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How To Make Money On SoundCloud ($500+ Free Cash)

Hey, John Crestani here and in this video I’m gonna, be showing you how to make money on SoundCloud, a fairly popular and well-known website. Now you’ll be able to make this money online without any investment of money anywhere in the world and at any age, you don’t need any marketing skills.

You don’t need any technical experience and I’ll, be showing you step-by-step. How to do this in this video now the method you’ll be making money is called affiliate marketing and what affiliate marketing is is helping companies sell their products online and receive a commission for each product sold now, once again, it doesn’t require any money to get started, but you can get paid real money doing this and I’m gonna be showing you how you can make as much as five hundred and fifty-eight dollars a week doing this now.

A hundred and forty-two million prospective customers use SoundCloud, and that is the site. That is the method that I’m gonna be showing you how to get traffic, how to get people to buy products through SoundCloud.

I’m gonna be showing you this in three steps on my computer in just a second here number one is how to create a link. This will get people to the product that you’ll be selling number two is joining SoundCloud and step.

Number three is messaging folks in order to get them to get the products that you’re selling in front of them so that they can possibly buy. I’ll, be showing you I’ve through all of this on my computer.

Hey John Crestani here and in today’s video, I’m gonna, be showing you how to make money on Soundcloud, but what you want to do if you’re following along, and you want to follow along and actually put this into action step by step by step.

I suggest you go to this URL right here, to follow along with the steps and also make sure to slam just utterly destroy whatever the subscribe button is, so you can get notified of my weekly live Q & amp, A sessions Where I go over and help folks make money online now these methods really work, and if you check in to my community on YouTube, which you can see after you subscribe, you’ll see that almost daily.

Now I get folks messaging me about how they’ve been able to make money with affiliate marketing doing exactly, as I told them to Marco boot, Shellie. We just have endless and endless here’s, their first 500 dollars and just lots and lots.

I made my first sale. We just have so many testimonials the stuff. I’m talking about works and if you are looking for a way to make money online, that really works that you can do from a computer from a phone from any country in the world without having to spend any money whatsoever.

Then you’ve found it, and I’m, going to be going through this. So once again, the resource page is John, Cristina comm, backslash resource, and when you go to that link, you’ll come to this page, which has all of my free traffic methods right here now.

The one we’re concerned about today is learning about how to make money with SoundCloud SoundCloud, and you will just click this link to go to the SoundCloud section and it will zoom you down to the steps to make money with SoundCloud.

Now SoundCloud has a lot of users on it. It’s, a music musician, focused community, and I’ll, be showing you how you can make money following these steps. Just follow along with me, and I’ll – go through each of these steps with you right here on the computer so that you can start earning money now.

The first step is you register for Digistore, so click that link and you will be taken over to Digistore where you will be able to promote my products. Now you will need to scroll down in order to create a new account and you will need to fill out your information and your password and your username, and you will need to give them some information because remember Digi store is the company that will be paying You money for doing the affiliate marketing and they will pay you either a check they will pay.

They will send the money directly to your bank account or they will pay you via PayPal. Whatever you decide on that, that’s, the way they will pay you, but you have to go through the registration process and set everything up now once you are inside, did you store where you will see how much money you’ve earned and what have you we’ll be right here: okay, you’ll, see your earnings show up in the top left corner right there, you’ll see the number of clicks the number of times that people clicked On your link that they provide right there and you will see the amount of money that you earn on average for every click right here, but we’re, not concerned with that.

Just yet. We want to go over here to the marketplace right there and you’ll want to click the marketplace icon because we need to get our affiliate link, so we can start earning money. Now you’ll see some of the top products.

Wesley billion-dollar virgin right here. He’s a badass. He’s a friend of mine. He’s, got a top product on there, but what we’ll, be promoting, is my product, so you’ll want to type in my name up here, type in crostini and then click the magnifying icon right there.

Now, here you will get a link to my product. Okay, the link to my product is right here and, although Digistore says that you & # 39, ll earn two thousand dollars the average amount of money made people make from promoting.

My program is five hundred dollars, so that is the average amount you will make from promoting my program, so you will copy your link, will copy it copy and what you want to do is you want to save it somewhere? I like saving things in the notepad.

I’m an old school right. I’m 32 years old. I’m, an old guy in this business, and well at least I’ve, been doing affiliate marketing for a long time, and then we’ll go back to the resource file and you’ll see now We’ve done step three.

The next step is to do step four, and we’re, going to do what’s, creating a pre-sale page. We’re gonna create your own free website that won’t, be banned or blocked from any social network by clicking this link.

So when we click this link, you’ll get a website here’s. A document basically – and this is built to sell now what you want to do is you want to go up to this area that says file right here right up in the upper left-hand corner, and you’ll want to copy this, to make It your own, so you click to make a copy.

Then you just click. Ok, now the next step is you want to click on this link down here and scroll down just a little bit right here and you’ll click on the Edit icon. Okay right there and when you click the edit icon, you will delete whatever is currently in there and you will replace it with what your affiliate link is.

So we’ll click. Copy-paste apply now. The next step is you want to go up to the upper right-hand corner now, where it says share, you will click click it twice and then you want to select anyone with the link right there.

Well, you want to copy the link first. Okay, so you click this button copy right here and I would take that and I paste it in your handy-dandy notepad again here’s, the link, and then we will click done great one pro tip is: if you’d, like a Shorter link, you can use Bitly, so let’s, go ahead and show you. Show you that right now.

so Bitly is a link shortener and what we would do Is we post our link in here. We click. As you see, this is our Google document or website, basically that we just created and then you will click shorten and then you can highlight this link or you could just click copy and you can copy your new link, which is a bit shorter and looks A little bit prettier, so this is what you end up with, and this is what you will send people to now.

