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How To Make 6 Figures On YouTube: Growth Secrets

Introduction: How To Make 6 Figures With YouTube

Hey, John Crestani here and I’m gonna show you how to make 6 figures a year with YouTube. I’m gonna go over 3 steps that you can take to get there. number 1 is gonna be studying successful channels. we’re already doing it. number 2 is dedicated to delivering high-value quality content videos consistently and number 3 is gonna be studying what’s working and double down.

It is how I’ve been able to create a 6 figure income from YouTube alone in addition to my multi-million a year business I’m gonna go over everything steps by step of what you need to become successful doing this let’s get it.

I started here and I’m gonna show you how to make 6 figures a year with YouTube as I do now. strapped intake notes get out your note pad and pen or pencil or whatever it is because there’s gonna be a lot of content and I’m gonna go over everything steps by step.

3 Steps That Teaches How To Make 6 Figures With YouTube

Step 1: Study Successful Channels In Your Niche

So first is studying successful channels who are already doing it properly in your niche. If you are trying to do interior decorating study other interior decorating channels again you don’t want to guess look at what other people are doing in your niche don’t wing it and just follow in their footsteps if you want to learn how to make 6 figures. make a list of the top channels in your niche is very easy just look for the people with the most subscribers.

It’s all public information and then what you want to do is you want to go to the most popular tap you want to look at their videos and clicks sort by most popular to see what’s working the best most channels have only a very few numbers of videos which are the most popular ones which are driving all of the views and all of the subscribers model those videos.

They’re doing with similar video topics is what all YouTubers to model their videos that they’re doing the most popular ones and do your own similar video topics learn what the channels are doing right and what the channels are doing wrong.

Replicate what they’re doing right and improve on the areas where you think they’re doing things wrong. For instance, there is a lot of popular YouTubers who are not the best experts on their subject maybe you know a little bit more about gardening or interior decorating or marketing or whatever that they do.

Improve on those areas if you just make your video a little bit better than whatever the other person’s videos are then you will ultimately end up great creating a monster audience for yourself.

Step 2: Make Quality Packed Videos Consistently

The second step to learn how to Make 6 Figures a Year with YouTube is dedicating to delivering high-value high-quality videos consistently. You need to provide lots of value to your videos to keep people coming back again. The internet is a very competitive space, make sure you’re always giving people the best because otherwise, people will not want to watch you.

Ask your audience what they want to make your videos better get feedback again the feedback loops are the most important thing that’s why consistency over time you will learn how to be better and better and better and better until you are making 6 figures a year online with YouTube.

I really encourage you to invest in high-quality video and audio production. I often am traveling but I’ve invested in a high-quality GoPro camera and some mics to make sure that my audio quality and my video quality are always hot.

This is Brandon area I struggle not being a technical video expert myself but I also have a multi-million dollar a year internet business so YouTube really isn’t my main source of income. I encourage you to make sure the editing is good and that keeps people watching videos longer and you can see just looking at the popular channels all the editing of backs that folks use to make your videos interesting.

An example of editing is a fact that I like to use is kind of talking in the third person also why am I doing this John told me to do all this editing stuff why is this so important I don’t understand is this really going to make me 6 figures a year that’s one of the endings of packs I like to use

Because I’m talking in third person trying to mimic what the audience might be thinking but you can just look at other popular YouTubers and you can see tons of editing packs there’s the zoom and there are the clients there’s a lot of stuff and you can go back and find more editing effects you can use in your videos

Not dedicated to making the videos consistently again I’ve other topics on consistency in YouTube channels I recommended. If you know how to make 6 figures on YouTube, you would know the importance of making videos At least 3 times a week. You upload new videos to your channel or else your channel will never gain a lot of traction, it’ll eventually die. 3 videos a week for 6 months is a good way to dedicate to really growing social media.

Step 3: Study What’s Working And Double It Down

The number 3 method to know how to make 6 figures is studying what’s working and just double down on it as you grow your YouTube channel you’ll start to see trends in the data for me I noticed a trend that folks love it when I show step by step by step traffic methods to do affiliate marketing.

For instance, I show people how to make money doing affiliate marketing from anywhere in the world at any age using Myspace or Facebook or Instagram or YouTube using this using that and I’ve made about 30 videos that show people step by step way to do affiliate marketing.

One reason I stopped doing as many of those how to make 6 figures with YouTube videos is that I realized over time I was just repeating myself and coming out with low-quality content and ultimately people would stop following me if I just continue to produce low-quality content.

Wrapping Up: How To Make 6 Figures With YouTube

So start making videos in your topics that are doing well. Keep experimenting with new topics to add variety in the mix I got stock for a little bit last year on one set of topics and moving forward I’m trying to add more variety you have seen the mindset videos and what not to create more interesting stuff.

Look at any YouTuber you’ll see they have a variety of styles that they use in their videos to become a 6 figure YouTuber especially let YouTubers what’s up with that we all want to be this guy. What’s up Ross.

And last but not least don’t let your ego get in the way it’s all about what your audience likes not you.

Thanks for reading. Hope you now have an idea of how to make 6 figures a year with YouTube.

I am hanging at my boy Kevin David’s place right now over here in Miami and I’m out doing some business traveling and what not is just Kevin’s birthday actually yeah we had a big party for him should spend less so talk to you guys soon have a good one bye.




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