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How To Become Successful In Life And Business

Hey, John Crestani here, and today I’m, going to go over the success secrets that nobody shares so get prepared. I am going to show you how to become successful in life and business. Strap in, I’d have a pen and a notepad ready to take notes, because this is going to be a whopper.

Take Time To Reflect On Things

Now, barely anybody takes time to reflect. most entrepreneurs get lost on the hamster wheel and really never get off. To look around, we’re talking to hustle, hustle hustle, and we’re, never taught to take time to reflect now.

If you only hustle – and you never reflect you end up hustling on the wrong thing and you end up using your time inefficiently, you’ll, also, ultimately get burnt out, because you’ll get worse results, since you never take the time To look up or look from down on yourself and reflect and analyze the activities you’re doing and the results you’re, getting doing them.

If you take time to reflect, you’ll see what’s. Going wrong, you’ll start spotting patterns and you’ll be able to address them and analyze them be aware of them, and fix them. You can also see the bigger picture to actually know where it is. This is where you learn how to become successful in life and business.

Correct Yourself

You’re. Ultimately, going this not only helps keep you motivated, but it helps course-correct yourself along the way. You can also focus on how what you’re, doing fits out with your overall goals in life, whatever those may be.

I’ve spoken. Many times before on how important it is to have specific goals – and you might just find out that what you’re, doing, doesn’t work out, and it doesn’t fit in with your bigger goals, and you might Have to get rid of it and switch paths.

The only reflection will show you this. From a personal point of view, I really differentiate reflection versus emotional reaction. There’s, a big difference now, emotionally reactive approach to something is very different than acting based on reflection. You must be able to differentiate between these two if you want to learn how to become successful in life and business.

Set Priorities Right

One area in which I was able to reflect on myself and what I was doing wrong was I was in Santa Monica. I was drunk at some party with a bunch of fellow entrepreneurs. My friend was driving me from whatever we’re at some bar and we were going to a cigar lounge, and this was a very successful man worth over 10 million dollars.

You know lots of money, get a big family, big houses, and I went downstairs into the parking garage to get in his car and he was driving a minivan this guy worth millions of dollars over 10 million dollars drove a minivan, but not just any minivan.

When I got in it, he said, oh, I’ve put special modifications in this minivan to make it go much faster. It’s like it’s a sleeper, and while that was kind of cool, it was still a minivan, and I asked him why don’t, you drive an Aston Martin, you can drive any car.

You can afford any car, you want, why not an Aston Martin or something like that, and what he told me was he said. Well, I can’t fit my family in there and I thought to myself. Hmm. This is his priority in life. So always keep your priorities set. passionate people know how to become successful in life and business, is by settings priorities straight.

It’s to have family, and I thought about what my priority in life was. If it was to be single to be a bachelor, maybe have a girlfriend or something but be a bachelor with an Aston Martin with a Ferrari with a Lamborghini or if it was to be a cool dad in a minivan.

Course-Correct Yourself

And I realized that the way I was living my life was, I was trying to be a bachelor in the Aston Martin. When really my goal was to be the cool dad in the minivan or in my case, a truck so I course-corrected.

I spent a lot of time and I course-corrected. I ended up proposing to my girlfriend at the time. Sarah and now I have two beautiful daughters and a wife, and I hope I’m – the cool dad, but I’m, not sure, but we’ll see.

Cut-Off Losers

But that was a deep reflection and I looked at things in perspective to my goals and I looked at the pattern of what I was doing and where I was headed since that time. I also started saving more money and I started doing a lot of things differently. Maybe you should do the same if you wanna know how to become successful in life and business.

Scale On Winners

In life all because of the cool dad and the minivan, but a reflection doesn’t just pertain to life goals or life direction. It also pertains to your specific numbers in business in marketing, whether you’re, doing free traffic sources or paid traffic sources because you want to be able to identify and cut the losers and scale the winners.

I reflect on my numbers regularly in business. So I know what’s working and what’s, not in fact before I even start doing a marketing campaign. I already know what numbers I’m trying to hit.

I already have an idea of what numbers my competitors are looking at now, the more I reflect on numbers in business, the better my campaigns, my advertising campaigns, and my business do in general, you can only manage what you measure now. Statistics is an utmost priority if you want to know how to become successful in life and business.

Ditch Short-Term Goals

Entrepreneurs who know their numbers end up doing very well. Entrepreneurs who don’t care about their numbers and are just looking at everything from a very short term. Day-To-Day basis always ends up floundering.

I’ve seen it over and over again. I’ve been doing business for a little while most people are short-term thinkers. I see 99 percent of you out there short-term thinkers now. If you don’t know what numbers you need to hit.

