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How To Build An Email List For Free (Easy Growth Hack)

Hey, John Crestani here. Internet entrepreneur highly requested speaker around the world whatever small 10 millionaire all that b.s. But I really am going to show you how to build an email list for free in Gmail for affiliate marketing. This is nobody else’s gonna walk you through it step by step and how you can do it using Gmail you don’t even pay for an auto-responder or anything.

How you can make money and how you can make money together as well and I just want to make a word of advice before I get into this video because this going over some pretty happy hardcore stuff if you are already if you’re ready to like to show me the

Good stuff john show me the good stuff you’re going to get the good stuff and add and typed in black hats in the comments below 10 black hat if you’re like show me the juicy juice okay because I’m gonna show it to you nobody has ever shown this on the internet before but I’m

Gonna show it to you but first all morning okay really important warning one I’m a lawyer right you can’t take legal advice from me also number 2 this video is for entertainment purposes only I mean you 2 more right and number 3 is always complied with all laws right you can’t you know all

That stuff so let’s get into it on my computer and I’m showing actually how we’re going to get a full refund less new gay male people in g. Email and we can set up multiple groups and how to make money how much would you like how awesome would that be let me show you exactly how this works right

Now. Now first off we’re gonna be using g. Email so make sure you’re signed up with g. Email or you get a g. Mail account anybody from anywhere over the world can get it and the other thing we’re going to be using is we are going to be using if you click these little buttons right here we are going to

Be using google contacts to manage our email list so yes you can use google contacts as your email list but we will need to import contacts into here in order to actually be able to email people increase our list now once we create our list we the technical term is we are giving it a label by the way

Any find out what’s your or any people in a fraternity if you were in a fraternity or sorority shot of your fraternity or sorority here I I’m a phi delta phi delta theta so I don’t know who to ask them a crack irate love them for turkeys for a lot of fun back in college so you can import contacts here

And you can manage it with different labels and we will create a label later on and I’m gonna show you how then I’ll see where you can get emails how you can sign up to make money sending those emails and we will be using what’s called affiliate marketing through a site called Digi store 24 actually

Email people and make money from doing it okay so how do we actually make hello we’re we’re the contacts coming we free list where we make money so the site you’re going to want to go to is you’re going to want to go to a form called raid forms.Com okay read forums.Com and you’ll see it right here

Their final robot now the same group we will be using to get the contacts that we sent out emails to is called rate for a stock com and reform. This is a very interesting site to be on and they have a lot of databases here has you see rate forms.Com now what we are interested in is going to the databases

Section right here okay databases we’re gonna click on databases and what you’ll see is we have a list here this is really prepare for mine to be blown prepare for the nuclear mind-blowing moment right here on this web page you have access to download 6.1000000000 email addresses from 344 breached databases

Now you might be asking yourself how to hack or 6.1000000000 emails out there who else knows about well first off not many people know about this I’m revealing this for the first time in all of you to second off how did those emails get out there how are you just able to download them I’m gonna show you

How you can download them in just a second he’s the reason they’re out there is because there’s a lot of database breaches myspace has been hacked facebook has been hacked linkedin has been hacked did you know match.Com has been hacked all of those emails people people seller okay so all of my space

In those all 150000000 emails email addresses of myspace users for a few years people sold on the dark web on the markets the under world markets of data brokers right and what happens is over time that lists that list of emails it almost becomes common knowledge once the file has been passed around

For a couple years to multiple individuals it just kind of becomes ubiquitous people in this community data sharing community all have a particular file of everybody who’s been hacked my specs right now this form just offers those all for free because everybody has them already or everybody in the world.

And you have access to download them all for free 2 now let me show you how this is possible and how you can download them and actually use them to create an email list around let’s get into it okay now in choosing which list we actually download you’ll see right here on the left side is how many records

Are in so you’ll see that you know you’ll be for instance until we many of you probably know toby adobe photo shop adobe acrobat and excuse used to view pdf for over 152 email addresses from of users of adobe were were leaked back in 2013 and that you can have them all okay but we’re not gonna use adobe’s

Database because have you ever opened a file which has 152000000 rows and then in excel you can’t do it it’ll actually crashing computer. I mean a excel just doesn’t open files like over 10000 or something so you you just can’t work with that so any file that may be over 100000 or 50000 is going to be

Very difficult for you to even open you’re gonna need special programming knowledge sql databases and all this stuff to actually be able to use these files so what we’re gonna be looking at is we’re gonna be looking at some files we’re gonna choose files that have smaller amounts so that we can actually

