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Jumbleberry Affiliate Network Review (It Made Me Rich Quick)

Hey, John Crestani here, and today we’re gonna go over Jumbleberry affiliate network review. I’ve made a ton of money with it. The number one nutria affiliate network for people looking for natural supplements to help cure whatever problems they’re having this network makes a ton of money, and I’ve made about a million dollars.

I think, with this network, so there’s, a lot of big money. Here I’m gonna be walking through the network on my computer. I’m gonna be explaining some important terms because this network works with a lot of advanced affiliate marketers.

At the end of this video I’ll, be giving away my free link. Posting software also be showing you how, instead of acts asking me for my WhatsApp or trying to connect with me, like you know, thinking I’m gonna hang out with you.

I have a community that I set up just for you and I’m gonna give you access to it for free, so you can get started there and everything we’ll be doing will be walking through on my computer on This link above and I’ll, be going over the pros and the cons of jumbled Barry so that you know what is the best way.

You can start earning money online. Let’s, get right into it. Okay so here we are on jumble Barry as you see, and they say: pay for customers, not clicks or impressions, so they work with both advertisers and affiliates.

Advertisers are the product owners. You’re interested in being an affiliate, make more money. You can read more stuff from this site here, but it’s all about the money you make big money working with this network.

I implore you to sign up for it because you can make a lot of money with it. Now everything I’ll, be going over, will be right here on this sheet. As you see, the way you get to it is to go to this link now make sure you pause the video.

If you need time to copy down the length, this network accepts people anywhere in the world at any age, and if you are using a phone flip it to landscape mode, take notes. I’m gonna show you how to make money with this affiliate network, and then you want to scroll through the comments and also try to watch this on a desktop computer.

I know 80% of you just kind of want to be on your phone, but if you are really serious watching this on a desktop computer full screen, let’s, go straight into Jumbleberry. Then I’ll kind of go over some of the pros and cons in a bit.

So this is Jumbleberry right here. So this is us logged in and you’ll see you know they offer pretty good payouts $73 CPA, meaning you’ll get 73 dollars when you promote. This offer also notices that the EPCs are way higher than other affiliate networks almost ten times higher than many other offers on Clickbank or Digistore and stuff like that.

You can make really big money with these affiliate offers, but you really will need to use A landing page, none of these will work if you’re, not using a landing page, and if you want to learn about how to use landing pages and what not people aren’t really interested in that on YouTube.

I’ve already done those videos. If you really want to learn the in-depth stuff join. My training course super affiliate system. There’s, a link below in the description to a webinar that will teach you a little bit about my training program.

But my training program really prepares you to promote very aggressive offers such as this. Because, again, you need to use a landing page and you’re, going to need to test a lot of them. Okay, so you see they have keto diet offers here.

Cbd oil offers $80 CPA. You have more CBD offers. You have skincare offers. You know, and one of the oldest markets in the world has been skincare because women are always gonna want to be more beautiful.

Okay, thousands of years ago, women wanted to look prettier thousands of years in the future. Women will want to look prettier unless we all live in virtual reality, which I guess if people would still want to look pretty point being you have a lot of money here and I will be explaining some of these terms in just a second here.

You see there’s, a lot of new terms in this Affiliate Network. Now, for some of the pros and the cons you & # 39, ll see that this network specializes in a new trend, I don’t, know the exact number, but they pay affiliates roughly fifty to a hundred million dollars per year.

It’s a very big network. Do you need the approval to get in? They are selecting for people who know about affiliate marketing and who understand the industry and are not going to waste their affiliate managers’ time.

There are no excluded countries, they have about 400 offers. Once you’re approved to the network, you do also need to be approved to offer. They do not do high ticket products. You get about $ 40 Commission.

They do have support if you are accepted. They do not have tools, training, or community. It doesn’t cost any money to join this network and they will pay you out a variety of ways and the threshold is $50.

00. If you want to join again, you can go to this link over here on the right or you click jumble Barre over there, and it will take you now. I’m gonna explain a few words here that come up in the network, so the first one is a cap.

Okay. So what cap means you might see something such as 500 caps, okay or let’s say you know, 250 caps. What 250 cap means is, it means you can only sell 250 of this product per day. Okay, sometimes they do it by day.

Sometimes they do it by week. You know I remember when I was an affiliate, I loved, promoting diet trials. I would have to promote like four or five different offers in a day because I would go through all the cash I would sell 250 of one product and then I’d, have to go to the next product inside 250 of that, and then It’ll go to.

