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$600 Free Reward Giveaway // Ask Me Anything

What’s up John Crestani here, so I’m, going to give you, uh before we get into it. I’m just going to give you kind of the rules of the giveaway. So the way this works is you need to ask a good question and you need to include your PayPal email address in the question um for you to be considered for this now, roughly every every about five to ten minutes, I’m, going to Be giving away more money and we’re, going to get through all the money in uh in the course the giveaway so uh and my goal here is to really it’s.

Just to add a lot of value and encourage a love of marketing within each and every one of you uh, because that’s. What I do, you know, and that’s. What I teach, you know for a living. I do marketing and I love marketing and I hope to encourage in everybody a love of marketing, so ask me anything: okay, we’re at my uh.

We’re at my station. I’m gonna go over a few of the books, a few of the books I’m reading as well uh. I’m almost done with this month. I’m. Also gonna go over uh. I’m just gonna give you guys a little insight into my life, some of the stuff that I’m interested in right now.

Um, I’ll start with um. I’ll start with this little bad boy right here. If I can find it, uh ledger. So this is a really cool new uh, secure bitcoin wallet that i’ve, been used to kind of hold me bitcoin in I’m using it to just carry around coin in a physical device.

As you all know, I get hacked uh a lot, so that’s, that’s, one of the reasons and uh also I got. I got this really cool new uh, security key from google. If you can see the titan security key – and that gives me three factor authentication on my accounts – which I love – it comes with these here’s, the other key, so I have to use this key.

I have to either use Bluetooth on this to log into my uh accounts. Now get rid of hackers. Okay boom. Let’s, go into the first guys, ask a question, and let me see some, let me see some PayPal email addresses.

I’m gonna. Do the first giveaway right now we’re going to go on and, as you see, we’re going to go on my table right here. Let me let me actually, uh, bring this over and we are going to get some money going on.

So send me your questions. Let me bring in uh. Let me bring up my my comments here, so I can so I can grab it easily and let’s, get a question, okay, so question and include your PayPal email address.

I’m, not seeing any PayPal email addresses because I have uh I have. I have a lot of things turned off on my channel. Let me actually turn off the uh. I don’t allow people to use links in my channel. Let me change that up um.

I do that because, as an affiliate marketing channel, I get so much. People think that, like the way to do affiliate, marketing is spam. My channel and, uh, it doesn’t really work that way. Folks, right, I just disable comments.

I know all the tricks can’t can’t trick me um. Okay, I’m gonna disable. I’m gonna okay. No links are blocked. Okay, so links are not blocked. Lets, see some good things. So Marco Cuervos look at this.

You need to ask a good question. You need to ask a question: along with whatever you’re, sending I’m, not sending bitcoin right now, so ask a good question. The customer feedback score is important, of course, that’s, important that’s, not a good question.

How can I make millions of dollars? Where’s your email? If I only had one, if I had only one traffic source to choose folks, every traffic source works. If I had to choose one, I’d choose. If I had to choose a traffic source, it wouldn’t be online.

It’ll, be sales people or something because it it online changes so quickly. I’d. Go I’d, go more traditional business, um? Okay. How can I make money? Okay, let’s. So the first person to ask a good question with their PayPal email address will get money.

I’m, not seeing any good questions right now, but I have seen I’m. Seeing some without email addresses. What are my goals in life? So my goals in life are um. You know it’s, to make a lot of money to have a lot of kids and to have to have a lot of land and to do some really cool shit.

Okay, you know, and to change the world in in a uh in a in a good way. You know, for everybody. Do I wish to make other people independent hell yeah? I do, yeah. Of course I do, that’s, that’s. The goal um – I you know that’s, something people decide for themselves.

I can only as they say in the matrix. I can only show you the door. Okay, um. Are you AdSense arbitrage? I’m, not sure what AdSense arbitrary. Oh AdSense arbitrage; no, no! No, that it I don’t. I don’t, make much money from my YouTube channel um.

You know this is this: is not a big source of income for me, so I don’t really care about that. Uh is real Digi store affiliate program? Yes, can I work with you from Panama? Yes, just join an affiliate network.

You have a lot of money, but you feel the pain of poor people. I don’t know about that. How much money do I have millions? Can you check my channel no uh? What is a Netflix money making algorithm? I don’t know.