Work with the data and manipulated here’s here’s a good one this is all those dots assets foreign database this was a form reach that had 8000 members the information was hacked and leaked in 2016 and we can download it here so we’re gonna click download it here as you’ll see on the side it’s very interesting

You have apple one of apple’s databases here you have Canada’s form database you have you know you have a lot of you know x. You know you have a lot of different stuff here I’m not gonna go too deep into this you have the Alaska voter database all these are considered almost public knowledge

Now that they’ve been leaked which is kind of scary so if you’re wondering is the power you know people say Facebook and Google have all this information so do you just need to know how to access it you do need to know where it is you need to invest in learning and you can get it to now here we are

All of the assets and we’re gonna click download here get the database now what we see when we go here is we see that it is 8500 entries and we can click here to download so we can click download and leave in order to get some of these things you don’t need a credit score you need to post messages on

The forum in order to get these now I’ve downloaded the database but in this case, it’s a zipped file which means that the contents have been compressed so they’re smaller so if you don’t have something that will be in the zip files you will need to access search in your computer WinRAR and

You can go to. We’d rawr rawr lab.Com and you can click there and you can download it free so just go over where clicks downloads and you would just click whatever version is for your particular computer you know 32 bit for windows or maybe you’re using a mac linux whatever you’re using now once you’ve

Downloaded when we’re already is installed it you would open up you will be able to open up this file which is the database I downloaded and here I am just gonna extract 2 downloads and I’m going to open up the folder and you’ll see here that we actually have a file but it’s a t. X. T. 5

K. Which means it’s a tab-separated file now in order to open this in Excel you’re gonna need to actually change the extension of the file in order to do that what you need to do if your computer doesn’t already allow you to change the extension of the file is in windows you will need to go

To file you need to click change folder and search options right here within here you’ll need to click view and once you’re under view you will need to go down to the chat box which says hide extensions for known file types you need to make sure this is on shacks u. K. On jack for high extensions for

Known file types right there so once you do that you will be able to manipulate this file and what you’ll do is you’ll right-click and you will click rename on windows rename file and once you click that you will simply just changes to say c. S. B. And safety change filename extension may become unstable

You want to change and we will click yes now we’re going to open it in excel or whatever your favorite file thing is okay now here we are inside of the file and what you’ll notice is there’s a lot of messy data and this is kind of what have. Happens with a lot of data breaches but we will notice we have

Emails okay we have a lot of emails and you can see the emails are in here and there are thousands and thousands of emails in here along with you know the person’s username you know lewis said were crucified field this is awesome man grant demand etcetera and you have a lot more information you know what

Their avatar was towards how many posts stated we don’t care about any of that information what we’re gonna do is we’re actually just gonna delete all other information notice I I used I’m I’m selecting up here and I’m clicking and dragging across and in a right-click and the click delete okay gonna click

Delete I’m just gonna clear all the information we don’t need me all we’re concerned about here is those emails this beautiful little emails now the next step is I’m actually gonna take I’m gonna delete all of the other data that scene where there’s a lot of interesting data there’s language password

Data look to see these are their passwords etcetera and we’re going to delete that information now all we’re left with is the emails now we don’t actually want to go through see there are 8500 emails in order to upload these emails we need to remove these little things right here just like that

But you don’t want to do that 1000 times right you don’t it’s going to suck so what we’re gonna do is we’re simply going to take one of these characters I’m gonna click copy then we’ll click fine okay so on music control f. Or we can do is fine but there’s finally replaced by summer but I just use control

F. Or on outlets capital f. I believe and just typing this character I want to replace this if we zoom I can’t really soon man you see there’s a little.There and we’re gonna replace that with nothing hey we just don’t type in anything and then we wanna click replace all right here okay great it says

It made 16000 replacements going to click on. Okay now here we have 8000 emails now one thing to note is we can only send 500 emails in g. Email in a day that’s one of the limits they have set up within their email provider think so given that we’re I mean the only select 499 emails and then delete

Every other email that goes out so I’m gonna scroll down here until read 409 okay and then I’m gonna delete every other email to the bottom and I was gonna click delete and now we have an email list with 490 emails here and I’m just gonna click save highlight that high like that now you want to send

You emails you wanted a free list we’re going to set it up you got your last right you got your email list for free now you just want to get it in 2 g. Email so I’m gonna show you how to set up your group in g. Email right now but if you’re loving the value just typing monster value

Right down below okay typing monster value let’s go but I mean for your question and we’re going to I’m the only person showing how to actually do a free email list from media li like that here so let’s get into it let’s set up our group right now if you are in love with the content you want