You just kind of endlessly drifting along from business opportunity to business opportunity and you may even make a little bit of money, but you never make a lot of money. You want to figure out what sorts of numbers are important in your business, so you can focus on them now in affiliate marketing numbers you’re.

Get Numbers Right

Looking at is CPA, EPC stuff like that right. Each business has a particularly important number that you want to look at. You should know exactly how many sales leads clicks impressions that you need to hit your target, so, for instance, if I wanted to be making a million dollars a month, I know that I’d, have to be getting roughly 1000 sales per day.

If I’m promoting weight loss products, I need a thousand conversions a day because I’m assuming the average product in the weight loss industry for the affiliate marketers is 35 CPA, so I need a thousand sales a day over the course for 30 days to get to my numbers to get a thousand sales a day.

I need roughly 10000 clicks per day to the affiliate network on my landing page. Now to get 10000 clicks per day, I need to be getting roughly let’s, call it 50000 people going to my landing page now to get 50000 clicks to my landing page a day, I would need to get five million ad impressions per day.

So I’d, need to show my ad five million times a day, so I’d. Either need to find search terms that are searched five million times a day or I’d – need to find websites that get roughly 5 million visitors a day that’s, the math to making a million dollars a month. This is where you know how to become successful in life and business.

But I broke it down into very specific chunks, so I know exactly what I need to do. How might something like that inform us of what we need to do? Well, instead of focusing on advertising on websites that get 50 000 visitors a day, I’d, only make sure to focus on websites that get five million visitors a day, and I’d figure out how and I just keep working on Getting an ad on those that way, I know that whenever I want, I go to a million dollars a month.

Any financial goal can be broken down into these simple things and last but not least, is spend time reflecting with mentors. So they can help you course-correct, review your numbers with a mentor. If you’re coming up short on them, they can tell you how to improve various numbers so that you get to your targets.

The numbers you wanted to improve might not be the most important numbers to improve. For example, you might think you need more leads to get more sales, but they might show you just how you can increase your sales conversion rate.

Now you’re. Getting more sales with the same number of leads, and when you increase your leads faster, you’ll now be able to get to a higher income level. Assuming you’re getting paid for those leads.

Go Get A Mentor

This is the power of having a mentor who can help you with this, and I’d, suggest only get a mentor who understands the numbers. Somebody else isn’t really worth it now, one of my mentors he recently sold a company for about 50 million dollars and uh.

It was a technology company. He made a lot of money, it was in a similar sector and he can retire. But I mean again for people who are successful generally successful people like working so they don’t know what to do even when they have a lot of money. Mentoring and getting mentored is a very important aspect of learning how to become successful in life and business.

They just keep working right. That’s. What successful people like working unsuccessful people don’t like working right? I had set a standard of three months to find uh somebody to hire for a technical role in my company for three months.

That’s. The time limit I gave myself and it was a reasonable time limit. Given other conversations, I’ve had with people who are also looking to hire for this particular technical role in their company and what I did was after every serious interview that I went through with somebody for this role.

I would call up my mentor or I’d. Send him an email or you know, send him notes or something send him a text, and I’d. Ask him his thoughts if this person seemed like a good fit to work. In my company, valuable advice right, somebody who sold his company for 50 million dollars is giving me advice for free.

Put An Honest Effort

This didn’t come through any sort of pre-existing relationship. This came from me doing outreach and creating new relationships. This came from me. Putting in the effort from me, you know respecting that person’s time, and now I have somebody who’s made tens of millions of dollars to reflect with now.

How did I show this person? I was worth talking to after my first conversation with any mentor. I do everything they tell me to do and I only follow up with them. Once I’ve done everything that they’ve suggested.

I do and go above and beyond. Now I’ve, had a number of people ask for me to mentor them and I’ve, given the same advice, I said: move out to Malibu, California, do affiliate marketing make your first couple sales, and get a job in the marketing Industry not wildly complicated things.

For a great start, just get a job in a sector you are most like and keep on improvising. You need to learn swimmming before you jump into the ocean and also know how dep the waters are. This is a major point in learning how to become successful in life and business.

Nobody’s done it. I’d, be happy to mentor someone, but they have to do those three things for me to even consider it. most people, They only want to hear advice that resonates with something they already believe in their heart.

Stretch Your Limits

Most people way beyond 99 of people are unwilling to take advice and do things they are uncomfortable doing, even if that person is more successful than them.

Whereas in my case, I’ve trained myself to be able to identify people who are more successful than me in this case, this person’s wealth is public record, their company sold for over 50 million dollars. So I know this person is more successful than me. Therefore, when this technical person gave me their advice on what to do, I knew I could trust this person.