I think that sounds like marketing. Okay, some. What is this um? What is the single most okay, I’ll. Give that okay here we go boom boom boom boom. Okay, we got the first question. This is kind of a weird one, but we have this Salomon.

Let’s, get you, uh! Let’s. Take this over to PayPal and lets. Send money oopsies, okay, okay! So we got the first one going in, that’s supposed to say thanks for subbing the fuck guys I need another.

If you don’t accept PayPal, guys, send me, send me a good PayPal address. Send me a good PayPal address. I’m just gonna pick a random one. I’m just gonna pick a random one, um! Okay, here we go. Jordan was quick.

Oh wait! This one’s, better; okay, Sean Casey copy; okay, let’s, go over here, okay and then I’ll, get to the question there. We go so payment, no. There we go first money sent woo hoo, okay, there we go some money, so the question was: how do I break through the analysis, paralysis, stage, Sean Casey, very good question, um, uh, so analysis, paralysis for those of you? I’m gonna sit down for the those of you that don’t know what analysis paralysis is analysis, paralysis.

How do I disable the chat? Okay, um analysis? Paralysis is basically when you’re at the stage where you are researching. You’re learning, but you’re. You’re. You’re nervous to take any action. You’re nervous to actually do anything right, so you’re.

Maybe you’re learning about I don’t know what it is Amazon you know, selling products on Amazon, or maybe you’re learning about stock trading. Maybe you’re learning about real estate uh. Maybe you’re learning about sales, but you’re scared to actually go out and actually do any of it um now I think a good thing to understand is also: where does analysis paralysis come from because it’s.

Not normal right back in thousands of years ago, when we had to fight for ourselves when we had to hunt our own food when we had to farm our own food, when we had to actually make something um, you couldn’t afford to have Analysis, paralysis, you couldn’t afford to say, if you, if you found a deer, if you found some food or if you were worried about planting crops the wrong way, if you’re worried about picking mushrooms because you you might die Like all of that is true right like if you go out hunting, you might die that deer may impale you with its horn or you might pick them a poisonous mushroom and you might die all of these.

Things are true, but if you don’t actually go out and do anything you would die thousands of years ago. Okay, that’s. The truth, if you don’t take action. If you don’t hunt your food or find it or pick it or plant it.

You die and analysis. Paralysis is the same exact thing. The only difference is in today’s, the society we are such kitties, we are so coddled. We are living such a nice style of living that we you, you could just live at your parents out right, you don’t, you could just, you know, just be a baby, the rest of your life, and so just put it.

If you, you know, I like putting things in huge monumental terms like that you can’t. A real man or real woman can’t afford analysis, paralysis, okay, you die so our natural and where, whereas, how has it become such a big thing, though, that it’s, actually a term analysis paralysis.

If you talk to cavemen, they would not have that because they’d, say, oh, if you don’t hunt, you you die, whereas nowadays that’s, actually a term and I believe it’s, a thing Because society teaches us don’t make mistakes; okay, don’t don’t fuck up right.

We have such an aversion to making mistakes. Nowadays we have such an aversion to. Actually, you know, yet just doing something wrong because school, the way the school is set up is the school is set up that you, you’re right or you’re wrong and in real life that’s, not how things work You’re, you know when you’re in a relationship there’s; no right there’s, no wrong! It’s.

It’s. All everything’s, a gray zone. Everything’s fluid, there’s; no right way to do marketing, there’s; no right way to make sales. There’s; no right way to build a company. There are guidelines, but there’s not a perfect solution to anything, and I I believe this obsession with perfection and perfect solutions and uh it’s.

Ultimately, all fear-based. Okay, so, ultimately, analysis paralysis is a fear response and it’s, fear of not being good enough. It’s, fear of making a mistake. It’s. Fear of you know, just you know, being being yelled at or whatever um, and I believe we’re all living with way too much fear way too much fear and it’s to get rid of fear.

I don’t know, you know it’s, you you get over it you just it’s, just something you have to do. You have to understand society, how it gets implanted in us. So you you got to be willing to stand up for yourself as a man or as a woman in your own right.

You have to understand that we are limitless. We’ve, been placed on this earth to do really cool stuff, so it’s difficult, but it’s. It’s like a muscle. If you don’t use it. If you’re, not constantly using it, like, I tell people in my videos, I say, you know, watch this and do an action watch this and do an action um.

