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$500 Giveaway Free Today / Ask Me Anything

Want to hear super excited today, wow, I got done pretty late, but I’m, going to be giving away 500 via PayPal uh in this live stream for the people who asked the best questions, so I’m gonna be giving Away on PayPal, as you see I have let me flip this around we have PayPal is up.

You see that and I need to know who to send money to so um that’s. It I mean, that’s, that’s, the premise of this, so whoever asked the best questions um, I will be sending money from my PayPal account on all my computers over to you, okay, so uh, and we’re gonna get through all 500.

So if I don’t, if by the time I finish and I’m gonna end up, I’m. Just gonna give the five rest of the money that I don’t end up giving out to whoever is the last good question so also I got this cool piece of art from uh affiliate.

You know affiliate marketing licensed print money here. Um, this is from the saint Henry uh license to print money and who asks how I am okay. Mr chuck true tells thank you for asking how I am that’s, awesome uh sent post your uh post your email in the chat.

Actually, let me figure out how to post I’m gonna figure out how to get this uh YouTube think um. So I can chat. I can see the chats on my computer hold on, so I have to figure out this setup. Real quick, uh how I made money online.

I make money online through um, affiliate marketing. So basically I market other people’s products. I market. I have training courses as well, uh, so that’s. That’s. What I do, and we are blowing up so this year I last year I have done seven million dollars in sales, uh over a meal, but what really matters is profit.

I did over a million dollars profit the last couple years online and um this year. It’s, gonna be more so uh. Let me, I’m, just figuring out how to do this YouTube thing. Um! Lets! Go over to okay! Sorry! I’m.

Just I’m figuring out how doing this, live this like how I can get your email addresses when you guys put them in um, can somebody throw in an email address? I want to make sure they can show up? Can somebody throw on your email address, um, throw, throw in an email address or something I want to see if I can copy paste it? So I see the chat, okay, okay, it shows up as like hidden, I think, but um Sherlock Holmes.

Is this your PayPal? Okay, I’m, just copying it and I’m gonna post it into uh. Let me, sorry look sorry. I’m, trying to figure out how to do this. This internet thing still so, uh um, I’m, do oh, I already see.

When am I doing the giving way I’m, doing it right now, so let’s, uh, okay, uh, here! Oh, this is weird. Okay. This is like inception right here. Okay, let me see if I can see how to control your mind. If you’re fucked up crazy question, but uh, it’s a good question: can somebody enter in their PayPal email address, so I can give away some money um to control your mind.

If you’re fucked up that’s, a wonderful question um, so you know one. I’ve, was told by my therapist by the way something personal that I have PTSD right. Um. One thing that I’ve done that’s kind of therapeutic.

You know – and I also heard – is mushrooms and mdma not at the same time. I heard that’s pretty nuts, but um. You know I like getting being able to open up. I repress a lot of my emotions, so I believe mushrooms help bring out some emotions.

Can somebody post their email address hereold on. Can somebody post their email address in here? No, I’m, not a socialist hold on folks post. Your PayPal email addresses I don’t. I don’t see yes, people under the age of 18 are allowed to do that.

It can you post your email address? Somebody post their PayPal, email address in here, um Jace. What I would recommend being, uh, read books. You know, I think you know I just I’m. I uh anything that you want to improve on in life like the hardest thing is admitting it to yourself right so, like you know, like PTSD, for instance like that’s, a really hard thing to admit so the harder you’ve Done the hardest thing um, for instance, you know like you know, I have a hard time connecting with my wife.

Sometimes, so I got this book, which is called the secret lives of the lives of introverts um, because I want to fit. You know, like she’s, an introvert, I’m, not an introvert, so figuring out how to connect with her.

You know, but like a lot of people, don’t admit that they have issues communicating with their significant other. So they simply don’t. Try to fix that. So the fact that you would, you know you can admit that’s great! Oh great! I see some email addresses okay copy! Thank you.

So we’re gonna go to PayPal, paste, okay, okay, so we’re, sending fifty dollars. I’m gonna say whatever I say, thanks and um continue uh what the heck. So I need to know your camera joy. What the heck, by the way, has anyone seen it? I guess PayPal is requiring you to put in your name or something um camera joy.

So guys can you post more PayPal? Email addresses that you want me to send money to in here. I’m gonna try to send this money. PayPal’s, asking me for the name too, so um sending fifty dollars to send payment.

