by the way we paid out in my affiliate program to almost two and a half million dollars last year to our affiliates. Many of you are subscribers to this channel.

So, first off hats off to all the folks that got Commission’s selling Super Affiliate System. Thank you for your support. So before we get further into things, let’s. Look up more information about this product that we can sell and earn commissions for first, so I’m just gonna click.

This link right here now that brings us to the offer page and you might be wondering first off if the sale price of this product is $27. Why is the average Commission more than that? And the reason for that is is because they have a lot of upsells in the sales funnel now you’ll see here.

This is the information to request to promote this product. It says a new affiliate with under 25 JVZoo sales. Please fill out this application in full. Now each product will have different. You know the requirements to fill out the application.

Let’s. Just look at this, so it’s asking you to name your website again. Having a website helps you, and also they want to know your method of promotion. Now I go over some of this information. If you follow along in the networks sheet right there, I provide information on how to get accepted as an affiliate under the resources.

So you go to resources, then you can go under this document which says how to be accepted as an affiliate and in that document I talk about. You know what are good things to basically know and say and do to get accepted as an affiliate.

I’ll talk about traffic methods and how you can get free traffic a little bit. This is a good application. You know and it’s simple. It should be simple to get accepted and you can write right there.

Okay, then, you just fill out your information and request approval. Now there’s, some other interesting information here as well. So you have an affiliate contest which usually means that you’ll get prizes.

If you get a number of sales, you get an extra thousand dollars, something if you get a hundred sales and it also goes over some integrations bonuses. I don’t, know the number of affiliate sales, blah blah blah.

It goes over their refund rate. Here, so this gives you just more information to understand the promotion of this. Now. What is the product? You might be wondering if you want to actually look at what’s being sold.

You go over right here on the offer, cart to where the sales page is now. That brings us to one of the first terms, which is a sales page. What is a sales page, a sales page is where the product is actually promoted.

Okay, it is the page that, whatever links when you are accepted as an affiliate, your links will go to this page and in order to make money, people will need to buy the product on this page. This gives us some idea.

It’s. Video creation software, so who might this appeal to this software might appeal to people who want to become YouTubers? There are a couple of people in the world who want to become YouTubers.

I guess there are millions of people in the world that want to become YouTubers and your job as a marketer is to convince YouTubers or any other people who could use video creation software that this software will help them out in their journey to become YouTubers.

Or maybe it’ll help out their small business because they’ll create videos so that is your job. You are a salesperson. You are a digital salesperson. You need to make sales in order to make money, but fortunately, for you, you, don’t have to talk to anybody, so that’s the sales page.

Now the next import piece of information is what is called the JV page, okay, which is the next term that I’m gonna address here. So the JV page. It says additional affiliate information thanks for coming on board, go to the JV page.

Now, what JV MIT pays, what JV means is JV means joint venture. This is another word for affiliates. It’s really the same thing, for whatever reason this industry has a lot of confusing terms. If you agree with me, I’ll.

Just type in confusing down below, because there’s, a lot of confusing terms in this industry. I don’t know why everybody just doesn’t say affiliate, but you know beats me now. The JV page is great for getting useful information.

If we click here, we see they give you ways to get your links. They give you demos of videos that you can create using their software and they talk about the prizes and they also give you updates and you can get free access or review copy of their software by filling in your information here so that you can better promote it.

Here you’re, also seeing they walk you through the sales funnel ok, so they’re saying starts with a $37 product they upsell or the OTO one-time offer is another $37 product.

Then they have another $27 product and they explain all of this here about how the sales funnel works and you earn on everything that they buy as an affiliate. So you give you all that information. They give you a lot more information on how to promote.

I’m, not going to go through everything specifically here, but the point being is that they’re here to help you because you’re helping market their product. The last term I’m gonna go over is bonus and bonus has a special meaning in affiliate marketing, especially for JV zoo folks.

So if we look up, you know let’s. Even look up this term video maker FX. We might see you know, reviews we might see a review and bonus. Let’s, see if we see any of that what some marketers do is they offer a bonus with the product so like, for instance, what would lead you to buy this video maker effects from this person versus this person or this person? Now some affiliates do is they give a better bonus and a bonus might be an e-book? It might be a consultation.

It might be anything. It might be some templates now, for instance, with this product. What would make a really good bonus? Messaging, you tubers or aspiring YouTubers, telling them that they could use this software to become a YouTuber.

A good bonus would be a consultation on how to grow a YouTube channel or it could be an additional, Eva or a resource guide of five thousand ideas to create videos around that don’t require your face in them or something along those lines to really help drive at home that this is the best product for them to buy and you make it even easier.

And if you want to get started and if you’re wondering how do I get traffic? How do I get people actually clicking on my JVZoo product links? Go down, make sure.

First, you have to subscribe to my channel and after you subscribe to my channel, you can scroll down and you will see right here at the bottom. I have a whole playlist on free traffic methods. I’ve done all of the methods on free traffic that I can possibly think of right here and you can see them all from Instagram Facebook, Google, free ads Twitter, Quora text, Pinterest, YouTube, Craigslist, or Tumblr.

I mean just a million ways to make money online and get traffic for free. Another way you could start learning is you can go to this link right here? John Crestani backslash start here for my full list of free traffic methods.

If you’re interested in being an affiliate for my program, you can go to my resource guide right here and get copy-paste information on how to promote and a lot Of resources, we have the best support for affiliates in of any affiliate program.

You can get all your resources right here in order to join more affiliate networks and learn about what other options are out. There make sure you go to this link right here, John Crestani first on EECOM backslash networks, to find out about the affiliate networks that are available for you to join what they specialize in what countries they accept.

What beginner-level is good and if you have any things that you would like for me to add to the sheet, let me know my assumption: is you don’t know a lot about affiliate marketing, so maybe you don’t know what To know, but if you do, let me know what other information I could add to this network sheet.

Wrapping Up: JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace Review

I hope you enjoyed the video once again make sure you murder that subscribes button like this video, if you enjoyed it and leave a comment, don’t be a stranger. I’d love to chat with you and I especially invite you to be a part of our discord.

Chat community makes sure to go to the link in the description, and you know we’re talking about all sorts of stuff. All start ways to make money on there. Hopefully, you can create a community, get some help, and start making money online.

When you start making money, send me a testimonial video, so I could put it up on my website and stuff. Thank you. So much have a good one and talk to you soon.



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