You just have to do it. You have to get over it. I wish, I wish I had better advice than that, I mean my advice is always like. Do sports sports will make you feel physically, more confident. Um surround yourself with really successful people.

It’ll start it’ll. You know you, you learn by osmosis. Your natural level gets higher of where your net your standards. So I’m. Sorry, I don’t have a better response, but it’s. You have recognized that it’s.

A fear response is the first thing. Okay, I need another PayPal email address. I need to give away some more money. Okay, so good question and your PayPal email address. Lets, see some money. Um live chat; okay, let’s, see that what, the greatest obstacle I’ve overcome the greatest obstacle I’ve overcome is probably my own.

I’d, say I’d, say recognize being able to recognize that not every thought I have that. Not every emotion I have is necessarily to be trusted. Um. I used to believe that every time I had an emotion about something or every time I had a thought bubble into my mind, you know that the emotion was my gut speaking right.

I’m, like I don’t like this person. Oh, that’s, my gut okay. I gotta trust that or thinking that, every time I had a really good thought that I should pursue it and being able to recognize how you know being able to recognize that not all of my thoughts are necessarily to be trusted was very difficult.

Um exercise and discipline uh, and I’d – say I probably noticed that a couple years ago or I started noticing. I believe, I believe understanding yourself is a lifelong journey and getting better at it over time is definitely something we should.

We should pursue. How does Amazon make its millions? What kind of question is that this? What what car they sell products on their site and they take a percentage, come on um personal question? How big of a risk is too big of a risk for me, uh salmon, you don’t accept money, um, a big, a big risk.

Do I not know. I think it varies by person right. It would be something that affected my income and some something that affected the amount of money. I had something that affected my relationships with my wife and with my daughters, um.

Those are all big things. Why or why are you a small percentage of your business profits? What I don’t understand the question: do I believe in god , um, yes I call it the just. There is a creator. You know I don’t.

I don’t assign like a a religion to it. I just believe we have a creator um. I believe that’s obvious, and you know we all come from something. Although you know I could be proven wrong. Um, okay, let’s, see.

Where am I’m gonna find somebody’s? Okay, let’s, see Nadav shop. Okay, we have more money, give it being given away. Let’s, give it to Nadav, who asks do you think I can scale a product that’s, been saturated over half a year and marketed with bad bad shipping and killed okay.

So let’s. Go over here. Some more money. There we go woohoo. Okay, there’s, some more money out. Okay, so do I think you can scale a product that’s been saturated over half a year.

I um so that that’s, getting into like what I’d, say a good, more specific question. Uh. What I’d ask is first off: how do you know it’s been saturated? Okay, just because people a lot of people are selling it or it’s being sold.

A lot does not necessarily mean it’s. Saturated um and a good example of this would be like weight loss, products or McDonalds right McDonalds, saturated the U.S and the world. Does that mean it’s, not good good company to work, or does that mean it’s not going to sell anymore? No, you know people are still buying hamburgers um just be so understanding.

Why something saturated is you know something? I i would just ask you to if it isn’t really saturated. How do you know that um then I’d. Also, I’d. Also, ask you, you know I’d. Also say the only way to know is to test okay.

The only way to know is to test um and starting to work. That muscle is really important. Okay, I agree that on Amazon the product you know being able to buy uh, being able to sell a product on Amazon, the costs are very high and an average to get started on Amazon.

You’re. Looking at about a 10 to 25000 investment, okay, uh, where you have 10 to 25 000 out the door, and you have to try to get that money back by selling on Amazon, so you’re, always and Amazon. The other problem I have with it is its, a cash flow, negative business.

I think , it’s a great place to start uh marketing. If you have some money, if you have some initial capital uh, but I would but the only way to really find out is to test okay, so um, just like anything on marketing it’s.

Why it’s? Why? I actually prefer affiliate marketing over, you know. Physical products is because I already you know I can test really cheaply. I don’t have to order product. I don’ T have to do other sorts of stuff like that um, whereas with Amazon you have to order a bunch of products, you have to have it shipped over to their warehouses, and then you might buy some ads to market it a little bit and then you hope To make that money back, whereas affiliate marketing, you just find somebody else’s product and you test it out um.

Another thing we do in marketing is we do what’s called dry testing and dry testing is when you test selling a product without even um, without even having the product available, and there might be ways you can do a dry test on Amazon.