I rotate to the next offer. Kappas oftentimes happens in trial offers because there’s, a recurring billing. Basically, it’s hard to get merchants’ processing accounts. You know you can only sell so many products through a single merchant processing account it’s a whole crazy industry,

But if a product has a cap usually means it’s a very aggressive offer and you can make a lot of money With the next thing is the localized payment? Okay, so you’ll see this underneath some of the offers. What does it mean to have localized payment up now? The thing is in many countries they don’t use Visa, Mastercard or Discover in countries like France or Germany or Sri Lanka.

There are different payment options in India. Cash on delivery is popular because people are untrustworthy of credit cards in many countries around the world, so they prefer to do payments in different ways.

Now, if you’re working with an affiliate offer or a product that is selling in a foreign country, you’re gonna have a lot harder time getting sales. If you’re selling in India if you only accept American Express, does not many Indians use American Express same thing with visa.

Even if you’re using Visa in India a lot of just individuals, a lot of potential customers will not want to put their credit card information in India online, they want to use cash on delivery and every single country?

You know all the countries around the world have their own payment preferences. Some people have their own credit card, you know their own version of visa and in order to be successful, you want to make sure you promote an offer with localized payment options.

If you’re watching this type down the number one way people like to pay for stuff online in your country, you know in America it’s, visa and PayPal, but in other countries, it might be something different, so type in something Unique, I’d love to hear what the preferred payment option to buy stuff online is in your country.

Now let’s get in the next thing we said. Trial means that people are not buying the product initially. So you know, maybe the product cost is $80, but all the company cares about when they’re getting a trial.

Is the sell them for maybe three dollars and 95 cents? Okay, so somebody will put their credit card down for three dollars and 95 cents, and then later they will be charged. Eighty dollars 14 days later, okay, 14 days later, or something like that, if they, if they like the trial, these offers are some of the best converting offers.

Okay, they just work. People would rather spend three dollars than $80. It’s, just kind of obvious, so you’ll make a lot more money. If you can get people in the door for a trial than if you’re, asking them to pay the whole $ 80 upfront again trials, make marketing easier, so that’s.

Why, generally, you want to give preference to offers that are trials now? The last thing, the opposite of trial is called a straight sale. Okay in a straight sale is when the person pays the full price of the product on day, one okay, when they see it’s, gonna cost $ 80 and they pay $ 80 hey.

And if you’re liking this video. So far, if you like these walkthroughs, if you like the tour explanation, terminology give this video a big subscribe and make sure to enable notifications because I’m testing out this thing.

Where every Monday I do a live Q & A with my followers, I’d love to talk with you, help you out answer any questions. Call you out on your poor mindset or whatever you know, make fun of you. You know it’s.

We just have a fun time on these live streams, so make sure to subscribe, hit the notification bell and also leave a comment. Let me know what you’d like to see next. Once again, I suggest you apply to all the affiliate networks and in order to get access to my community, you want to go over here to this area that says: resources, okay, resources right here – I’m gonna put a big arrow down here.

Okay, big arrow, because people have been having problems finding this or some people, just listen to my videos. I don’t know why you listen to my videos. A lot of this is adjusted. You need to watch, so we go over to the resources.

Tab and we’ll see one thing here: if you want to get traffic for free, I’ve done about 500 videos on getting free traffic watch them here. Okay, if you have not applied all of the free traffic methods – and you want more free traffic methods – you’re crazy, just apply the free traffic methods that put now for our affiliate community.

This is a great way for you to start interacting with other affiliates see what other questions they’re asking and all that jazz. Okay, so you can. You can interact with other affiliates work with people to find partners, whatever learn, find other resources share.

Memes in our affiliate community on discord, you can chat with others, etc, and last but not least, is our free software. Now this will show up as a virus warning because we haven’t had the software certified yet, but if you want to actually use the software, if you’re having problems downloading it, I would suggest that what you do is you Turn off your antivirus yeah, basically turn off your antivirus to run it.

What it does is it’s, a video reposting software based around a video that YouTube actually banned because they don’t like people learning my really good free traffic methods that work so check that out and once again like subscribe comment.

Wrapping Up: Jumbleberry Affiliate Network Review

Let me know what you’d like to hear about next. Let me know if you’d, like me, to keep going over terminology, or if this was too advanced, of an affiliate network. If you don’t want me to show advanced affiliate networks, if you’d like me, to just focus on beginner affiliate networks, type and focus on advanced focused on beginner do a mix whatever because I want to know what you’d like to see next have a good day all the best and have a great day.





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