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DigiStore24 Affiliate Network – Excellent Way To Make $100 Now

Hey, John Crestani here and in this video I’m gonna be going over DigiStore24 affiliate network review and how you can earn and get paid $100 a day with its affiliate program. Now this is gonna be a money video and I’ll, be going over and referencing this sheet a lot.

All of the information that I go over is on the sheet called John Force, Donnie backslash networks, which is down below you, can see the link here, where I show you my breakdown of different affiliate networks.

Now I’ll, be giving you a little information about the network. We’ll, be doing a walkthrough of the affiliate network of DigiStore24 affiliate network to help. You understand the interface and how you can find such stuff, as top offers, as well as how to get support from your affiliate managers and what other support that DigiStore24 affiliate network offers to help you make money, also be going over exactly how you get paid and how That happens and also how you can apply so that you can get DigiStore24 affiliate network to start paying you now.

I’m gonna go into over everything right here on my computer and I will be walking you through step by step on my screen. How to use DigiStore24 affiliate network to start earning money? Hey John Crestani here we have another money, video, so let’s get it now, for those of you who don’t know what affiliate marketing is.

Let me give you a brief primer, and then we’re gonna dive in right here on my computer, showing you exactly how to use DigiStore24 affiliate network now the way affiliation works for those of you that don’t know is they’re companies like myself or like fanatics com that say hey.

We’re willing to pay people to market us. Now they talk to what’s called an affiliate network such as ShareASale or DigiStore24 affiliate network in our case, and they say: hey, can you set up the technology so that people can market our products and get paid and ShareASale says sure and they set Everything up technology wise and they look for affiliates.

Like you or like me to say: will you post links about our product online and we will pay you money? Okay, so you post the link online post, a link right blah blah blah blah blah calm for their product.

Somebody buys their product and the company pays some of the money to the affiliate Network and the affiliate Network paste some of the money to you and you start making money without having to spend any money.

It’s totally virtual. So let’s, get on my computer and go over exactly how this works with DigiStore24 affiliate network now in order to join DigiStore24 affiliate network there’s, a link down below. I also posted up there John Chris Donnie comm backslash networks, and that you can also click the link in the description to go to this file.

That will give you the link to join once you are on the file. You can just click the link over here. Next to the affiliate network, or you can click the application information apply to apply to these affiliate networks that will pay you.

I’ve listed all the information about them in this sheet, so we’re gonna go to over to DigiStore24 affiliate network. Now DigiStore24 affiliate network is a very large affiliate network. They pay affiliates about two hundred and fifty million a year.

So we’re just going to go up here to the login area. So when you get to the link for the network sheet, you can click on any of the links on the left side, which are affiliate networks to join them now, DigiStore24 affiliate network.

I’m gonna be referencing. The sheet here did you store, has various specialties. They have a lot of products, so you can promote health products or if you’re more interested in parenting, you can promote parenting related products.

If you’re more interested in helping people make money, you can promote, make money, products or investment products, they have a lot of offers. They have over one hundred and ninety two offers. As you see right here, what’s? The best part, though, is you don’t need any approval to join DigiStore24 affiliate network.

Literally you just join it. You don’t have to talk to anybody on the phone you don & # 39. T have to have references. You don’t have to chat with people on skype. It’s very easy to join and they don’t have many excluded countries right now.

The only country I know of that you can’t use to join DigiStore24 affiliate network. Is Nigeria? Sorry, Nigerians? I still love you, though, so here’s. What the DigiStore24 affiliate network website looks like not signed in. I’m gonna log in right now and place you would log in is right up here or if you need to register for an account, you would go right up there now here’s.

What it looks like when you’re logged in first off, let me explain this dashboard and then I’m gonna go into some of the top offers, and I’d love your feedback on. What would you like me to explain the most and, if I miss anything, please make sure to? Let me know in the comments below if there’s, something you’d, like a little more explanation on you see.

The main chart here tells you how much you’ve actually made. So as you see you know, my DigiStore24 affiliate network account. I make you know three thousand dollars a day, two hundred fifty five dollars a day and negative three hundred dollars a day.

Now, how would you get negative money from something like DigiStore24 affiliate network? Does it mean they’re charging you or what does that mean? The negative money is because their refund, sometimes sometimes people refund products.

If they’re, not happy with them. Generally speaking, on information products about 20 percent of information products, get refunded and DigiStore24 affiliate network is an affiliate network that specializes in information products or online education.

