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How To Make Money With NextDoor ($100 A Day Super Easy)

You know what time that means it is. It is another money video I’m gonna be showing you how to make money with Nextdoor. You can make over $500 a week with this social networking app called Nextdoor. Now you don’t need to be located anywhere in the world to make money this month.


You don’t need to be any age to make this money you’d need to spend any money to make this money. I’m gonna show you the real right here. It’s now Nextdoor. In case you haven’t heard about it has over 10 million users, okay, over 260000 neighborhoods are on Nextdoor, so there’s, a lot of people that we can sell here.


Now there are three steps. Actually, there’s a few more, but I’m gonna show you all of that on my computer. The first step is we’re going to need to get what’s called your affiliate link. Okay, this is a link that, when people visit it and get products from it, you make money.

I’m gonna show you how that all works. The second step is you’re going to join Nextdoor. Nextdoor is free, so anyone can join it. You just need to join Nextdoor and yeah you get on the app and then the third step is you start messaging.

Folks, okay and I’m gonna show you exactly what to write. I’m gonna show you this is just copy-paste. Not a word needs to be typed out individually by you. All you need to do is follow the steps I’m gonna get right into it on my computer and show you no-fluff straightforward step by step.

I am even going to give you a resource guide that you can use so that you just follow the steps and I’ll show you how you can get that the link to get that on this video? Let’s, get it.

Hey John Crestani here and we’re gonna be going over how to make $500 a week with Nextdoor, but for those of you watching, I would really suggest you watch this on a computer because you’ll want to open up this resource file in order to actually put this in action and follow along.

So the link you see right here is 2500daily.com and, at the very least, flip your phone to landscape mode.

Stop scrolling through the comments. If you really want to get some value out of this video now I’ll, be going over a lot of stuff here. I’m, also going to be going over our community at the end, but there’s.

There’s a number of steps to get started and let’s dive right into it. So when you click on the resource file, when you go to that link, you’ll see a number of methods. These are all the free traffic methods that we’ve used that I’ve posted about up into this point and you’ll see there’s, a lot of them, and these are the methods you’ll want to apply all of these.

If you want to start making money, it’s, just good practice and will help you get in the habit of understanding marketing and what good marketing looks and feels like. So for this method, you’Ll want to make sure you click on the Nextdoor link which is right.

I don’t know you could search for it, but it’s right there and that’ll. Take us down on this page to Nextdoor. Now over 10 million people use that’s, this site, they’re all from high-income countries, so that’s good because it means they have.

They have money and to do affiliate marketing the Nextdoor. Basically, what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be sending out a link. Now the business model we’re gonna be using is called affiliate marketing and it is where you, essentially, you, send out a link and when people click on your link and buy the product, you make money.

Ok, so that’s. How this works now, but in order to get people to want to even buy, I mean that’s, that’s. The hard part right that’s. Why we have all of this marketing set up for you and I’m gonna walk you through the entire process, step by step.

So just a warning. This is twenty-five, twenty-six very simple steps. None of this requires any experience or marketing knowledge to do, and I’m going to walk you through all of this, but it is a couple of steps so bear with me.

Step 1

So the first step is you’ll want to click on this link to open up a Google document. Okay, what this will do is will open up a Google document that looks like this, and this is what’s called the bridge page or the pre-sell page in affiliate marketing, and this will become the affiliate link that people will click on and buy from you.

The reason we have a bridge page or a pre-sale page is that most people don’t just want to click on a site and buy something.

There needs to be sort of things to convince them, and everything on this page is designed to convince people to not only click on this link but also to watch the training and to ultimately buy from it, which makes you money now.

Step 2

The next step you need to do here is you need to go up to this little area that says file because we need to make this page editable for you to make it your own so go to file and you’re gonna click. Make a copy of it right there! Okay, you see that right there and you, when you make a copy, you’ll get a copy of this page.

Step 3

It will look exactly the same, but the only difference is now. You can click on the link and you can edit it to make it your own. So let’s, get your affiliate link and place it in there so that when people click on this they’ll buy or you make money.

Step 4

Now we’re on to step four, which is registering for Digistore. Now, when you arrive at Digistore, you’ll see you can log in or you can sign up for an account and you’ll just fill out your information there again. The things with stars are required and things without stars are not required.

Step 5

Assuming you don’t have a company, this great great great affiliate platform, and after your in what you’ll do is you’ll search for my surname “CRESTANI”, so you’ll go up to the marketplace right here. Sorry, I kind of skipped over that you go to the marketplace which shows up on the page and then you type in my last name into the search bar now.

This will bring you to my course the Super Affiliate System. It says the earnings are 2000. I’m not sure why that is, the earnings are actually $500 per sale from this. It is a $1000 training course, you get 50% and I get 50% okay?

Step 6

That’s the way it works. I’m gonna show you exactly how to get sales for this. So when you’re logged in you will see a link shows up here. It says your promo link and you’ll want to copy this.

So just right click and click copy on that link, and you could save it somewhere. Doesn’t really matter, but what? What’s important is that you come over this. This file, that you got this Google document and you go to the link you’re gonna click on the link.

Step 7

You’re gonna delete what’s in the link and you’re gonna paste. Your own link, okay, see now what should show up here. Your link won’t. Look exactly the same. Your Digistore link will include your affiliate ID right here.

In my case, it’s John Crestani. In your case, it’ll be whatever you set it as and then you will. Click apply now there’s a little pro tip that comes in here, which is this isn’t necessary, but this really is a huge help.

