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How To Make Money From ClickBank Without A Website Free

Hey, John Crestani here, and I’m going to show you how to make money from ClickBank without a website for free. We will see whether ClickBank is a good affiliate network or not to work with. Whether you will be automatically approved or whether you have to apply whether your country is even eligible to join that affiliate network, how many offers they have for you to choose from.

Maybe you want something that speaks to you right, whether you have to be approved or individual offers, whether there are high ticket products, you can sell, and a lot more so I’ll, be going over all of this on my computer right down here. So here’s your ClickBank marketplace review. Let’s go get our ClickBank affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners step by step.

I’ll, be walking you through ClickBank and we will be making money together. Let’s get it so here we are on ClickBank.com and in order to sign up you’ll sign up here, or in my case, you will click the log-in button right over there to get logged in now.

Here I’m, just gonna sign in real quick. We’ll see it takes you to a page like this, and you’ll come up with a page sort of like this. Maybe there’s, not as much money on there. This is one of my accounts and what we want to know is a few things so, first off what is click banks, specialty, ok ClickBank has over three thousand six hundred and ninety-seven products, as you’ll see so there’s.

A lot of different products that you can promote if we want to look at the products we can go over to the marketplace. Ok right here, but before we go into the products themselves, can you even get approved? Ok, so to go over approval? There is no approval you don’t need to be approved to be on ClickBank.

This is what makes it amazing it’s very simple. You just sign up and you start selling immediately. You can be making money. You can get a hundred thousand dollar check next week. If you apply all of my methods and if you start promoting, they will pay you that, but you will only get that if you make money now.

That being said, they don’t. Allow a lot of countries to join them. A lot of sub-Saharan Africa countries – Morocco, I know, can’t join Nigeria. Pakistan, a number of different countries can’t join ClickBank.

You can apply, though okay, so you can try to apply. They might just say no aren’t accepting people from your country at this time. Okay, so either way try to apply or I don’t know, maybe apply from a country nearby.

Whatever you think you know, you can do just to start promoting now once again to look at the products we go over to the marketplace and we click that, and then we get here now. What I like to do is I just like to click this microscope button to see all of the products.

Now you’ll see it right here. The number one product on ClickBank right now is research, ok, and that you will make an average of a hundred dollars or sales. So anytime somebody clicks your link and sells the product.

You will make a hundred dollars. They have an affiliate page right here. You know this is where you would get the promotional link, so let’s. Look at the promotional link, click that button will click generate hoplink, and this will be the link we want to promote.

Okay, this is our affiliate link and we’ll just copy that, and now we can do anything with this link. You know we can post on Facebook. We could say you know, hey check out this video. It changed my life to hope it helps.

Others right and you post a link. You can do whatever you want with this sort of stuff. If you want to learn more about free traffic methods, just go here to free traffic methods. I’ve done a lot of videos on that or go to my home page and YouTube.

Make sure you hit the subscribe button before you go check out my free traffic methods, playlist right here to learn about ways you can promote your links on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. Okay, there’s, a lot of different methods, and one of the reasons I teach you all these methods is because when you make money I make money too.

So let’s, get it now, as I mentioned before, they have an affiliate page. Each individual program has affiliate support. Usually, so you can contact this person if you want more information about promoting a product, but keep in mind that there’s, two million people who use ClickBank trying to be affiliated and out of those two million people only about twenty thousand, are actually Making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year so really nobody wants to work with losers.

So if you aren’t me making money, nobody really wants to work with you. I’m. Sorry, it’s. Capitalism. Nobody wants to work with you if you’re a loser, so you have to start making money. My advice to you is: you: can try contacting these people, but don’t get all huffy if they don’t help.

You out and tell you exactly what to do again. You don’t make them any money. They have a hundred thousand people like you contacting them. If you don’t make any sales asking them for free advice.

They don’t have the time to do that, but what they do have is you can go to their affiliate page right here and you’ll see on the affiliate page. There’s a lot of different resources that you can use.

They have an email list where they give you important information. They give you a generator for your hop link and they also have multiple landing pages that you can’t find on ClickBank. It’s, just you know, through the promote button on ClickBank.

So as you see, they have four other different landing pages that you can use to promote the product. You can split-test these landing pages, etc. That’s, not addressed in this video. I encourage you to sign up for every single JV or affiliate list that you can in order to learn more information about it.

You know. Usually, there are some ad swipes or they give you other important information to help you promote. Now, if you go over to my product and ClickBank, you can just type in my name Chrestani and you’ll see my product is one of the top products right here.

It’s called Super Affiliate System and you can sign up to promote it. We pay you an average of five hundred and thirty-four dollars per sale and we have a lot of affiliate information on our affiliate page.

We give you information on how to promote you’ll want to watch this entire video. We show you how to promote on Facebook, on YouTube, on jayvees, etc, and again, also on my youtube channel. We have so many ways that we show you and help you how to promote the Super Affiliate System.