You know it’s, just a sad fact, but you may see some negative days. DigiStore24 affiliate networks never gonna charge. You money, though, so that’s, nothing, you have to worry it’s, only money that you’ve made, and this applies to all affiliate networks by the way, the way this works.

So you’ll, see some of the Commission’s here, and you can sort it by different ways. You can look at different charts, whatever you like the most. As you see, I started with DigiStore24 affiliate network just recently. I really really at the very end of 2019, I started using DigiStore24 affiliate network and I’ve, just kind of grown.

My promotional efforts on there Hill also see a number of things here, so you’ll, see earnings. I don’t know why this isn’t populating you’ll, see summary, which is the number of clicks you’ve, sent earnings per click, cancellation rate and DigiStore24 affiliate network.

Average. No cancellation rate is another moniker for refund rate. You’ll, also see what top vendors you’ll see top products. You’re. Promoting you’ll, see an affiliate support pages of different products that you’ve, been promoting, let’s, go over to the top offers, and I’m gonna show you a little bit about that.

So, to get over to the top offers, we’re gonna look at the marketplace right here now, when we click the marketplace, you & # 39, ll, see it’s automatically sorted by what they call sales rank and sales rank.

Is their way of letting you know? These are the products that are making the most money on their network right now now keep in mind they payout 250 million dollars a year. So there’s. Gon na be a lot of products that are basically making millions of dollars a year and the number one product is Wesley, billion-dollar virgin.

Ok, so right there you see, and he has a crazy product, its average Commission that you can earn. You can see over right here: ok, 42 dollars and 55 cents, so on average, if you get somebody to buy this product, you will make $ 42 now.

Why do I say on average now, because the fact of the matter is you’re, actually making 92 % commissions, so whatever upsells they buy? If they buy down sells, if they buy other products from Wesley, you may make more than $ 42.

You may also make a little bit less, but on average you can generally count on $ 42 per commission, and your affiliate link is right here. Ok, so this is your affiliate link. No, you can click this to open it up or we could copy it.

Let’s, copy it and see what it looks like so here’s. What our affiliate link looks like right here and, as you’ll see it & # 39. S got some weird. Redirect it’s, got all these fuzzy numbers, and you know my affiliate ID now.

This is an affiliate link and what this will do is this will not be the URL that actually shows up it’ll, go to the actual person’s website, as we’ll see in a second. But what this stands for is this is actually the what’s called the vendor ID.

This is the number associated with Wesley virgins account, and this is the this is the name associated with my account and let’s, see when we pop this in to the URL right up there. As we see it’s, not gonna go to that site right it’ll, redirect it oh my gosh right and that’s.

How affiliate marketing works is that’s, how it tracks and, as you’ll see, we’re actually now on overnight millionaire net, and this is the sales page and people who arrive at this page. The goal is to get people that are interested in becoming rich going to this page, which is a lot of people, and they’ll watch this video.

Now your goal is to get people to this page that want to watch this and want to change their life and want to make more money and they end up buying. Okay, that is your goal and if you’re looking for ways that you can actually get people buying and get traffic, how do you find people on the Internet? All you have to do is navigate over to the homepage of my channel.

By the way, make sure you subscribe to this channel hit the like button and also comment. Let me know if this is helpful to you. If you’d, like to see more videos like this or if this is too long-winded to short-winded whatnot, but what you would want to go to for free traffic is you’ll want to go down here on my home page, where It says free traffic methods and, as you see, there is a bunch of free traffic methods, a ton of videos showing you how you can get traffic to your affiliate link, how you can get people to click on it that are actually interested in buying your product.

I’m, not gonna go into depth into this, but, as you see it’s, all the methods right, Google, Facebook, Instagram YouTube, tic toc. I go over them all right there. Another way you can get to my free traffic.

Videos is go to this URL right here, which is John crostini comm backslash start here, and that will take you to my free traffic playlist. Now another thing about DigiStore24 affiliate network is you can promote my products and I provide a lot of resources in order to promote my products and in order to get an affiliate link from my product, you would just type in crostini right up there in the search bar And you will find my two products, which is one, is my book, which is work at home secrets which is being sold on the internet on TV.

It’s, you know very popular. We get hundreds of sales a day of this, which means hundreds of affiliates a day are making money from this, and you also have my program super affiliate system, which is my six-week training.

Course. It’s, my magnum opus, it’s. Where we give people software, we give people websites, we give people landing pages, it’s for people who want to make thousands of dollars extra a week, and basically, we’ve created a lot of software just to make it easier for People to make money, Bena Affiliate and our results are pretty outstanding and it’s.