Step 8

I mean this is how you get really good at affiliate marketing. Do you want to put in your tracking? They call it the track and key. Usually, it’s called the tracking ID or the CID (click ID). There’s a lot of different names for it, but you want to put in this little snippet right there.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna highlight this. This is for better tracking and to do this pro tip, you would edit this link and you could simply put it at the end right there. So yeah. I just pasted that right there, so it looks like this. So this would be your affiliate ID and this would be the tracking key.

What’s, the point of tracking? Well, we want to try may be different types of pages. You know of these documents or different. We want to test different messages, even two, so I will put in you know. I’ll, put a Nextdoor message, one right, so that would be what I use is my link in there for the first message I’ll show you, as we go along a little more about all this, that’s not necessary, so now we’re on step 12.

Step 9

Okay, so we’re all ready! Congratulations! We’re, already worried about halfway done and we’re gonna click. The share button on our Google Documents. So see right here, so you want to go to the top right corner up here where the share button is and you click share.

Make sure that it’s set to anybody with the link and you just can copy the link like this and click copy, or you can click this button right here and click copy link and then click done. Okay. Now we have our link at this point.

What I like to do is open up a notepad and paste. My link in once again here is the resource guide for those of you who actually want to take action, follow along, and really, quick, just a kind of cool note about this.

If you’re wondering what percentage of people actually do anything take action on my videos, it’s about 1%. Okay, so only about 1% of people actually do anything, and it’s. Funny because 1 percent of people control, I think it’s, like 80 percent of the world’s wealth so or something like that.

At least half of the world’s wealth is controlled by 1%. It’s some unbelievably large number, and that’s because most people don’t, do anything really just in life or in their relationships. Nobody wants to make a hard decision now.

Let’s. Go back here, so we clicked. We got our link out. We saved our link in a notepad, ok, so now we save the link in our notepad. Now. What the next step is? We’re gonna sign up on Nextdoor, and we’re gonna find some people’s profiles so that we can start messaging them.

Okay. So let’s, open up Nextdoor right now, and I’ll. Show you what it’s about so here we are a Nextdoor. Nextdoor has again ten million people, use it and there’s. Also, an app there’s, also, Google Apple and you can sign up with you, know: Google, Facebook Apple.

This is all free or you could get emailed okay. So here we are on Nextdoor. We’re logged in and what we’re gonna what we’re interested in is we’re interested in finding people now. One quick note is that I’m, not sure if everyone’s able to register our Nextdoor all over the world, but the goal is to find some posts that have a lot of comments on them.

So let’s. Let’s just kind of scroll. These are six comments. What I’m, really looking for, is just to open up people, so we got Kathleen Amy Jordan. We got Mario Rosemary, great name Rosemary. So here we have some people now.

The next step is to send them a message using one of our templates below. I also recommend you test your own messages out test them against mine. Mine is called the control, so here’s. Some of the message templates, as you see right here, I’m just gonna pick.

You know again there’s, a subject line, so I’m just gonna click, hey and I’m gonna use this message. So here we have with Kathleen and we can send our message and we’ll just type in hey and I’ll type in this message.

Now, if you notice this message, won’t do anything. It won’t, do any good and that’s, where you need your link. So let’s, get our link um and you put in the link right there and that’s. That’s great, so then you just click, send boom message sent right.

It’s that easy, and you do this over and over and over and over and over again. What you want to do is do this 25 times per day five times a week, and that is the path to making 500 dollars a week.

Because, with a hundred and twenty here, let’s, bring up the calculator, and that is because, with a hundred and twenty-five messages sent times a one percent conversion rate, which is the conversion rate for quality traffic being sent to the Super Affiliate System.

That means you’ll get about one sale a week. One sale a week is each sale is five hundred dollars. So I mean that’s, that’s. 0.25 doesn’t really count, but you get the point: it’s. You make five hundred dollars a week.

It’s really that easy, and you just need to message: twenty-five people a day five days a week. So if, if you got some value from this video so far because we’re not done yet, we have more to do make sure to subscribe to my channel.

I go over different free traffic methods of how you can get people into your affiliate products that you’re promoting into your business into whatever you’re doing so you can get traffic from the internet for free and I go over this on my youtube channel.

I have a lot of videos going over this stuff. I also go over advertising and marketing and copywriting and a lot of stuff. I suggest you look through my uploads and figure. It finds some videos that resonate with you or just you know, watch my story.

I go over the kind of my journey and my story here and also we have a bunch of student testimonials, because what we’re doing what I’m teaching works. What I’m teaching makes people money and you can see the dozens and dozens and dozens of testimonials of other students who’ve been applying.

My methods, like you’re watching right here on YouTube today on how to make money with Nextdoor.  I also encourage you to go into the links in the description and join our discord forum or our discord channel.

We have people from all over the place again. I can’t be there to answer your questions or conquer your obstacles as you go through this process, but others can and the community can because what we’re, creating is a community of giving a community of and again give more Than you get and discuss with people and help them out in starting their online business, we have a lot of success stories.

You can just see it. We have. You know people everyone does this mean I made a sale right there. First, a hundred and eighty-two dollars on Digistore there’s really exciting stuff going on another person, the first sale and we just have a constant post like this.

This guy’s crushing it okay. So I’m back on the sheet and it actually looks like we finished all the steps. I thought there are more so really, in reality, you send out 25 messages a day five times a week and

Pro-Tip: How To Make Money With Nextdoor

The pro-tip here is to change-up your message, based on just change up your message and try to beat me, try to beat the effort. How well my message works.

For instance, you send out 25 my message and if you got five people responding to it, that’s a twenty percent response rate and you have, you would have to beat that, and then you’re, getting good at marketing.

So there you go hope you enjoyed this video. I look forward to talking with you guys in the future. Have a good one. Bye.





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