Now there we go okay, yeah they’re. We go first, 50 has been sent so awesome stuff to camera joy. Thank you for uh, posting in your thing, awesome stuff! So let’s, get more questions going, and we’re, going to get more money going on um.

I’m, going to be answering them again. I’m, not going to give money to everybody, but I am going to answer questions uh. I’m going to be on for a while, but I am gonna give away all 500 during this live stream.

Okay, so, uh. Let me see some of the recent questions and again the money is for good questions. Okay, how do you overcome social anxiety, um? I don’t know, you know social anxiety, I think. Ah, I don’t know, but I google it you know.

I bet there’s. A lot of resources on google, but once again the hardest thing is admitting it yourself right. The hardest thing is admitting that it’s, a problem that’s, holding you back whenever you can admit something is a problem that’s, holding you back and not feel ashamed about it.

There’s, nothing to be ashamed about anyway. You are um, that’s. What you do, okay, John, tell me why you don’t reply, because I have a fucking a million comments going on don’t don’t be whiny. If you’re whiny or feel entitled don’t, be you know like going somewhere else.

You know this is not. You know. This is not that. How is my marketing strategy? My marketing strategy is amazing, so just to give you an idea, we made eight thousand dollars, seven thousand profit before ten o’clock this morning so like when I woke up, I had already made eight thousand dollars uh.

My marketing strategy is simple. You know I talk to people um. Whenever I set up a new marketing funnel, I always make sure to collect people’s, email addresses and their phone number, and I call people up, and I talk to them of why they like my marketing.

Why they don’t like my marketing, so I talk to people to figure out whether you know or I message them on Facebook to figure out marketing there’s, nothing that beats uh. You know talking to people to figure out.

If your marketing is working, what my common question is why didn’t you Regis, you know, why didn’t you buy whatever I’m selling and I listen to what issues they’re having, and I try to fix those in both the marketing and in the product.

I’m selling am right now. My marketing strategy is, I’d, say threefold: um its affiliates. You know I have, you know. I teach a lot of affiliates marketing on this channel and the way you’ll be learning affiliate, marketing um.

If you go to my free traffic videos, I show about 40 different methods of how to get traffic for free. Are you know, being an affiliate for one of my products, and we’ve paid out over five million dollars in commissions to affiliates of my mark of my products, so it’s, working that’s, one source, the other Source is YouTube ads, so we’ve.

Really just we do a lot of you. Sorry I just ate. We do a lot of YouTube ads and then the third source is uh is, is t television advertising? We do a lot of television advertising um. How to promote CPA marketing any of the free traffic ways? How do you not give up, even when you see you’re failing? Okay, good, I can’t nukoca, nakuka simelane.

Send me your PayPal. Send me your PayPal, okay, um, so how why rich people like to read book because it’s, the it’s such a fast way to get knowledge it’s such a fast way to learn things? Okay, you! You can download you want to learn how rich people do stuff you just you can get all their information by reading a book.

Usually it’s, just a really efficient way to get a lot of information. Um. Okay! Let me move on great questions. People keep them coming. Okay, christopher ooga, benda. Send me your PayPal okay.

So I’m. Looking for a PayPals, how will someone start a business? Oh actually, no christopher! That’s, a horrible question! Um just go to my free traffic videos and you’ll, see how you can start a business with no money: okay, um, okay.

We are giving money now to what is this rio, rio, miyoko yahoo.com copy? Okay, send more money send to okay? Okay, I’m gonna say what should I type in thanks for the oops? Oh shit support, okay, sending to a friend you can.

I can’t I it is. It says that we send you money, rio, Tokyo, look at this! Okay, I need somebody else to send me their PayPal email address, so I can send them money, so please um, send in your PayPal email address and keep the good questions coming.

Okay, so I’m. Sorry, rio, Tokyo. I can’t. You won’t accept money. You have to accept money for me to be able to send it. Okay, um. So how to do cpa marketing so see. Marketing is here. Let me go outside cpa marketing, uh, you just it’s.

The same way you do affiliate marketing. You send links out. You know you send links out through Facebook. You can do Facebook posts, you can do Facebook direct messages. You can start a group and pin a comment to the top of the group um about whatever you’re talking about uh.

You know with a link uh, you can direct message, people an affiliate link and Instagram. You can put an ins, you can put an affiliate link in your profile on Instagram. You can send people a text message you can with a link.

You can send people an email with a link. You can start a YouTube video and have links in the description. Look in the description and for folks who uh are new to my channel. Please subscribe um, so there’s.

