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How To Make Money On Skype (Revealing Free UNIQUE Trick)

You know what time that means it is another money video I’m gonna be showing you right now how to make money on Skype. At least five hundred dollars a week Skype using free methods that I’m just about to show you. So Skype has over 1 billion users there’s a lot of people on this platform and what I’m gonna be showing you in today’s video is how you can message them and make money from it.

Nothing requires any expenditure of any money on your part this is a method that can be done anywhere in any country in the world and you can do it no matter what age you are whether you’re you know 12 or whether you’re 120.

You know so i’ll be showing you the process there’s a three-step process there are actually a couple more steps but i’ll go into it on my computer but you’re gonna get your link, okay this is a link that you message to people that you make money with you’re gonna download Skype and then simply you message your link to people

Everything I’m going over is something nothing that’s ever been revealed on the internet before this stuff works very well we have a bunch of testimonials to prove this stuff works and I’m gonna get over right to my computer and show you exactly the step-by-step process so you can follow along and make some money as well let’s get it.

Hey John Crestani here and here we go with talking about how to make money on Skype, around $500 a week. So first off if you want to follow along I suggest you go to you actually you’ll need to go to this page this resource page here now if you’re watching on your phone get a laptop okay watch this on the laptop at the very least flip your phone landscape mode so you can be a little more focused

I see you scrolling through the comments over there when you go to the resources page you’ll be taken to this page which is a long document with all of the different free traffic methods that I’ve talked about up until this point okay now for Skype for the Skype method you’ll need to go right here and you’ll need to click on Skype okay now there’s a few things you’ll need to do.

So first off the first thing, you’ll need to do is you’ll need to download Skype okay so if you don’t already have it you can get it on your phone you can get it just by searching download Skype you you know I provided a link for you but you’ll need to get Skype and the process is basically going to be this we’re gonna find people in your niche that live in a high-income country

We’re gonna message them on Skype we’re gonna give them your link your mess you message twenty-five people a day you change up the message each day and after a week you figure out which message worked best and then you iterate on more messages and this step by step by step process is right here now

We’re gonna be running through these 25 steps to get your $500 a day now if that sounds like a lot to get a job work a job and if see if that’s more fun this makes a lot of money my methods have been proven to work you can check out my community is absolutely insane on youtube

Here is a student of mine from somewhere in the world probably mexico Italy he made $24 just a couple days ago using my methods and he said he couldn’t believe it right so we have a ton of students just making tons of money here’s a student alfred he just made his first 500 and all that stuff

Now while you’re at it, please make sure you smash the subscribe button hit the notification bell so you can be informed of my live streams, and for the youtube algorithm just murder that like button thanks

So here we are on Skype and we’re gonna go through the step-by-step so the first thing is we’re going to need to create a google document, okay so you’re gonna go over to this link or you can click on this link right here and open the google document okay now this document is crafted to help your conversions to get people buying I’m not going to walk through the psychology of how or why this works or why there are misspellings or all that jazz

What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna let you know this works and I’m gonna show you how to use it okay so the first thing you do is you will go up here and you will click right up here in this top corner and you will click the file, okay you won’t have as many options as me but you will have this option to make a copy, okay you see that right there so make a copy of this document

When you make a copy you just click ok you will be able to edit that document okay that takes care of the first step the next step is you want to register for an affiliate network now affiliate networks pay you money ok now the way this all sort of works is you will get paid by the affiliate network they give you a link and when people buy on that link the money goes to you ok so that’s how this all works

Now I’m gonna go to Digistore and I’m gonna show you how this works right here so you’ll get to a page like this and then you will it’ll say please create your Digistore affiliate account so you can promote these products right here ok and you will go down here and you will just fill out your information to create an account ok now note that this has stars is required if you don’t have it doesn’t have it’s not required so you’re not required to fill out a company name for instance.

Now when you’re logged into Digistore what you’ll do is you’ll go up here to the marketplace okay right there and you will go over to the marketplace and you will search my name for my last name at least which is Crestani and you’ll see up here it has the Super Affiliate System course that you can sell.

Now in order to get your link, you’ll need to click right here okay so this says your promo link you can also click here to open the link but you will actually just need to copy this link click on here and click copy do not go to the page and then copy the link right here and then go over to your document.

Now on your document what you will do is scroll down to where the only link on the page is you’ll see there’s a link right here on the page this is what you’ll need to change over to your affiliate link so what you’ll do is you’ll click there and then you click on this edit icon right there ok and then you take all of this text you delete it and then you paste in your link ok see just like that and then you click apply

Now I’m going to go over a little bit of a pro-tip right here this is not necessary to do but if you want to add tracking to what you’re doing you will need to add in this tag to your link so what the link will actually look like is this so let’s just copy this portion I’m just gonna click copy and i’ll show you how tracking comes in to play later

Then we will paste that right there now in this case the id is whatever we’ve set it to so we could say message 1 or whatever I’m gonna I’m gonna set the idea I’m gonna call it Skype message 1 that’ll let me know that people came from a certain message that I sent.