So I highly encourage you to sign up on our JV page sign up for updates, watch through my free traffic videos, and apply some of these things. If you really want to start making money now in regards to support ClickBank doesn’t offer much support again.

It’s. Free they don’t, have any incentive to offer you support. They have two million people who, like 99 percent of them, don’t, make any money with their platform right that’s just business, so they can’t, be hand-holding to million people every day they don’T offer support and most free networks don’t.

They don’t have fools, they don’t have the training and they don’t have a community. There are independent communities on Facebook about ClickBank, but they don’t really have that themselves. The cost join ClickBank is $0.

So you don’t have to pay anything to join it, which is what’s great about them and also the payout method. They have to pay out methods, they will send you a check or a wire transfer to your bank account.

If you make money now, the cashout limit is fifty dollars. So until you make fifty dollars, you won’t, actually, get a commission and the place that you actually see. Your commissions are on that main dashboard.

Okay, as we said before, they show you how much money you make each week. So this is the amount of money that basically they’ll, just pay me each week and they show you the amount of money you pay each day, and this is one of ten ClickBank accounts that I have so you can go in here and You know you see how much money you earn each day, you know $2,000 $7,000 $8,000, etc.

That’s. What you’ll get you’ll get it a week later, every single Wednesday, and what I love about ClickBank is they’ve been around for 22 years and they pay every Wednesday like clockwork for 22 years.

They pay out affiliates over 500 million dollars per year, so there’s, a lot of money to be made with this network. If you want to join, go over to John Crestani com backslash, ClickBank, or click one of the links in the sheet.

Okay and finally, for those of you that are wondering where my affiliate network sheet is it’s right here John Crestani dot-com backslash affiliate networks. I suggest you apply to all of these affiliate networks.

Every one of these affiliate networks. They will send out newsletters. Okay, almost every me telling you what the top products to sell are and giving you tips on how to sell them. Okay, so you want to join every single one of these affiliate networks at least apply to every single one and start learning about it, and also why not you just get more options of products and companies that will pay you money to post links online so apply To all of these, if you’re, looking for more information on how to actually get traffic, how to get people to click on your affiliate links go to my free traffic methods, videos! They’re all listed out.

It’s, really obvious. It’s, really simple. You know Facebook, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc. There’s a lot of different things. People use online in these videos. I show you exactly step by step kind of how to put your links out what to say that’s.

Gonna get people interested because getting people just to click on your link is enough. Again you only get paid if people buy the product. How do you get people that are interested in the product? You have to offer to click on your link and that’s what I teach step by step in my course Super Affiliate System Pro on how to make money from ClickBank without a website for free.

What I go over in these videos and finally, my number one recommended affiliate network is DigiStore24. They are very similar to ClickBank in many respects and they’re very large and my products are on them as well.

If you want to join, DigiStore24, go to John Crestani dot-com backslash Digi. Some of the reasons I really like DigiStore24. You know, one is you know they’re, a big company and you know quarter-billion dollars a year is what they pay out to affiliates, so not as big as ClickBank, but the other things are worth considering.

They allow affiliates from almost all countries. The only country they don’t accept is Nigeria, whereas ClickBank doesn’t allow a lot of different countries. I think it’s like Bangladesh. You know Morocco, ClickBank doesn’t allow a lot of different countries, and I’m, a big fan of Morocco having lived there for a month or two.

I think it’s, a really cool country. I think a lot of places are cool, so I don’t get the discrimination. So I really like that about DigiStore24 another thing about DigiStore24 that I really like is they offer some tools? They offer landing page tools and whatnot to help you out be an affiliate.

Another thing I like about DigiStore24 is that they’re all about paying it forward and helping out affiliates and what they do. They’re big into music culture. They throw amazing parties every single year, all around the world sponsored by them.

You know they fly out amazing DJs and they really believe in kind of music lifestyle and making money, and I love that idea. Great music, great lifestyle, exotic locations, and lots of money and they really try to put themselves in front of their affiliates and everybody, make money and have fun together.

Wrapping Up: How To Make Money From ClickBank Without A Website

So work hard play hard. That’s what do you guys suggest? You join that join all the affiliate networks and, if you have any requests or if there’s, anything I missed in this video that you would like me to go over moreover then leave a comment below.

If this video was too slow, typing too slow, if this video was too fast type in too fast again, I there’s, more information than can ever hope to cover about doing affiliate marketing in one video, but I hope I covered whether ClickBank is A good affiliate network to work with, and my vote is yes, it’s, an amazing affiliate network.

It’s. The second best and I’m gonna be working with them for many years. So thanks for watching make sure you subscribe again. We’re in affiliate marketing month this month. So every single day you’re gonna get a walkthrough of a new affiliate network.

Let’s, get it



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