A lot of ways to do marketing um is paid traffic better than free traffic paid traffic is quicker. So if you have more money than time, then paid traffic is better. If you have more time than money, then free traffic’s better.

Can you join if you live in Africa? Yes, you can there’s, a ton of affiliate networks out there and if you look at the links in the description you’ll see there’s, a ton of affiliate networks and except most of them, accept people from All over the world just join a bunch: okay, um, okay, somebody post their PayPal.

I’m, not seeing any PayPal. How do you join? You just go to the links. What the heck are you talking about? I need somebody to post their PayPal. Email address: um; okay! Yes, have you never seen my channel before you can join anywhere in the world? Okay, um katrina de leon? What’s up? What’s up girl? Okay? Okay, here we go oscar okay, we have oscar copy.

Okay. Next money, money thing: okay, send to oscar; okay, let &; # 39; s, see send payment. Now there you go boom. Okay, folks, awesome! So keep the questions coming and I’m gonna keep sending the money so awesome questions folks, oh shit! So, oh I just knocked over just knocked over my trash.

I have a lot of I’m gonna clean this up later. Our maid didn’t come today because my kids were out at the grandparents house. Do I have advice for teens yeah? I mean you’re, you’re, you’re, not gonna learn by you know.

Teens generally have low self-confidence um. So I would just kind of you know. I’d work on your self-confidence. I would work on um learning stuff. By doing you know just work, you know put yourself to work start doing internet stuff.

I know a lot of people have become very successful before they turned you know before they. Even turned 16 years old because they were just actually doing stuff and a lot of people that are young. You know I when I was a teenager, I thought I was like too young to start a business.

I thought I was like I wasn’t old enough. I didn’t, have enough experience and all that’s. Just such bs in today’s day and age. So you can do anything you want just get. You know just get started. Try things out.

You have all the time in the world. Work for people for free you, don’t need to make money. If you’re living at your parents, being a teen is the best place. You can be to start a business because you’re living.

You know you don’t have any expenses you’re living at somebody else’s, uh house, you know so yeah um. Let me see where do I live? I live in Malibu, California, um. What is my guilty pleasure, ooh um guilty pleasure.

I play a lot of video games uh guilty pleasure. I hmm I mean some of these aren’t like guilty. I love going. I love, maybe gambling. I love gambling. I love going to Vegas. I love poker is like a kind of game of skill, but I love playing blackjack, even though the odds are all against you.

I love playing blackjack that’ll, be it I love going to Vegas. I love playing blackjack um, though, that’s, that’s, definitely something um. Okay, John. What are my suggestions for keywords on Facebook groups? Is there a way to insert? I have no idea about that.

How did you build the affiliate skill in you just by repetition just by continually doing it? So I’d post an ad. You know I post up two ads and then you know I’d kind of like look at the data and learn from that and after a while I didn’t get affiliate marketing.

So I started working for a marketing agency, and they never taught me affiliate marketing. But what I’d say I learned I was partially self-taught right. I just like learned by doing um I partially learned from being on.

You know working a job that’s, where I learned how to go advertising online, so they would pay me to learn right and like spend other people’s, money to go advertising and partially because I went out, I networked, and I Found myself a mentor, I found myself somebody that was local, that did affiliate marketing, and they gave me some advice, so you know through a lot of factors, but at the end of the day nothing beats experience.

You know I you don &; # 39. T need my train. Nobody here needs my training course. Nobody here needs any training courses ever. What you need is to go out there and get experience. What you need is the motivation that you can do it, and you know what I do with my training course and with the software that we offer I’ll.

I’ll, be talking a lot more about the software as over time, but basically is that the software and my training gives people kind of like the assistance. They need to go out and experiment for themselves and uh.

It’s, helped thousands and thousands and thousands of people do that. So really you need to do it yourself and you need to learn and become an autodidact, but that is drop shipping still a thing yeah! Okay, send me somebody send me another uh.

Send me another uh, PayPal, email address, another PayPal, email address, money, time, money time, money time. Let’s, see this money time. Let’s. Go let’s. Go! Let’s! Go okay! Where is this? Where’s, the money? Okay? Where’s? Folks, I don’t, see a PayPal email address here.

Where’s the? What? What? What &; #? 39 s going on um? Okay, what there we go copy, okay, send more money, paste, uh emmanuel, oh shit, it’s making me send names hold on. Let me type in this name.