Ok great now the last step is you we’ll go up to the top right again where it’s set where there’s this big share button right up there and what we’ll do is we’ll click share and you want to make sure it says set to anybody on the internet anybody with the link can view

Then you can click this and you can right click and click copy or you can just click this thing right here and click copy link okay done now what I’m gonna do is I like you know I like using notepad I’m just gonna save the link right here you see it’s this big ugly link right there that we’re gonna be sharing with people

But what’s great about this link is there are a few things going on here one it’s at google.Com so it’s not gonna be banned anywhere you send it out and the second thing is that this gives you a pre-sell page so you actually have a pre-sell page without having to have your own website

The third thing is that people when you share it with folks they will see that it’s coming from google.Com and they’ll understand they can trust this link that there’s nothing malicious about it it’s not gonna send them anywhere weird and so that’s why I like this link

You can shorten it if you want using a website like Bitly if you want to you would just take the link over here and you would paste the link click shortener then you have a prettier version of this link you know we could have that link but I actually prefer using just the google document link let’s go into this so first off congratulations we’ve made it to step number 15 already sorry I made the steps really like step by step

I hope you enjoyed it and give this video a like and let me know if you enjoy the kind of new format that I started doing in these videos where I’m posting out every single step by step by step let me know in the comments what you think of it below and if you’d like to see this more

So the next step is we’re going to search for groups in the make money online niche facebook so you’ll need to open a new tab or just replace one of the current ones you have and go on the facebook note I will not respond to anybody’s message on any platform I get thousands a day the questions are basic and they’re answered in my youtube videos so just subscribe if you want to find out more.

Now in my case, we’re selling a product that helps people make money online that’s what I teach in my course. I teach paid advertising with affiliate marketing now we want to look for groups where people are looking to make money online and Tai Lopez is the most well-known person in our industry of learning how to make money online

So what we’re gonna do is we’re actually gonna look at one of his groups but there are many other groups you can find if you just search for make money online and you select four groups so you see right here you can select four groups about making money online and you can see one hundred and seventy-one thousand people here hundreds of thousands million perhaps we’ve kept scrolling through of people that are in groups around this

But for our purposes once again we’re gonna look at Tai Lopez you can use my methods for any to promote any product you want but again you’ll need a few marketing skills and experience under your belt if you want to promote products other than mine so here we are in Tai Lopez’s group there are only 2-3 thousand members

But what we’re interested is in going into this tab right here the member’s tab because we’re gonna find folks to message on Skype so here we are and we’re gonna look for people that have unique names and that preferably live in first world countries so I listed out that

Pro tip, here again, look for people who live in high-income countries and look for people with relatively uncommon or unique names this will help us in our search on Skype

So here we go we have a race and chew we have a shop that’s probably pretty common we have vesna volkova it looks like proctor gallup that sounds like a first-world country alex rivera is from peru, not a high-income country we have new york elizabeth gilbert pretty common name nicholas syene ii doesn’t look like from a high-income country we have frankie ramirez

And we have a few people here so let me show you how this works so we’re gonna take this person’s name and you’re gonna open up Skype, okay and I just opened I moved my Skype over here again don’t send me messages I will block all of you my free time I spend with my family

Okay now we’re gonna search his name right up here so as you see I put his name race and shoe in the search bar right here and here we go you know what this actually looks this little image if you’re on your phones you can’t see it but this little image looks like a match so what I’m gonna do is I’m going to paste our message in here now our message templates for Skype

What you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to scroll down and you see I have the Skype message templates at the bottom here so what we’ll do is we’ll copy and paste one of these messages so I’m just gonna copy the first message and I’m gonna click copy and I’m gonna click paste the only difference here is you want to change out this

Link so we don’t actually want it to say link we want it to have our actual link in it because this doesn’t go anywhere if people click it so what we’ll do is we’ll go up here to where our link was and once again if you are you know I don’t know to scroll through the comments or whatnot the link to the resource guide is up here at 2500daily.Com

Okay so we’re gonna take the link that I created and we’re going to paste it like this double pasted we’re gonna send it out sent okay perfect now you know what he might click on this he might not but from what I’ve seen about a hundred and twenty-five messages will get you a sale so you want to send out about 25 messages day

Let’s do one more just to show you you know I want to give you the confidence that this is easy folks and if this is amazingly easy to do just type in easy below because that’s the goal of this if this is way too complicated tight let me know if it’s complicated because again I’m here to serve you

So dez nia oh she lives in San Diego ok that’s cool let’s message her, okay so we have des nia vezna volkova we’ll search her right here we have vesna volkova it’s saying she’s in macedonia I don’t know we’re just gonna go because this is probably her so let’s go with our message again and again it’s you don’t have to do everything perfect you just have to do it I you know again you just have to take action and you do this 25 times a day