Such as I don’t know Amazon too well, but I’m. Assuming you can sell, used products uh as a test or not use FBA as a test, and you price your products to sell. Maybe you lose some money on the initial products you sell, but either way at least you’re, not buying a bunch of inventory to realize that people are not gonna buy the product at the price point you advertise it at so that’s, something I would encourage you to do is try to find easier ways to test.

So you don’t have to go all in and get a bunch of inventory, but there’s really no way to know. If something’s, saturated um, I like to think you know. Unless you’re doing, you know, you never know there’s no way for me to tell right um other than testing.

Okay, let’s, see some more questions. Questions, questions, uh. How important is split, testing super important. It’s. It’s, the most important thing in marketing, it’s the most important thing in marketing.

If you’re, not split testing, you’re, not you’re, not figuring out you’re, not able to optimize you’re, not able to to to make your processes better. The only way you can improve is you split test it’s like that’ll, be like asking um, you know.

Is it important to have different pickup lines when talking to a girl or a guy? Of course, it is, if you say the same thing: if you read a book and you’re, like you, have like one line that you talk to people with and you’re, you’re, like I just keep saying This until I get somebody to marry me right, it’s like that doesn’t, make any sense.

Man you have to. You have to test multiple things out in anywhere in life. Right, like it’s like that’s like saying, is: split, testing jobs, bad, you know, split testing, a job would mean like. Should you get a job and stick in it for the rest of your life like? What if you don’t like it right? What? If your boss is an a-hole like a racist a-hole? Of course, you’re, going to split test jobs.

You test. You split-test everything in life, you split-test girlfriends, you split-test boyfriends, you split-test, hairstyles, you split-test clothes. You test facial hair. You split test everything in life.

Why wouldn’t you, of course you do it in marketing that’s. The only way you improve so you have to if you’re, not split testing, you’re, you’re insane, you’re insane and you’re. Never gonna improves uh, like testing real drugs, real placebo yeah.

What’s my biggest fear? My biggest fear is, uh. I don’t know. Maybe it’s like getting lazy and getting complacent. I’d, say my biggest fear is my wife leaving me right like if my wife was no longer happy with me and she left me um.

I don’t sabotage. I don’t, see everybody’s. Questions I don’t, see everybody’s. Questions I turn the questions off in between is: is the product king over copywriting? Okay, what do you think is the best mindset you can share uh.

You are up so we’re gonna do another money thing: let’s, give away some more money. Okay, so I’m, giving away more money. Okay, let’s, see this. What do you think is the future of Amazon associates good question: slob guns? Okay, we’re gonna go over here.

We’re gonna send more money um. We’re, going to go right here, so we have 75 okay. There we go okay, so we have two we have 200 out. I have 400 more dollars to give away. What are you guys thinking I’m thinking.

I just up it a hundred dollars each week, um, okay, so the question was: what is the future of Amazon associates and personally, I don’t think there is a future there. I i think the costs I i think Amazon will keep driving down the amount of money they offer affiliates over time, because, ultimately, they’re established.

I believe that the opportunities will come in places like Target or Walmart or or other other big retailers that will offer higher commissions and finding out which retailers are going to start really offering higher commissions to um to compete with Amazon, because Amazon’s.

Eating their stuff, if, if Walmart or target, were really smart, they’d, increase their affiliate commissions, a lot okay to compete, better compete with Amazon online, okay Alicia I don’t care. If you need money to start your website, I’m, not giving away money, because I care about what you’re.

Trying to do. I’m, giving away money to reward people who ask good questions. I’m, not a communist. I don’t believe in handouts. I hate handouts. I’m. I’m. Looking for good questions. Okay, this is not.

This is not like some charity event. Okay, don’t don’t don’t. Think you can. Just woe is me: get through life, ask okay! Um! Sorry! I won’t go. I won’t flip out on people. How long does it take to succeed in affiliate marketing um, I would say I would say it could take a various amount of times uh salmon, who is this Brendan educate how many emails this guy have dude your your email is not yours.

Your PayPal will not accept money. Um, I’d, say to succeed in affiliate marketing. It depends on you know. It depends on who you’re learning from um. For me, it took four years right because I was on again off again.

I started, I stopped. I started, I stopped um, but I would generally say about three to six months. I think is a good time frame three to six months of consistent effort is a good time frame for any business.