Okay, so we have a manuel uh bo g. There we go there, we go. Okay, awesome, so we got more money going on. We got what we have like three 150 given away. We have 350 more dollars to give away fewer questions in here um and check out my awesome art.

Look at that. Okay, let’s. Go let’s. Go let’s! Go! What is a disclosure statement? It’s, uh it’s, a legal term. It’s, it’s. Basically, it’s. When you’re, disclosing um it’s. It’s. Essentially, you’re, just saying that you are uh and how did I approach my mentor um I went to.

I went to like a marketing event, so I just looked. I made friends with them and I asked them when there were like masterminds or stuff like that, so I would just go I just always all day every day I’m, just looking to learn more about marketing.

When I was younger. This is like 10 years ago, so I was always just looking to learn more about marketing and the biggest mistake I made in uh in marketing. I’d, say you know when I was you know in the first four years of when I was trying to be an entrepreneur I just kept jumping around.

I couldn’t stay focused because I would try a business. Then I’d, give up and then I try another business. Then I give up. Then I’d. Like try another business, then I go back to like you know, affiliate marketing, and then I try something else.

So I just kept moving around and I never you know if in hindsight I just stuck to like doing like affiliate marketing, I would have been successful far sooner but uh I didn’t have the confidence you know, I think a lot of It comes back to confidence.

Are you know I got. I got scared um. What is my greatest inspiration? It’s, not being the best version of myself that I could be in this life. Um it’s, not making an impact on the world. I think we all have a lot of potential and I don’t want to live my life with regrets.

Knowing that I stopped myself short, I’m. Never gonna stop myself short, I’m. Never gonna become my own obstacle and oftentimes. You know we are our own biggest obstacles, so I’ve. Just always said. I’m gonna I’m gonna play life to the fullest um and you know make things happen.

Can I move? How can I move ahead of my competitor? I don’t know. You know there’s, probably a million answers to that. Okay, let’s, see more questions. What is your best-selling product? It’s uh I mean it’s, my training course and my book.

I only have two products. How do I deal with rejection? Uh? I unders, so that’s, a good question, so rejection. You know it can happen with girls. It can happen with your business right. You’d, like lose money.

It can happen in if you’re trying to do sales and the way I deal with it is. I understand that it’s, nothing personal against me. Okay, it’s. Never anything about me. It doesn’t reflect on me. If somebody says you know if a girl would say no, I do not want to date, you know like no get away from me.

You’re ugly. You’re stupid. Like you’re, you know I get rejected all the time on YouTube. I mean think about uh. Have you seen like? I have peopled I have like entire people’s, channels that are devoted to like hating me.

You know people come out every week with videos that are just like saying. I’m, a soulless awful. You know money, grubbing, asshole, scam. I mean I get it all, and I mean that’s. A form of that is rejection and the way I deal with it is, I understand that it’s.

They’re, not it doesn’t actually reflect on me on whom I am it’s, it’s, it’s, a reflection of them and what they’re feeling, and why You know, maybe they’re feeling bad about something about your their life.

You know, oftentimes people will yell or get mad at other people because something happened to them in their life. It’s, not your problem. So I just don’t, take it personally and that’s hard. It’s easier to it’s easier said than done, but it’s very important.

Okay, let’s, see how long have we been doing? Okay, we need more money. Okay, boom, okay, money, let’s get it. So somebody send me your PayPal email address. Send me your PayPal email address and I’m.

Gon na send some money: okay, let’s. Do this! It’s been too long. Okay. Here we go look at that marshall: okay: we got marshall, okay, okay, okay, somebody else send me their PayPal email address this guy doesn’t accept money; okay, come on okay, and here let’s.

Go okay, we’re gonna go you send 50 what the heck? What the heck is that? Okay, oh it’s, filipino money! Look at that! It’s filipino money; okay, okay, let’s, sending to a friend. So, okay, let me make my little tally here: okay, awesome stuff, so um awesome.

Thank you. So much for the support folks subscribe, make sure you like this video. If you want more giveaways, so if you want more giveaways like and subscribe, and I’m going to be doing the I’ll, be I’ll.

Do this every week I’ll. Do this out? You want, I’ll, I’ll, do a giveaway every single week and I can even start increasing the amount of money um to make it a little more fun um. So how do you become? Like me? I mean it’s, you be you, don’t need to be like anybody else, uh I would say if you really wan na. If, if there’s, people you want to model, I think that’s good, but uh. You know it takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of work. Um I’d.