We’re already on step number 13, which is where we will sign up for soundcloud.com. First off, congratulate yourself. If you’ve been taking action, you are one of the 1 % of folks that actually take action and do anything.

99 percent of folks will not do anything from watching this video and I have statistics to prove it. It’s. Quite interesting so register for SoundCloud, SoundCloud calm. You can click the link there. You can go to SoundCloud calm it’s a great music site.

I actually really like SoundCloud, and then you will register you’ll go through the registration process. I’m, not going to logout. Basically, it looks like this after you sign up and then what you’ll do.

Is you’ll, find a musician you like, and you’ll open up some of the followers and you will message them. So let’s. Do that right now, so let’s say I like you know what’s. What’s, a good artist? I like Galantis. Galantis is so cool okay.

So let’s. Take Galantis for a second and we will click on their profile and what we’re interested in, though, is right over here. We’re interested in seeing their followers. Okay, because this is again if you don & # 39, t, have the benefit of having money to spend on ads and you don’t, have the talking skills to go out on the street and start doing sales.

Then really you, you know you have to you – have to get in contact with some people to sell them stuff. So you have to you, have to message them and that’s. What we do so we can open up a bunch of people right here.

They have a bunch of fans, they 400000 fans. So let’s. Just open up a bunch of profiles. Let’s open up Jasmine, let’s. Open up well, should we open up this girl, this girl, and this girl? Okay, great! So now we’re gonna message these folks.

So, in order to message these folks, you’re, going to go all the way over here to this little icon right here, where the message icon. This is how you can get in contact with people. Okay, we can send this person a message and we can write them a message to what do we write now? If you’re promoting my program, I give you the messages too right.

If you’re promoting other folks as programs, you’ll – have to figure out your own message too right. So let’s. Use this message right here. Let’s use this message. This is a great message. We’re gonna copy.

This message right here and post it on to Desa, music, okay, so fellow fan of the musician, this might help you out link please don’t share. So what we’ll do here is we need to replace the text here. So we’ll say Galant Galantis.

This might help you out and we have to replace our link in there. So we’ll get our link. We’ll copy this and we will place it right there and I’m just gonna copy. This whole message and just to give you an idea of what happens when these messages get sent.

Is people will go to your link and then they will go to the well? I’ll show you it later so here’s another person, Edwin Diaz, and one pro tip – Do you want to focus on people who are from countries that have a lot of money? So I don’t know where Edwin’s from but boom send and our message to Edwin Diaz was sent successfully, and then you just repeat this over and over and over again, okay, and maybe you’ll, even former A nice relationship out of it now, in this case, I recommend that if they do message you back with any questions, you respond to them and you tell them why John, you know why they should purchase the training program and watch the training.

Ok and once again, we sent another message: this is a great way to meet new people. It’s, a great way to sell things and it’s very easy and it’s completely free, and you can do this anywhere. You are in the world, no matter what age you are no matter.

What device you’re using. You can do this now when you go to your short link. What what you do is it’ll, it’ll. Go to your document and people will come to this document and they’ll read this and they’ll be thrilled and when they click on this link, they will go into the funnel and when they purchase the product that is sold at the end of the free training, which is actually very useful, teaches a lot about Affiliate marketing, you will get $ 500.

Ok, so that’s. How the whole process works. You can go through the entire funnel if you’d, like if you’d, like to educate yourself on things, but let me go over the math so that you understand what’s going on with the numbers.

So what I suggest you do is send 25 messages a day. Even I do this. I send 25 messages a day to folks, but I do it for different purposes. I’m looking to hire people or I’m. Looking for business partners for certain projects, I’m Looking for vendors.

you know I do it for various other reasons. At this point, you’Ll want to do five days a week and that’ll be about a hundred and twenty-five messages a week, roughly 1 % of people end up purchasing.

So that means from one hundred and twenty-five messages you can get one sale and for each sale you earn five hundred dollars per sale, which equates to five hundred dollars in extra income a week. Now.

All of this takes the amount of time. If you’re wondering it takes to send messages. Well, we just saw it takes once you’ve done the setup. It takes very little time to send these messages. You know I won’t just send a link, but you get the idea.

It takes a very short amount of time to send a message once you once you’ve gone through with it. It just takes a second and you can open up a bunch, a bunch of profiles of people very quickly, and send your 25 even a hundred messages a day.

This is a really underground technique. Right now – and I suggest you really hop on this right away until you know it’ll – probably be about a month until they maybe stop allowing this. Who knows how long it will take, but the faster you take action, the more fruits you will get.

I see a lot of people, they’ve, they’ve seen my videos and they don’t take action and then they can’T use the method because it’s been too much longer later. I hope you like this video once again make sure you hit the subscribe button and if you want more help, then make sure you enable the notifications because I do weekly live streams.

As I said where I do question and answer sessions on my channel also, I suggest you go into the links in the description and you join our forums on discord. We have forums on affiliate marketing on making money with e-commerce on how to make money online with amazon about how to make money with apps.

Wrapping Up: How To Make Money On SoundCloud

So there are a lot of different ways that you can make money online and we talk about them in the forums. As you’ll see 43. Members are online right now, so you know if you free to chat with each other help each other out again.

The whole point of building a community here is to help everybody make money online. I’m, not gonna respond to any of your messages. I’m not. don’t message me asking me and definitely don’t message me asking me for money because that means you’re a communist and no communists allowed on this channel, so I hope this was helpful and we’re gonna cut into uh. You know we’re gonna cut out, see man bye.





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