Okay, three to six months of consistent efforts and when I talk about daily effort, you know I’m. Talking like near daily. Can I consider affiliate marketing a good career? Yes? 100. I mean I mean.

Not only is it a career, it’s like companies right it’s. My career um you have expedia.com has. Has anybody ever booked a flight here? Okay, you know, has anybody ever booked a hotel, you probably booked it through an affiliate.

You know, if you booked through not the flight company’s website or the hotel’s website. Then you booked it through an affiliate. Most hotels and flights are booked through affiliates um. What? The best way to make money on autopilot uh the best way to make money on autopilot is to, uh, I don’t know I mean probably raise a bunch of money to hire a bunch of people.

You know, get some people to invest in. You hire a bunch of people and then have it all managed. Then you don’t. Do anything. The best way to make money on autopilot is just having a lot of money right.

Then you have people, then then, then your money makes it itself more money. If you you know, just you put it, you put it in bonds, you put it in some safe investment vehicles right that’s. The best way real estate is a great way to make money on autopilot.

You, you buy some apartment buildings and you just have people pay you rent all the time, but again, these are businesses that all cost a lot of money to start right. So you know I’m sure. The next question is: how do you make money on autopilot without spending any money right, that’s, that’s and without doing any work right and for p? If you’re looking to not do work, if you’re, not looking to not spend money to make money, if you’re looking to not do work and not spend money to make money, I mean you get off.

My channel boy, I mean, that’s not gonna happen. Okay, let me get some uh. Let me get some questions in there with some email addresses, PayPal, email addresses Brendan, stop, do you, you can’

T accept money. Okay, i’ll answer your questions, though, what’s been the most exciting point in your career. Brendan, stop, stop putting in your email address. I’m, not going to send you money, you can’t accept it.

The most exciting point in my career has been um. I’d, say now. You know I’d, say now for sure. Getting on tv uh, I’m, really excited about all of our TV advertising. Annual profit equals 1 million. What’s okay? Let’s, get some money going to email addresses, email addresses.

Okay, we are upping the ante here again. Questions and email addresses questions come on Paul. It looks like you’re in another country. I’d love to give you money. I’d love to give you money Paul, but you’re, not asking any question.

Come on what kind of rules this one’s good the best book I read! Okay, keep! I’m gonna go over some books and keep asking questions Whoo there we go okay, so that’s, the more money out 300 to go 300 out so um the best books to read, I’d, say so.

First off, this is a really good book. This is one of the books I’m reading, raising cooperative and self-confident children. I highly recommend you buy this book’s great um. I’m finishing up reading this book.

Reem d really good book: okay, green d, um: this book is amazing. This is one of the most fun books I’ve, been reading um and again, I try to read stuff where I learn about different cultures. I learn about the world and in this book the different cultures we’re.

Talking about you, know Chinese hackers, Russian mobsters, Islamic terrorists. You know cost, you know constitutional rights, toting Americans, you have a tech, billionaires uh. You have British spies.

I mean this book. Is insane, packed with a lot of fun stories and, as you can see, it’s a big one? Okay, it’s. I mean total total pages. It’s over, over a thousand right. I’m on page. Where am I I’m on page 9800.

Where is this? Oh, here I am. I’m on page 958, so I’m. I’m. I’m almost done with this. I’m, going to finish this book today about 100, more pages left to read some other good books. I like being, uh, this one comes McCarthy.

This is another one. I’m. Currently, reading cities of the plane and life 3.0 being a human in the age of artificial intelligence, I can’t express enough. If you’re, not re, you know. Reading is the best way to adopt information.

I mean this is social media right. This is entertainment. This is passive and the problem with the problem with video is that you’re. Not using your imagination, you’re having right now, you’re, having a more or less a passive viewing experience.

Um, especially if you’re, not asking questions, you’re just consuming right. You’re, just consuming content, but it’s not actually triggering your brain to think for itself. Whereas when you’re reading, a book you have to fill in, you know you’re, just given words, so you have to fill in with your mind’s eye the visual, the smells, the the the sounds you you Have to fill in the sensory, you know if they say winds blowing.

You have to fill all the other senses in much better um and you’re. Not given. You know, just like on a phone. You’re, giving this stimulus. This light, this abnormal unnatural light, which just tricks your brain, it’s like a suction.

It’s like it just sucks you in so that you can’t. You aren’t really using your imagination or your creative mind to form your own thoughts, whereas books allow that process to happen. You will become smarter over time.