Say it takes confidence in yourself. It takes hard work, it takes don’t. Do social media get rid of your phone okay seriously? The biggest thing I think holding people back is their phone. So for those of you that don’t know, you know, I mean the amount of time people waste on their phone is just insane.

I use a phone so that I react is so the day reacts to me. I never react to the day. Nobody, if, if you know I don’t get any notifications, I don’t, get any bleeps or bloops. This doesn’t ring this never rings.

The only person this rings for is my wife. I don’t end up scrolling on Facebook. What I do all day is, I spend it learning and you know I spend it working. I spend it learning, I spend it doing outdoor activities, because I want to fuel myself, and we’ve been taught.

We’ve, been seduced by society to just all we want to do is watch TV or play on our phone, like you know all the swiping and scrolling and consuming social media, for you know interacting with people that don’t matter to us, so you we &; # 39.

Ve, really got to you. You’ve, got to you know just get rid of that that horrible consumer mindset you know produce don’t consume. You know I focus on producing content right. I create content for other people every day I don’t consume content from other people unless I want to so you know, these are important, shifts uh and you do that and you bring value to other people’s lives, but it really takes um.

It takes a lot of hard work. You know uh, you have inspired me, but I have no money. You don’t need any money. Okay. What do I think about social media marketing duh? What kind of that’s? A horrible question? What’s? Your thought on drop servicing? I have no idea what drop servicing is um, uh? Okay, you are still an investment affiliate program.

No, I’m. Not I don’t. I don’t. Do investment affiliate marketing anymore? Please, to me, I’m from affiliate. How do affiliate networks make money? They take a percentage of the money you make. So you know if you make basically if they pay, if an affiliate network generally takes about 25 20.

25 percent commission. So if you make a thousand dollars from an affiliate network, it means they’re making. You know. 1 250 is investment. A double-edged sword uh I don’t know. I don’t know what you’re talking about what do I think of coffeezilla? I think coffee’s.

Okay, so here’s, a good question I’ll go. Let me find some glasses folks. I want to go outside, but it’s like super. Look. It’s like super bright out. So let me find my glasses um coffeezilla good question, so how many folks here uh have watched the coffeezilla debate um with me and coffeezilla.

I’d love to hear how many people have watched the coffeezilla debate. So, so I actually, I actually think coffeezilla is uh, serves a great role in the community and I think that sort of you’re. Seeing a lot of these anti-goo anti-guru, uh people or guru hunters popping up who are like analyzing different online teachers and I think they’re, really good for the market, because the issue you know the fact of the matter is, you know some people Are mad about it, but I look at it as the entire education system is completely fucked.

You know it is completely messed up. It’s totally in disarray, and they have no idea what to do. You know the old school like schools and universities. They have no idea how to get people how to deal with, like the internet and social media and, like all this new stuff, that’s going on they don’t know how to make education exciting.

So it’s. Natural that people like me that people, like you know alex becker or tony robbins, or you know gary vaynerchuk or dan lok will pop up, but the issue with any new industry is that for people like coffee zilla to be analyzing, the teachers like me in The industry and being skeptical and looking at any teacher with a skeptical eye and saying what’s? What’s going on um? So you know what’s behind the curtain because it’s.

Such a new industry, but it’s, an important industry. So I but I really like coffee zill, and I have a lot of respect for him because he allows the other side to have a viewpoint right. He doesn’t, come out there and say I’m, never going to accept anybody.

Speaking on my channel, he said you know he says in his videos. He says I am open for business. I’m willing to hear the other viewpoint. I’m willing to talk openly about the issues that are going on in the teaching space because the teaching the education space is changing.

So I have a lot of respect for him. Um and uh, I think he’s entertaining I he’s actually got a real good knack for YouTube. Um. He’s. He’s just entertaining and he’s funny. So I like the way he does things and uh yeah.

I’ve. I’ve, no issues with coffeezilla um. Okay, we need some more money. Okay, so folks, I need a PayPal. I need a PayPal email address to send money to uh, along with a good question, so folks, the next person I select, write your question and your email address your PayPal email address and I’m gonna select you okay.

So what do I think about giving up early? I say every give everything: six freaking months, six months before you give up six months and that may sound hard. You know, especially for somebody who’s 15 years old, because six months is like half of your life.

But if you don’t give yourself the proper time to become to actually learn a business. You’re, never gonna succeed; okay, it’s like it’s like people, people start learning, affiliate marketing expect to make money in their first week and that’s.