More ways to make money make sure you just slam that subscribe button because I’m going over every single day ways that you can get a part of the massive amounts of money that are being made on the internet and show you step by step on my computer just like we are today exactly how you can go out there

And make money on the internet I want to help you out because when I was starting out it was a struggle and it really hurt and I hope that I make it just a little bit easier for you to get started with your internet business so let’s upload these contacts right now in. Create our list inside of a gene

The next step is we’re going to import our contacts right here and to do that and click this button we’re going to select a fine and we can also select a label here so I’m gonna slap a label and we’re gonna create a new label and let’s just call this demo lists and I’m just gonna say how many people

Are in it 49 right so I would say alfa Scott cnx forum for 90 and I type that in there and then we have as you see that we have a list I. D. We have our list appearing over here and now we just need to select files so we created the label for it then we go right here and make it feel free

To pause the video or slow things down if I’m going too slow or if you need time to implement we’re gonna select this file that’s the 1 we just did today and then we’re going to click import okay import right there late okay so now here we are we’ve up uploaded a lot of emails and what we see as we see

Some messy emails right here so what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to select these 3 can import properly gonna click these little buttons right here then I’m gonna click the delete button to delete button right here and we just delete the bad emails okay but you’ll see all these other ones are you know

Alice sweeter 227 at Gmail.Com and Andre said we have a bunch of emails we just build a list for free right now if you’re looking to learn more about how to build an email list for free, an email list that people actually popped into you can watch some of my other videos on how to use emails to make money or how to build an email list for free

An email list now the last step is we just need to email these people and all we need to do to do that is we need to go to composing email just like anything else and we need to type in the new name of the label we use so in this case alfa and you’ll see all of these emails populate in here and if you

Want to send an email to them. You could take and send up to 500 emails a day so there you go you can find more and if you want to actually make money doing this when I suggest views you watch one of my other videos on affiliate marketing in particular you can get all the information you need by going

To john cristiani.Com backslash JV’s okay and you’ll see on this page you have all the information you need you’ll need to sign up with Clickbank or dg store to actually get access to sell my product and bring money together with me my intention is for us to work together I would really like a hardworking

Partner who’s willing and interested in implementing these methods to make more money for themselves and that’s one of the reasons why spend a lot of time training if you’ve been getting massive value from this type and type in massive value okay hello and I hope you learning how to make money doing

This and you’ll make a lot of money selling my product and I’m gonna give you I’m not only going to show you exactly how to sell my product and getting actually give you the emails that you should be sending out now on my JV page you can sign up one of 2 ways you can sign up on the g. The store we can sign

Up on Clickbank I would suggest did you stores first click bank second then on my page you can also get my email swipes so if you’re doing an email you’re sending out emails you click this button and you get a bunch of emails with all the information you need what to put in the subject line what to put

In here’s different subject line of options and what to put in the actual email itself if you don’t know their first name just say hey if you don’t you know if you don’t use your name use a pen name and you just replace these links with your affiliate links that’s all there is to it so you had emails

To send out you have a look yup list that you can use you know. How to set up labels you know how to sequence you can you can segment your list with these labels have everything you need to actually start email marketing any alternate for free. Jack was freaking awesome I could spend meals it took me

A lot of time to actually come up with that method if you appreciate these methods for how to make money online if you appreciate someone here helping you from malibu California in America helping you make money yourself make sure you hit the like button make sure you subscribe to the channel make sure

You leave a comment if you have questions make sure you ask the question below and join in my community and I hope everyone here who’s been a long time subscriber new subscribers like answer other people’s questions right-handed over 2000 messages a day right now I can’t respond everybody but many of

You  have the knowledge but following me for over a year so you can answer some of people’s questions like does this work in Nigeria or does this work in India right I get those questions every day I locked up right but if people ask questions that you know the answer to help each other out because

They really want us all to make money together again help each other help in in we’re making money together you’re getting 90 percent I’m only getting 10 percent of this right here so I think that’s more than fair and I’m showing you guys not only getting 10 percent you know I’m doing training and spending all this money on training like I mother Teresa here and I want to help you guys make money.


So let’s get this going and join in the communities we have discord shack channel now we have a Facebook group we have a subreddit and we have a forum for everyone in Iraq with I don’t know what you guys like

Interacting in the most is it right it is discord is a Facebook group is a form I don’t know just join all of them and I’ll figure out which one gets used the most and maybe we’ll whittle some down but I can’t wait to help you guys all out make money I can’t wait to see you all implement this to help

Me make more money frankly because I mean I’ve just spent the. The last 20 minutes just throwing money at you right here so let’s all make this together like subscribe and hit the notification bell if you want to be informed of the next videos here what. Let’s give.



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