You know and notice. I read I don’t just read: fiction books or non-fiction books, which is like telling you about business and life. I think those are great. I really think those are great, but I also read a lot of fiction books, meaning their stories, because I believe stories help bring out.

One’s. Creativity and I’m – a big believer in bringing out creativity because I just think business and sales and marketing relationships. All of these are based off of our thinking brains. So I is really encouraging everyone here to read books, um and, you know, like all, and what’s great about books too? Are you carrying them around with you anywhere? You go right.

Everybody, like people are on their phones, all the time you know in their in their downtime, carry a book around with you and read a book. Instead, it’s really great and you become a lot smarter and I i think you just become a more powerful and successful individual.

Let me look at the chat. Okay, uh, live chat; okay, one point of the negative effect of affiliate marketing in oneself, uh, negative aspects of affiliate marketing, not sure um, I’m legend. Is a great book yeah going.

You know, I encourage everyone to check out different books. What is the biggest risk? I’ve, taken the biggest risk i’ve taken was putting all of my money into starting an affiliate network back in 2015-16 and it failed.

I lost all my money right or I lost most of it. So you know I spent a million dollars. I had a million dollars at the time and I put it all into an affiliate network and I lost all um, so that was really dumb, but you know that the best thing is, you know at the end of the day, um a lot of people.

I think are just chasing business models right. They’re just chasing, you know they’re, like I’m. Trying to, you know, get Amazon fba to work, but they never focus on building skills and one thing reason why I wasn’t worried even after I lost all the money.

I’d made right because I wasn’t like doing some trick right. It’s, not like, oh, like I bet a lot of you watching are like John. Has this like affiliate marketing trick right and like if I watch him enough, i’ll get good at this trick and i’ll, like, you know, maybe Johns’, not telling me the real secret of how he makes Money and like eventually, if I listen to him enough man, i’ll, get the trick right.

He’ll, expose the secret trick of how he really makes his money, and then I’ll make a lot of money. It’s, not true. It’s, skills right. The reason I’m, not worried. If I lose a lot of money is because I have skills.

Okay, I have a skills copyrighting data analysis. You know which is related to split testing right. I’m. Go, I know how to write ads. I know how to research ads. I know how to find good ads. I know how to copy ads.

I know, I know a little bit. You know very little, you know, I know a little bit about basic programming now. You know, I know a lot of different stuff. I know video editing, I know photo editing. I’ve learned.

I’ve picked up all this stuff over time, so I have raw skills, but at the end of the day I’m really good. I’m really good at google ads. I’m, really good at buying ads and finding how to buy ads. So I spend one dollar and I make back two or three that’s, a skill i’ve built it.

So I’m, not worried. I could go broke, not worry again, because I have skills so that’s, a big thing. Uh, oh scariest, moment of my life thoughts on jews. I love jews. I’m friends with a lot of Jewish people.

Uh, you know there’s. There’s. I I think I think culturally uh many Jewish people are real. You know they have a really strong family unit or, ah, not all, but I’d, say education is really important.

I’ve, seen culturally for Jewish people and I believe the Jewish people are taught given a lot better idea and perception of money and, uh being able to remove the emotional component from business decisions.

I I and I think that’s, something that’s, taught in many Jewish families or culturally, maybe not explicitly, but it’s. It’s. You know a lot of Jewish people, I know, are very successful. Um, you know, especially out here in la you, have a lot of persian Jewish people uh from Iran, and they’re.

Like, unbelievably successful, I mean you, I haven’t met like a persian Jewish person, who has less than 10 million dollars. It’s insane. You know. Of course you know. A lot of the money is passed down, but it’s.

Just understanding money and not making emotional decisions about money is just a you know. It’s, not something that’s, taught in schools. Um, it’s, something that’s, taught in families and uh. I believe, uh.

Jewish people are very good at that. I also like there’s. A Jewish pizza place down the street. I love eating at will call pizza, nosh and um. As I said, a lot of my friends are jews uh? Well, not a lot.

I have some um and yeah. I just say I I’d, say also like the inclusiveness of the Jewish people. I think is really cool. I’ve been to, uh, you know they have Friday night dinner. You know I like how Jewish people have Friday night dinners where they bring the whole family together and they have food and they’ve.