That’s. Pretty you know, and they get mad when they don’t, so um yeah, okay, lets. Lets. Look at the uh questions! Uh! I already gave you money, bro, okay, your work before this. I already answered that question.

Okay, lets, see some more questions with uh. Okay, you know what I’m gonna give it to rio Tokyo, because I was gonna, send him money anyways. So lets. Go fifty dollars there, we go okay awesome, so we’ve given away 300.

So far, so 200 more dollars away, um, awesome stuff! Is this fun? I like this? I like this uh, oh folks, here I’ll show you the book. I’ve, the where’s. The book I’ve been reading. Oh so this is.

This is the most recent book I’ve been reading um. This is a mate hero. Oh so neil Stevenson same book. As last time I’m. Like I’m, like 600 yeah, I’m on like 600 pages in right 600 books is so good, so this book by neil Stevenson, has um it’s so exciting.

It’s got American tech entrepreneurs in this. Like crazy story, um it’s just so fun.

It all comes together, it’s, really fun. What is an affiliate disclosure statement? Google, it? Okay, google, it’s. Just saying I am an affiliate for this product. I may make money: just google it okay um.

How do I get your new program? You can pay for you, you just get it. The links are in the description. I have a training, webinar uh for the super affiliate system where you can learn more about it, and then you have a chance to buy it at the end.

I’m, really excited about the uh, super affiliate system. We just redid the whole, uh training course. So here I’ll. I’ll. I’ll, bring it up, so maybe not, but basically we redid the whole training course and um it’s.

Amazing! You know it, we just updated everything, it’s organized better. I mean one of the biggest issues was that people didn’t know how to fully navigate everything within the course when they had issues or questions, and we just outdid ourselves to make the user interface amazing.

It’s. It’s, really fun, so um people are loving it. The reaction has been unbelievable and uh. Right now I’m, looking to hire a CTO, a co-founder um. You know from you know, who has a lot of experience for about three hundred thousand dollars a year to work with me and kind of lead help lead my company, I’m gonna give him ten percent as well or her um, because We’re, looking to make the super affiliate system more software based so that’s.

You know that’s, really important for us um good night. Super lesson. John! Thank you. Thank you. What is the name of your book? You’re reading, so ah, this book is so good here. Oh it’s, it’s called remd.

Okay, and this is the author Neil Stevenson, but Remi. This is a great book. I really highly suggest you guys read this book um, it’s, just a fantastic book and um. If you’re not into reading you know it’s, it’s.

It’s, it’s. I it’s. It’s a little difficult, maybe, but it’s. Awesome. What is my favorite metal artist? Oh yeah? Ah, that’s. Awesome um metal artist, I love corn. Okay, I’ll. Put it that way.

I love corn. I’m. A huge corn fan never seen him in concert. I love system of a down. So if I were to say anybody, I mean I don’t know if corn is kind of like raw hard rock new metal. I’d, say I love.

I’d, say system of a down. They’re kind of like you know what they’re like their metal right system of a down is metal. Oh, my god, you’re bombed, big time vanvid, who, who’s, bombed, uh, okay, folks? How to get 500 tell me: I’m, giving away money chill the heck out affiliate marketing or drop shipping affiliate marketing.

What is an affiliate disclosure statement? You are banned, you’re banned. I already told you just google it okay do I need money to start affiliate marketing? No, you do not need money to start affiliate marketing go to my free traffic videos.

Okay, go subscribe to my channel folks, if you like these money, giveaways, give a like um and subscribe to the channel. If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing with no money, you don’t need any money.

You know with just free traffic methods, go subscribe to my channel and then scroll down to the bottom on my home page and you’ll, see a playlist called free traffic methods, so make sure you subscribe to my channel then go to my channel Home page and scroll down to the bottom, and you will see a video named free or a playlist called free traffic methods.

You don’t need any money to do affiliate, marketing, nothing costs any money um. When scaling on Facebook. Do I duplicate the winning ad set and increase the budget? I just increase the budget so that’s.

What I do, I mean duplicating ad sets is definitely you know I. What I would recommend is like any ad set. You create. You just duplicate it five times or three to five times. Then you just see which one performs better um and then you just run with the winning one.

Who can be an affiliate marketer? Anybody can like anybody, can sell things you just it’s. All free you’re, obviously new to this channel. Okay, anybody can sign up to sell products. It’s. Free it doesn’t cost any money there’s, no application process.