You need to understand who to trust and whom not to in order to learn how to become successful in life and business.

If I’m looking to become wealthier than I already am, and even though their advice felt uncomfortable – and I did not agree with it – and it didn’t make sense to me – I did it anyway it’s. Really. Weird that my business is being led in like these directions, which I don’t even know.

I don’t even feel comfortable with the right. We set up like a different corporate brand for myself, which cost me thousands of dollars. I spent the last three months hiring for a role that has zero revenue impact on my company.

In fact, it just costs me this new department I set up is costing me thirty thousand dollars additional a month. I don’t, know our technical stuff. I’ve, always just outsourced the work for cheap. Why do I need to hire an American for this role? But again I take the advice of my mentors. taking advice and critical appreciation is also very important in knowing how to become successful in life and business.

I’m willing to do things. I don’t even agree with it, and I’m uncomfortable with it because I trust the process and the process is to become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. You need to follow people who have already done it before, and it will probably lead you to do things you’ve, never been willing to do before so hope that helps, and let me know if you have any questions for me in the comments Below subscribe to my channel, if you enjoy hearing about marketing and mayhem and success and mindset, if you want to talk with my kind of casually, I don’t spend much time.

You know with people on the internet honestly, but uh. If you do want to talk to me casually make sure to follow me on twitch and I play games occasionally, you know I play RPGs JRPGs card games, etc.

So you can follow me there and uh. I don’t know. Maybe we could talk casually and also if you want to really learn this stuff. I encourage you to join my discord. Chat. Community people learn from each other. Yeah, distracting too sometimes helps in learning how to become successful in life and business. You know, you need some physical and mental activity to recharge yourself regularly.

Do Group Learning

Better people learn from groups better. It’s, a mixture of one-on-one learning, just knowledge in books and group learning, so that’s. What works best! We’re social creatures, so I encourage you to join the conversation there and add value once you join our chat community, our forum adds value to three other people’s lives before asking for value in return.

Help Others Out

Okay, remember that answer. Three people’s. Questions help three people out before you ask for something the universe is going to treat you way better. If you give value before you ask for value in return, if you notice before I tune off, I’m wearing a blue origin. Uh t-shirt right here, I’m wearing a blue origin hat. So what is the secret to success? Well, it simply is helping others out. When you help them, you help yourself and become a command in the industry which is a major aspect in knowing how to become successful in life and business.

This is Jeff Bezos’s Space company, which is the goal, is to go out to space, establish a lunar base, and then use that as a launching pad for asteroid mining expeditions.

The first trillionaires will come through asteroid mining. The amount of wealth and resources in space is enough to really end all wars and make everybody millionaires on the earth. So this is where abundance happens.

Abundance. What will happen is if we don’t go to space and we don’t, mind asteroids is more, people will have more babies and there will be less land for each person and more people and countries will fight over increasingly scarce Resources and will end up in a form of communism and war and caste systems that just really allow for no social mobility and a lot of people end up dying and there’s, a lot of problems. Another aspect of knowing how to become successful in life and business is to keep up with trends and knowing which field or industry is blooming.

Expand Your Horizons

Okay, that’s. What happens, but the good news is that there’s, unlimited resources and all this can be prevented if we just go to space. So I encourage you to just start looking into space and asteroid mining and skills to go to space, and if you want a radical change in your life and you want to become successful in a radically different way. You need to broaden your knowledge, reach and circle to learn how to become successful in life and business.

Look into space look into the skills needed to join the US space force, for instance, or to work for a company like blue origin or Elon Musk’s SpaceX or Richard Branson’s virgin galactic. All of these companies have a huge demand for skilled people right now and not enough people are going into science technology, engineering, and math careers that support space programs.

So I highly encourage you to look into these things. Learn there’s, so much opportunity right now in today’s world to become rich from the internet or technology or software space. Or all these things there’s Endless amounts of opportunities out there to learn how to become successful in life and business.

Wrapping Up: How To Become Successful In Life And Business

you need to go out and do it and acquire those skills and it’s, going to be hard work, especially to go into space, but they need you and if you live in America, America especially needs you To go into these sorts of careers and help these companies out, because that is the next frontier.

That space is where we belong because we were born into paradise. We need to bring what’s out there back and help make this paradise even better. For everyone around us sorry, I went on a little rant about space, but I’m, going to be talking more about space moving forward and why it’s so important.

We go up there and really become entrepreneurs in space. So these were the success secrets of the rich, the happy, and the elite. So talk to you soon. have a good one, see ya, bye.




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