Bread and, and what I really think is cool – is that in the Jewish religion, Friday night, you know again, you have food, you have dinner bread, holla, holla and food, and you’re supposed to have love, and I think love is a very taboo subject In I think, a lot of cultures um, but the fact that I think Jewish people are very open uh.

At least you know it’s. It’s, recognized in the family and the marriage unit. That love is very important um. It’s, it’s, not something to be like necessarily ashamed about, or try to sweep under the carpet um.

I think that’s very healthy um, and I I think that’s very good and also Jewish people are just very inclusive. Of other cultures is what I’ve noticed not all but uh from what I’ve, seen out here in la at least, and I think that’s, really good um.

You know, if, if you’re hoping for me to go into some like sort of like big conspiracy, I don’t know but uh. I definitely think you know me, I don’t know me, I think there are powerful people, but I don’t, you know in the world, but I don’t that that we don’t know about, But I don’t think it’s, separated necessarily like you know, by religion.

I think it’s. Just there’s, a lot of powerful people and we don’t know about them. Um. Okay boom, let’s, get some money. Let’s. Get some money in here. Okay, send me a question with your PayPal email address.

I want to get some money going out. I think we’re. I think we’re gonna raise. I think we’re gonna. Should we start? Should we start raising the stakes I don’t know. I think we should start raising the stakes.

Okay, send me send me a good question: hi Brian Etubo, from Cameroon. What is my next goal in life? My next goal in life is uh. It’s very simple: it’s, become, uh, because, like if you money famous and to, uh, create it to re hot.

I mean my next goal is to hire really good chief technical officer, my company, who’s. My role model Larry Ellison, Tony Robbins, Elon Musk – did, I regret becoming a freelancer. No freelancing was great.

Um are you thinking of including your course an affiliate system for physical products? No, uh. We are going to get into small business marketing. I think social engineering plays a huge role in business, sure sure to show first show cool.

We have somebody from Russia here, uh Spasiba uh. I I don’t know much Russian, but I think I like Russia um. What is my favorite hobby running or hammock running, running like for like hours like an hour or two finding a really good oak tree, setting up a hammock reading and then running back um? Okay, let me try to find first show: okay, okay, we have first show okay, we have guys you’re draining my bank account, you are draining you’re draining my PayPal account, or should I say, okay, we have to paste.

Send, hey um, thanks for the sub, I’ll, go over a few more questions. I’ll, probably cap it at about an hour. Okay. It shows my address for whatever reason. So how did this penny get in here? Do you see that, did I type? Did I add a penny? I thought I thought I typed just did I had a penny there we go boom.

Okay, so how are you guys liking these money giveaways by the way? Let me know if you like this and let me know if I should keep doing this and raise it up a hundred dollars uh every single week. So if you want me to raise it up a hundred dollars every single week throw in a like throw on a sub um, get your mom on this.

Get your kid on this get your dog on this um. There we go! Let’s, get back to the questions, so social engineering playing a huge role in business. I do like the work, so social engineering I think is is is a uh, interesting word because, I mean it’s down upon the right, but at the end of the day I believe marketing is very much so of there.

There’s there’s, a large science component to it, I believe, just like anything is engineered. I believe marketing is actually a lot more um of science than people think it is uh. There are templates.

There are ads that have been working for hundreds of years in a particular niche. We know what headlines work, so I believe you know social engineering is seen as a bad thing, but I actually believe marketing is is somewhat social engineering.

It’s, figuring out stuff um. It’s figuring out. What do people want? It’s figuring out. What are the reasons why people won’t buy something and it’s just systematically taking those down. You know people want to lose weight.

What are the reasons? People don’t want to lose and what is the p? Is so if you have a weight loss product? What are the reasons? People don’t, buy a weight loss product. Well, you know, other than the cost right so other than the cost.

It might be. They’re. They’re worried about eating chemicals. They’re, worried about the side effects. They’re worried about um. They don’t want to swallow pills. Maybe they don’t want to inject. You know they don’t want to inject anything.

Maybe they’re concerned about other safety things they’re concerned about not eating enough. They’re concerned. You know there’s. All these sorts of different things that objections that you have to address when you’re marketing, anything you know when I’m marketing, my product super affiliate system.

By the way, if you want to check it out, we released a new version of my course. A couple weeks ago, at the beginning of July um brand new brand new videos. We have a certification program, it’s, amazing it’s.