There’s, nothing um. Can you shout out who won so far, because we may be spamming here? How about this? I will uh. I already I There’s, um, nothing’ve, been showing on this okay, so somebody asked me a question, and then we’re gonna.

Do another money giveaway. So ask me a question and then include your email. I am like. I’m televising or whatever I’ll be live streaming, who the winners are so uh yeah. I don’t know if that violates like privacy, laws or something, but you guys can deal with it.

So let’s, uh! Okay, so here look for those who are what how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. Look at the video on my channel um. Okay, lets, see type in a question folks and also type in your PayPal.

Email address and I’m gonna pick. Another person… Does it work from Saudi Arabia? Yes, this is worldwide that’s, a horrible question. Are you so doubtful when I say worldwide? Does anybody not understand when I say you can do affiliate marketing from anywhere like what doesn’t make sense there? I talk about this every single time week.

What does not make sense about worldwide like there are hundreds of affiliate networks, and they accept people from anywhere in the world? Most of them have no restrictions. Okay, lets, seeing okay! Lets, see, uh.

Where’s, the questions with the PayPal email um, who’s gonna, send me their PayPal. What is my favorite juice? Danny Survive, that’s, not a good question. Of course. It’s up so asking if affiliate marketing is up during covet is not a good question because, of course, it’s up everybody’s on the internet, where it’s, the only place to buy stuff.

The internet, so anything an internet related, is up during covid um. That’s, a better question than your last one, but it’s. It’s, it’s, you know, and people are just gonna, bought everything that people bought in person they now buy on the internet, because that’s.

The only way to buy it. So everything’s up across the board um in affiliate marketing uh. I love Metallica, yeah. I love Metallica’s, super cool, my, oh, my gosh. Their solos, like one of my favorite solos are, uh fade to black, is just like pro the best solo of all time.

I’m. A huge Metallica fan, yeah, Metallica, okay, um. Okay, let’s. See. Can I meshuga what’s, meshuggah? What the best casino? Okay, let guys I need PayPal email addresses. I’m. Looking to give away money, write down your PayPal, email address in the chat and write down a question: okay, PayPal, email, adarus and a question in the chat right now: oh ramstein that’s, probably my favorite metal band, okay, rahm stein or whatever It is do it’s, crazy, okay, hey kevin! What the fuck yo-yo look! Who joined the chat? My boy! Look! It’s, my boy, what the fuck yo, what up dude good to see you? Okay! Here! Oh, we got an email, we got an email, okay, good question: okay, we’re gonna send some money out because kevin david joined the chat.

Guys give a shout out to my boy kd. We’re gonna party me and kevin are gonna be partying in miami bro. I can’t, wait to see you man in miami. What is it like a week from now something like that? We’re gonna be part in a week from now and it’s.

Gon na be a lot of fun. So let me send some money: real, quick. Okay, we are doing copy. Okay, you can’t. I can’t dude. I’m. Sorry man like they can &; # 39. T find you on uh. On PayPal, I need somebody.

I need somebody else to send money to. How do you feel about stock trading? Okay, Daniel okay, that’s, a cool question. I’m gonna get Daniel guys Daniel Ward. You are getting money, so we’re, going PayPal, Danny survive.

What I don’t know: man, sorry they’re, saying you don’t, have a valid email address on uh on YouTube or you PayPal. So I need somebody who has a valid email address to send money to John. I had a dream me and you were at a beach with a bunch of hookers, but you have a wife, so it wasn’t, true [Laughter].

Oh, that’s, so funny: okay, deco, Luna, uh, okay, lets, see if this works. Okay, we have info at d kahuna guys I’m, trying to send some money out, but this is like it’s harder to send money than I thought.

Folks, folks, I need email addresses. I need to send some money out. This is, this is ridiculous. I just entered in. I just got rejected by PayPal three times to send money. I need some valid email addresses for PayPal accounts, so I could send you money: okay, um, okay, lets.

See, please send me. Okay, uh Stephen Brocklehurst copy. Okay, I am getting. I am uh what I sent 250. Okay. We are gonna send under 200 to 250 for this okay. So I’m gonna I’m gonna start upping it.

So we’re gonna go up to 75 dollars support. Okay. There we go okay, so we’ve sent. What is that? How much have I sent? I don’t know. I think we have about 200 more dollars to send out folks awesome question.

