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How To Get Rich – Things Wealthy People Avoid

Hey, John Crestani here I’m, going to show you three things to avoid if you want to learn how to get rich online. I’m, going to be going over a number of things. I’m, going to be explaining them, including your network, including entertainment versus education, and also about investing in yourself, and how to do this.

I’m going to go over each of these subjects in a detailed fashion to help you understand what you need to avoid. If you want to get filthy rich, let’s, get it okay.

How To Get Rich Fast: Start Networking With Successful People

So the first thing to avoid, if you want to get rich, is not growing your network of successful people around you now, what most people do is they go through life and all the people around them are just people that they grew up with or family members Or friends of family members or co-workers that are awful.

That shows no intentionality. You are letting life happen to yourself. Instead of taking life by the balls and going out there and making the most of everything, you should make it an active goal to actually get out there and meet new successful people every single week.

Again I didn’t, just like happen to you know, have a ton of rich, successful entrepreneurs around me. I went out there and I met them and what you can do to make sure you do. This is literally tracking yourself, create a spreadsheet, and write down how many new people you reached out to and how many people you got meetings with each week that are more successful than yourself again just you may be in.

We live in a poor country, but there are successful people in every city. There’s, always a hierarchy. Unless you’re living in a completely communist city, there’s, always people that are above each other even in communist areas, so just understand that and go out there and network and surround yourself with a better network.

This way you will open up more opportunities for yourself now, what I do is I keep in touch with these people at regular intervals. I reach out to them. If it’s ever been a little bit too long. You know maybe a couple of weeks I’ll reach out and give people an update of what I’m doing in my business.

I also talk to anybody who’s more successful than me, and I ask them what They need in their business what they need to get to the next level and whatever they’re, trying to do and oftentimes it’s, not business-related many people that have a lot of money.

They might need just help. Finding a girlfriend you may have value to add to very successful people you just not in business-wise right, so there’s, always ways you can add value to successful people and that’s.

The next thing you should be doing is to always try to find those ways you can add value. Maybe it’s connecting people in your network with somebody else or whatever it is. You want to grow your successful people around you and it doesn’t just happen from the people you grow up with or in your family now.

How To get Rich Online: Keep Learning New Stuff Daily

The second thing to avoid, if you want to become rich, is understanding the difference between entertainment and education. Now how most people view education is something that when you graduate school it’s, something you’re done with and it costs you time and it costs you money now.

I look at education. On the contrary, perspective, education, and learning more things save me time and save me money, because I’m, able to do more of making more money, and I’m able to have more time.

For instance, this month I spent the entire month learning how to hire a technical person right, a technical co-founder. How do you hire somebody? What’s? The process? I don’t even know what languages or what questions I should be asking.

I spent a month just learning how to ask the right questions and recruit people the right way, but overall, this process of education is going to save me. Monster amounts of the time in the long run, because it’s going to allow me to both grow.

My company makes a lot more money and take a lot of the things that I don’t understand off my plate and onto somebody else’s plate, so I can retire earlier than I’m already going to retire right.

So all of these things compound – and they help you out now education is fine. I love watching, you know comedy on youtube. Some of my favorite channels are uh cheerleads Trevor, Wallace, Gus Johnson.

I love watching those guys I watch the Netflix show. The unwell show is really fun, but again education should be where you spend the majority of your time and through repetition, you can learn to really enjoy the educational bits now.

One thing I do, for instance, is at night once I’m done working at around 9 00 pm. My kids are in bed, I might you know, smoke a spliff and just sit on my lazy boy right there and I’ll watch some like Elon Musk interviews, and some of these interviews are like two or three hours, long, where they’re interviewing billionaires, but I make it fun because all I’m.

Looking for at this point in my career, all I’m. Looking for from these billionaire interviews, is I’m looking for one or two? Usually, it’s, just one key thing that I can learn in a three hour period.

I am golden. Usually, I’ll, go through maybe five interviews a week right. I’ll watch, maybe 10 hours of interviews, and if I get one thing from those 10 hours of interviews from five different billionaires or 10 different billionaires.

It’s a massive game-changer, because one shift when you’re already running a business, can be the difference between you’re running a 100000 a year, business versus a 200000 a year business or can be the difference between you running A 5 million a year company to running a 10 million a year company when you’re going education, just accelerates everything.

How To Get Rich Quick: Spend Time On Self Improvement

I am A big big big advocate of spending time to improve yourself because these two things in between your ears are the most valuable piece of real estate that you have in your life now. Another thing about education is people view education as a thing that costs you money and time, and you’ve got to get rid of that education is a way of investing in yourself.

Many people are worried about spending money on an online course because they think it’s, going to cost them money. The reality is if you’re spending your time watching comedy versus educating yourself and becoming smarter.

You are ruining yourself and you’re, not allowing yourself to become more successful. Sorry, that’s. My daughter, knocking hey here’s, my daughter, by the way, say hello, say hi to the people. So tonight is movie night and what are we going to watch? We’re, going to watch Robinhood on my tv.

So can I finish up this real quick? You can sit in your chair and I’m just going to finish up this video to educate yourself, invest in your education. This brain between your head is the most important thing you can invest in and if you are not at the place you want to be in your career, you should be spending every waking moment, learning more becoming better at whatever it is.

You can learn everything I teach about. Marketing is available online on YouTube, use it to improve yourself. Anything you want to learn is available online for free nowadays. So if you aren’t spending the time to make yourself better, you have no excuses.

So get out there take the time and invest in yourself and go out there and win if you want to learn affiliate marketing or paid advertising. I do have a training course link is in the comments below.

It’s called the super affiliate system. We just released a new version of the super affiliate system last month. The first week of July, people love it and I’m, very passionate about education, so I’m, always going to be putting out stuff about this and teaching so like subscribe comment.

If you want to learn more and continue the journey every single Monday, I come out with a ask me anything session. So if you want to ask me, questions live again. I have a family. I spend most of my time with my employees and working on my business, so I’m, not going to be in the comments responding to all your questions from people from Bangladesh or India or wherever you’re.

All from you know, I do the ask me anything session. So come on live every Monday, around nine or ten o’clock. Whenever I wake up and then I put out videos Tuesday through Friday every week, talk to you soon like subscribe, comment, see ya. That’s all for today for my tutorial on how to get rich fast. Hope you folks like it.




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