Really cool, we spent so much money so much time, so much effort on creating this new version. It’s, the best it’s the best yet, and I actually believe it’s. The best online uh a course experience out there we’ve.

Really, we, I really went full tilt in analyzing, all the other courses out there we have quizzes, we have handouts, printable handouts and it’s truly step by step to help people get their start. But where was I going with that? I lost my track.

Let’s. Get another question in one video. You said 4 million males. Give me a word to start a word. I study economics and management. What should I do to make money, um economics and management so that’s? Like a top level thing um, so dynamic Minitab, what I would what I would advise is with economics and management you’re, not going to be the driver of any business right.

You’re, not sales, marketing, biz, dev, right or the drivers I would surround i. I would probably place yourself somewhere where you can really make use of the top level business insights you have um.

I would probably work for something like an agency. You know, like, but maybe it’s, an ad agency, a bank um, some other, sort of like business to business service type company, so that you can see a lot of different businesses.

Okay, you want to be able to get deep insights into how a lot of different businesses work, maybe do consulting um. You know you work for, like Bain and Co. You work in Salesforce, you work, for you know, like an account manager at Salesforce or an account manager at google, or you know, or somebody at Bain and company or one of those BPO.

You know business, you know, uh, Deloitte, etc. Where you see all these different businesses uh, you’ll, make good money at any of those companies and then, but the secondary benefit is the most important, which is that, by being able to get visibility and optics into all these different sorts of businesses, You’ll, be able to pick out and suss out where the opportunity areas are.

You’ll, be able to form relationships with some of the business owners so that you can eventually go in and either partner with somebody or, you know, be hired on as the CEO of some company or the CMO or itself.

Not common, but basically you’re. Looking. You want to create a feast of good feeding ground for you to learn about other businesses and to meet people in your job, so that you can find that ultimate opportunity which is going to make you a multi-multi, millionaire or billionaire or whatever.

That is but make sure you put yourself in a position where you get a lot of opportunities coming to you and a place like Deloitte, like being an account manager for google ads or Facebook ads or etc. You know, that sort of that sort of type of environment would be really good.

Let me know if that makes sense, but I don’t know too much about your situation, but that’s. What I’m thinking um, especially when you’re getting out of college. You don’t know what the heck you want to do right.

So I’d, say don’t gamble on a specific company, put yourself in a position where you can see a lot of different companies and really get into their inner workings right. Like I work with, uh, you know a development agency, a web development agency and they see.

Oh, you know they see everything. I’m doing, um, you know, but I didn’t hire my CMO from there. I’m, not hiring! Let’s. Look at more live chat. I’m. Taking action and haven’t seen any results I honestly gave up after a week.

Well, if you give up after a week, then you’re, I mean I I don’t know what to say: mean you can’t, I mean giving up after a week in business is like it’s, Like what, if you give up on a relationship after a week, what type of relationship is that what kind of boyfriend are you &? # 39 re, not a good boyfriend? You’re, not a good girlfriend.

What can you say about people that treat affiliate marketing as the last result? I mean affiliate marketing for many people. It’s. It’s, one of the only businesses they can do because, again, it doesn’t require any money to start, and you can do it anywhere in the world.

A lot of businesses can’t be done in Cameroon right. You can’t, buy real estate, you can’t, buy stocks, a lot of people in Africa, for instance, don’t, have any money um, but for people who are creating something like a last resort right who are desperate, They’re gonna fail um anybody does anything out of desperation like it’s, just really it really just looks ugly right, like to think about.

If some guy or girl came up to you and said, hey, you’re my last resort. Will you please date me, everybody else in this bar has rejected me. You’d be like I mean I said it in a kind of funny tone, but I mean, that’s not very appealing right.

They’re, probably going to fail there’s, probably something messed up about the person’s mindset and that’s. That’s. Why? I have focused so much lately on mindset videos because most people just have the wrong mindset.

They’re approaching things with you, know you want to do affiliate marketing, I mean I have all these knuckleheads here saying you know you want to do affiliate marketing from your phone go to a computer internet cafe there’s.

Internet cafes, all over the world, but people want to do it on their phone, like that’s, lazy! That’s, just lazy! Stop being so lazy, go to the internet! Cafe I mean it’s like I know what people want.

People don’t want to work. Don’t want to spend money, they want to fiddle around with their phone and make money right.



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