Part of the reason I’m a multi-millionaire right now, so you can go there. You can get your link, you can go to the JV page and whatnot. Now before I move onwards. Another thing is that there’s, a lot of helpful information on JV pages.

Most the products will have a affiliate or a JV page associated with them, where you can find information on how to promote them. So let’s check this out now on JV pages, you get an explanation of how to promote a product and what you’re selling and how it works and oftentimes we focus on how much money you can make, because most people That are doing affiliate marketing.

They’re, really most concerned with how much money they can make. So this is a thousand dollar product. There’s, an additional upsell for two hundred and forty-seven dollars a month which gives people access directly.

To me, I do webinars with those people it’s called the inner circle and you get 50 scent of everything. So if you get somebody to buy a super affiliate system, you make half of a thousand dollars which is 500 dollars, and you make about an extra $ 125 a month.

Now, on the JV page, you also get information such as let’s say you want to do Facebook ads. Well, we show you what Facebook ads work. We show you what you should type or along the lines of what you should type.

We give you videos to download that you can use along with your Facebook ads. We show you stuff, other people have written that have been consistently making sales and everything of that I try to always share what my affiliates are doing.

If I see affiliates doing something if they didn’t personally contact me, I share it because I want everybody to be successful here and frankly, I want to have the best training on affiliate marketing on the planet.

Okay, so you see, we have a lot of videos here that you can use with your Facebook ads. We have a lot of stuff. You can download and use along with things very easy to get started now in regards to support DigiStore24 affiliate network.

Doesn’t offer support again. This is a free network to join it. Doesn’t really make sense. You’re, not paying them anything. They can’t really offer much support and they’re approving anybody. Even if you’re, not successful, so they do offer tools.

I don’t totally know where they’re located right now, but they have a web page builder and they have a membership platform that you can use. I believe they’re paid. You can check out digi member com, because this is a tool that allows anybody to create an information product business.

If you’d, like to learn about how I & # 39, ve created a multi-million dollar information product business and how to start one type in below, show me how to build an info product business. In the comments.

Okay and I’ll, do a video on that, for you did you store doesn’t offer any training and they don’t offer a community again, it is on you. They’re, approving anyone which is very nice, as you’ll, see on this side.

Not many people approve everyone, and also you don’t need to be approved for offers, so they approve anyone. So it’s, really on you to figure out how to do affiliate marketing. Now the cost join is nothing again.

Did you store is free completely free to join and their payout methods are through PayPal. When you earn commissions, they will pay you through cheque. They will send a cheque to your house. Even if you live in, I don’t know like the middle of a freaking forest or something as long as you receive mail, or they will send a bank wire.

You would need a bank account for that. You can do this, no matter what age you are and no matter what country you’re in as long as you’re, not in Nigeria. Sorry, Nigerians, again not my fault! The cash out limit is $50, so you have to earn at least $50 to actually get paid, and if you want to join the DigiStore24 affiliate network, just click this link when you’re in the sheet or go to John Kriss.

Tony comm backslash digi woo does a lot of information. I hope you enjoyed it. If I left anything out. Let me know in the comments below I want to make sure. I hope you guys want to make sure you’re successful and the reason is is because, when you’re promoting products, I earn a small cut of.

Let you promote, I’m here to work with you. I want to make that very clear. I want you making money, ok, because the more money you make the more money I make and it’s, my mission to make affiliate marketing easier and more accessible to everyone on the planet.

I believe affiliate marketing is the number one most basic form of capitalism that you need to be doing in this century and again I’ve provided this sheet for you. If you want to join affiliate networks, I suggest you actually join all of these affiliate networks, because the more you surround yourself with money-making opportunities, the better again all of these affiliate networks have products you can sell.

Wrapping Up: DigiStore24 Affiliate Network Review

Maybe you like care about what products you sell. You want something to speak to you or you want something that you know in your mind. You determine works, or maybe you just want the variety I don’t know, but also what’s great about joining affiliate networks? Is that you get newsletters and they tell you every week what the top offers are, how to promote them, give you tips and tricks and using that, combined with the information you get on my channel will help you be successful again.

My suggestion is, you join every single one of these, but my top is DigiStore24 affiliate network. Ok, so check it out, go to John Stanny comm backslash networks. There should be a link below if there’s, not a link below sorry.

I’m, putting it on the screen here and I look forward to seeing you in other videos and let me know this is affiliate marketing month. What other networks would you like me to actually do a walk-through of again? I want you to make money because the more money you make the more money I make so let’s, get it and start making some money during this lockdown.



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