Lets, go more questions. Um! I’m gonna be answering a number of more questions. Oh! awesome, awesome. Thanks for the support, I got two bucks look. I made two bucks. Thank you, Kevin McLeod. Okay, let me look at some of your questions.

Um. Where is chatting live at? Why you ask? Did you guys see this yeah somebody’s, saying: where is he chatting at it’s? It’s, it’s right it’s on the YouTube video. No, I can’t choose you that’s, a horrible question that sounds needy.

It makes you sound, pathetic um. I just called you pathetic: okay, lets. Go questions, questions, questions! Lets! Talk! Lets. Talk; okay, dude Miami; that’s. Where I’m going, let me get glasses, okay, folks.

What? Good? Okay! Let me see what questions pop up. Shout me out: chilling ceaser. What’s up bro? What’s information marketing? It’s? What I do I market information right like I sell uh it’s like online education right, I’m.

Not I’m not like when I give people access to a training course. Technically it’s like oh, oh hey, you got blackies here’s. My daughter, by the way, did you get, is blackie here yeah, oh here. Let me give you a kiss.

Oh, is he your kitty? Is he all better yeah? Are you so happy yeah? This is my daughter by the way, oh, that’s, awesome lily, taking care of him. Okay, okay, have a good one! Daddy’s. Talking to the people, look see he’s.

Talking to the people, so I’m gonna finish up talking to the people that I’m gonna come down and see you, okay, okay, so that was my daughter folks. She’s uh three years old um. In case how many people here thought I was lying about having a family and children, because you never, I never show them really so uh anybody thinks I didn’t really have a family and children.

I don’t, know um. So I don’t I don’t bring. You know I don’t really, like my thing, isn’t like to bring them on family. You know so information marketing its. It’s, really cool you. Don’t have to like ship people’s stuff and really what people want is information on a lot of stuff.

So really I call it like just education um, but you know in marketing. We have to create terms for everything, so they call it information marketing who inspired me to be who I am today I’d, say uh, Elon, Musk um Tony Robbins Tim Ferris, uh Kelly, Felix um, um, Larry Ellison.

You know those guys peter Thiel, shout me out chill. Oh, I already shot it. Okay, lets. Go more questions! Wow! living your dream with the internet: how to be a successful YouTuber like here, silent fewer here, um, release, videos, every single day, release videos every single day and watch the stats you know you have to.

I release videos every single day for uh a year and a half before I ever started getting traction. I mean that’s a long time. How many people here would quit if they were doing something for a year and a half and didn’t make any money right like it’s? It’s, a lot of work and, and that’s.

The thing about being an entrepreneur, you never know if you’re being stupid or courageous, you know so, like stupidity and courage. Look like the same thing. Okay, think about this. Hear me with me.

Folks, stupidity and courage. Look like the same thing in the beginning, so it’s hard. So you know being an entrepreneur. You’re gonna look stupid in the beginning, okay, but you have to know you’re courageous and I look stupid for years.

I look stupid to my family. I look stupid to my friends, but look at me now right that’s, the sort of thing, so you really it’s. It’s. It’s hard. It’s very hard to be an entrepreneur, but you have to be courageous.

You can’t, be scared um. How do I grow beard like mine? I don’t know if you can grow a beard like mine uh. Why the education system teach people how to make money because they don’t want you to learn how to make money.

Great question who asked that? Hamza Sadoui? Can you send me your uh Hamza? Send me your PayPal. Okay, send me your PayPal email address, so the reason the education system does not teach folks how to make money is because they don’t want you to learn how to make money for themselves yourself.

They want you to work for companies, they want. You to work for major corporations. People are easier controlled that way, that’s, why the media is regulated, that’s. Why that’s? Why a lot of major countries, almost all major cut, all major countries in the world regulate the press, they regulate the media, they regulate social media because they don’t want people rising up and thinking for themselves.

They don’t want people making money for themselves. They want people working for big companies, it’s, just easier to control people. That way, I mean think about it. If I was in the government, I wouldn’t want people all working for themselves.

I wouldn’t want people all communicating themselves. You know like China’s. China knows what they’re doing you, because then, then people just do their own thing. They’re harder to control um Hamza. Let me I’m, going to look to see your PayPal.

I’m, going to send you some right now, so I have about. I have I’ve, more money to send of like 175 more dollars. Let’s! Get this okay! Let’s see so let me send more money, Hamza see where Hamza is Hamza.

If you could send your email again, yes, sales funnels work, the biggest mistake. Where are you right now? I’m in my house.



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