25 times a day is the magic number because that will be about a hundred and 25 people a week and that will that’s enough to if you know if you’re targeting high-income countries that’s enough to get you a sale so let’s do more so okay frankie ramirez from Sydney Australia this works out so we’re gonna send a message to frankie ramirez again

You want people who have the money to buy your products and if you’re focused on low-income countries you’re not gonna make a lot of money because you know the people won’t have the money to you know make you the five hundred dollars that you want to make so we’re gonna type it in here and click send and boom voila

So that’s how easy it is I just went through this a lot now in order to actually check out if people so the way this all works let me show you it from a first-person perspective you click this you know they will click this link, okay the user gets to this page okay now this makes it seem like underground information it explains if they are interested in making money online which they likely will if they’re in Tai Lopez’s group

This is all built to get them everything written here is get built to help them click the link right here and when they click the link one in 10 people end up registering for the webinar from the message methods and one in 10 people this is how the math works out one in 10 registers and then one in 10 one out of 10 ends up that that go on the webinar the people who registered end up buying

Okay and each time somebody buys you make five hundred dollars okay and this works out very well and we have we’ve paid out and you can even look at our earnings disclaimers we’ve paid out millions of dollars in affiliate commissions last year alone so we’re paying out millions of dollars you see it on on the youtube channel it’s really working

Now some further pro tips for those wondering is that you can you know you want it I wouldn’t suggest you change the message up each day and look at this like you know again learn to love the process if you don’t love marketing you’re not gonna succeed in this industry it can take you a week to make your first sale it can take a month it can take a year

In my case, it took me four years to figure a lot of this stuff out on mostly on my own but I met a mentor and he was able to really help me and take me the final step the way which is what I suggest for folks who you know have the means and the time to to get into my training course

Now I would suggest you you put up a different link each day and then track it differently and the way you track it differently is you just make another copy of this page and you would replace your link your tracking link with something else so you’d replace it with message two like we did in the prop

You know I showed you how we change this link out and you can edit that link and change in your next page and just call it a message – then you click apply and that would be a very easy way to track your efforts and figure out which messages are resonating the most and allow you to become a better and better marketer over time and that’s the beauty of marketing it’s something you don’t need to get right you just need to do it

But if you have the right process over time and over what we call optimization you will figure out you will take the best of what works and you will move forward with it and everything that didn’t work you leave behind and every step of the way every day you’re going to get better and better and better and better if you just learn to

Love the process and do the work and take action folks I hope you enjoyed this video I encourage you to check out the links in the description and join our disk where you’ll see here in our discord community we have a really strong community and there’s a lot of messages going on and if you’re

Looking to learn how to do marketing I really encourage you to join a community it’s really hard to do everything on your own just because you know people a lot of us doing marketing were introverts and you know we all so many people doing online work where I’m assuming most you don’t know any people

Who are running full-time businesses on the internet and the issue with that is is that you will doubt yourself you’ll get skeptical along the way you’ll believe this stuff doesn’t work you’ll see you know you know I i have haters you know because of my flashy marketing methods and my money gun right

And I make a lot of money so I have a lot of haters and you’ll begin to believe all of the negativity that this is not but affiliate marketing is a real business model that is the billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars every year it’s making independent folk like us and you can get

A piece of it and in order to really stick with it I encourage you to join in our discord community and share share what you’re doing share your results share how you’re making things better ask for help ask for feedback but show people exactly what you’re doing and show people your results show people

Everything and ask questions because this is where you can get feedback again I’m not gonna respond to your messages in my free time I’m not I’m not I’m not chatting with people on YouTube and being like oh that’s like you know a horrible life story I’ll send you some money bro what’s your PayPal.

I am not doing that, I get a million PayPal requests a day I’m gonna spend it with my girls but you you have you have access you have opportunities here to talk with people there’s a lot of really smart folks and we have amazing success stories I mean uh like new ones come in every single day we just you know

I’d want I mean just it’s it’s insane it’s really cool I love this weight-loss ad this one guy got you know he said got 38 clients from this one ad and he’s six sales this week and he’s that that’s an extra $300 and this wasn’t an ad this was a post by the way you know so all sorts of cool success happening.

Wrapping Up: How To Make Money On Skype

I suggest you go in there join the community and remember to give more than you asked for the more you give the more you will get back now I’m going to end this video and I’m I don’t know I’m gonna do something fun you know it’s a little something different tell me if it’s too crazy but I’m gonna play.

I’m gonna play with lightsabers, I’m going to play in virtual reality, I’m gonna show you one of my hobbies which is virtual reality and I’m gonna play in there so have a good one remember check out the resource guide is at John Crestani comeback slash resource it has all the information you need on this video

Give it a big fat like give this video give my channel a big fat subscribe and hit the notification bell because every single Monday morning I go live 9 a.m.

With a question and answer session so I’m here to answer all your questions and answers live every Monday morning so check it out love to talk to you have a good one enjoy your week and if you’re take action on this method type in take action right below because this works this is hot it’s working

Right now and I hope you guys really make use of this to go out there and make some money have a good day.



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